Triumph and Triumph Again

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Triumph and Triumph Again

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Magic download (video) by Asi Wind ($6.00 - normally $12.00)

From the mind that brought you A.A.C.A.A.N and Double Exposure comes the next evolution in a classic of magic.

Asi Wind, one of the greatest modern conjurors, shares with us Triumph and Triumph Again, a brilliant addendum to John Bannon’s Play it Straight Triumph. Triumph and Triumph Again enters the magic community offering a fresh approach to the original effect, while also providing a baffling finale.

Two spectators are asked to make separate selections- one to be placed immediately face down, the other remembered. The pack is then shuffled face-up and face-down, only to be spread moments later to show the cards have returned to normal face-down position, except for twelve like-suited cards in order! It’s discovered that the card needed to complete the sequence is the one that’s been on the table since the start of the effect.

A spectator is then invited to shuffle the pack themselves, and the trick is repeated to reveal the second selection of an entirely different suit. Finally, the first selection transforms into the second for a startling conclusion.

Learn in intricate detail directly from the master himself. Also as an added bonus you’ll enjoy a second version (and our personal favorite), in which a failed performance turns in favor of the magician.


Community questions about Triumph and Triumph Again

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  • Simon asks: First, I am a deaf professional magician. I am interested in ordering Triumph & Triumph Again but I am not quite sure about what the dealer asks two spectators. Does he ask them to name their respective cards before facing the fan of cards and the card reveals from under the deck at the conclusion. Please clarify before I can decide to purchase the trick. Will I be able to follow instructions?? I'd love to have captions of the instructions for deaf conjurers. Simon Carmel West Palm Beach, FL email:

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This download is unfortunately not closed captioned at this stage. The participants can name their cards if you would like, but it is not part of the method.
    • 2. Isaac answers: Hi Simon, You may find a very similar routine by Asi in his book, “Repertoire,” it is titled not-so-straight trump The description of the trick is extremely similar to what is shown in the video Triumph and Triumph Again Here’s a description of the effect from the book: “A spectator selects a card and, without lookin at it, places it in his pocket. A second spectator selects a card, shows it to the audience (let’s say it’s the Seven of Spades), and puts it back in the deck. The performer cuts the deck into four packets and turns two of them face up. He shuffles the packets together, until all the cards are mixed face up and face down. He spreads the deck, and all the cards are face down except for twelve face-up cards — all Heats arranged in numerical order. Upon closer inspection, the Four of Hearts is missing, and that happens to be the card in the first spectator’s pocket. The performer shuffles the cards once more and asked the second spectator to name his chosen card (the Seven of Spades). The deck is spread again, but this time every Spade is face up and in numerical order; the only one missing, of course, it the Seven of Spades. As a final surprise, the Fours of Hears that seconds ago was removed from the spectator’s pocket has now changed into the Seven of Spades.” The book: The book review (review is CC) Contents of the book:
  • Robert asks: Dies this trick use any gimmicks and sleights or is this just a stacked deck which you force to different suits on two spectators??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This trick is ungaffed. We do not discuss the specifics of method in this area.
  • Eric asks: Could we discuss the method through email? Just email the method to me I would really like to know how it works! The letter F in a rows maybe? I didn't see the whole performance correct?

    • 1. Tony answers: Sorry, we can't. I'm afraid that you need to buy it if you want to know the secret.
    • 2. Eric answers: I'm just kidding. It was a Joke. I have a dry sense of humor.
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  • B asks: Hi I've watched the performances and think this is just outstanding....My question is how difficult are the moves? I'm an intermediate hobbyist and can perform the usual techniques and basic moves, but nothing knuckbusting. Thanks, just want to know whether I could pull this off with practice of course!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This will take a lot of practice for a hobbyist.
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Customer reviews for Triumph and Triumph Again



This is a mind-blowing trick ! One of the best items I have ever purchase. I highly recommend it especially when you are a Triumph fan like I am. The explination are really detailed and easy to follow. It is one of (if it's not THE) best Triumph routine of all time !



This is another high quality release from Asi Wind. The method is smart and fun to pull off. With so many different forms of Triumph out there, it can be easy to assume you know all you need to, but the second wave of this trick amplifies the effect phenomenally. I highly recommend Asi's work here and look forward to more of it in the future.



I've seen many different variations of triumph throughout my education in magic, but none of these compare to Asi's extremely visual and seemingly free rendition. I admire with the upmost respect; Asi's pragmatic method in all his effects, especially this one. With the double kick at the end, this truly does make this specific effect without doubt one of the best triumphs out there.



Triumph and Triumph Again is one of my favorite effects. I prefer the second version, because I think that a little bit of drama is always a good thing. As always, the teaching is very clear and Asi repeats his instructions several times at the most difficult parts. You can't go wrong with Asi!



Very clever triumph and good method I give 5 stars like all asi's tricks



I do not normally advocate the combining of effects. But what Asi Wind has created here is a perfectly motivated and logical addition to the Triumph effect. Cheers!



Asi Wind does it again! A beautiful routine, perfect structure and a killer finish. I just love it, and you will too.



Asi Wind never disappoints. His effects are always so well thought out, clever and pack a big punch. This is no exception. However, I would possibly disagree with this being rated as amateur. I consider myself reasonably proficient with a deck of cards but there are one or two moves (false shuffles) required within this which may not be within the grasp of an amateur without some work or practice and these techniques are not taught in any depth on this tutorial.



First of all this is a really good Triumph. It's a mirical to the spectator. And I really enjoy doing this Piece of Magic.
However I'm not happy with the trailer.
If you could see the whole Performance you easily could figure out how he done the trick because ist based on an other really common Triumph. So basically they are cheating on the Trailer. I don't like that.

Triumph and Triumph Again by Asi Wind