Double Exposure

Magic download (video) by Asi Wind
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Double Exposure

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Magic download (video) by Asi Wind ($12.00)

A mind-blowing new take on a classic effect. Double Exposure by Asi Wind is a reality-altering version of Triumph that happens within a borrowed camera under your spectators complete control.

Performed by David Blaine on national television. For those of you who have seen the most recent special, Real or Magic, you know how powerful this effect is.

There are no gimmicks or special applications needed. 100% impromptu. Just you, a deck of cards, and a borrowed camera are all that's necessary.

In addition to Asi teaching multiple handlings of the trick in great detail you will be able to watch two full-length live performances, with and without commentary, along with a short interview where Asi provides performance tips and more.


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  • 1.

    Bill asks: do you need a special deck ?

    • 1. Tanner answers: “There are no gimmicks or special applications needed. 100% impromptu. Just you, a deck of cards, and a borrowed camera are all that's necessary.”
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  • 2.

    Ruiming asks: What will you rate the difficulty of this trick? Easy/Intermediate/Hard? Thank you!

    • 1. Tony answers: It's intermediate in my opinion
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  • 3.

    nosson asks: does it have to be a smart phone or any camera can work

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Any camera can work, as long as it can photo the photo after it is taken.
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Customer reviews for Double Exposure


This trick is always a favorite of mine. The magic always leaves the spectator amazed and confused. The trick is the most impactful when performed in front of spectators that are light hearted and open-minded



I would like to start by saying this trick is wonderful to perform. The tutorial is very detailed. One of the moves in this trick takes a while to perfect, but once you do it is very pleasing. I recommend this trick to anyone who is even somewhat interested in it.


Vladut Vicentiu

The first time I saw it, this one blowed my mind. I've never thought I could ever do this trick. The performance made me think it was quite difficult but after some days of practicing I made it. Now it's in my top 3 card tricks.
This trick really worths that money and I'm very happy that I bought it.



This is the best trick I have seen in the past few years. I remember just watching the great David Blaine special the other week, and this was the standout trick for me. I was so clueless on how it was done, and it only wanted to perform it ever since. Asi teaches the trick properly with no confusion. The method is just as good as the trick. The addition of having a multiphase effect with first correcting the disorder of the real deck if cards provides a nice segue for the kicker with the phone. The roadrunner cull by Kostya is briefly described, but I highly recommend for anyone who doesn't have his volume 1 Collection to pick it up. It has served me extremely we'll over the past 5 years having learnt it and bought at his lecture in 2008. Overall, transforming a classic trick into a fresh organic piece of magic with something that almost everybody possesses, that being a cellphone, truly makes this astounding.



This is genuinely genius magic. With a bit of practice, this will be a guaranteed reputation maker. I love how Asi incorporates a phone's camera into the magic; it creates something the spectator can share with friends.



When I first saw this effect on David Blaine's Real or Magic, I knew I had to learn this one. I wanted to see Jaden Smith's reaction on my peers'. With enough luck, I stumbled upon Double Exposure on D&D. After watching the video, I bought the effect immediately -- interestingly my first online purchase ever.

Interestingly, it's not that hard, and the techniques used were of intermediate level. But what was outstanding is the effect -- beautiful, and clean, especially when the triumph is clearly captured in an audience's phone. With the added two-phase triumph, the effect leaves a permanent mark on the audience.

Angles for me wasn't that hard, especially since the people whom I was showing the trick to were eager to rummage in front of the lens. People in my back would see the fan triumph at the back, but still, my performance was commended when I did the open triumph. No one jumped in surprise, but the hanging jaws were really fun to watch.

For a first-time buyer here, I am glad to have purchased this one. A must-buy!



Excellent impromptu effect ... Explanations are clear and of high quality, congratulations for this wonderful achievement. However, be careful if you are left-handed, as the grip of this effect will require some modifications. A vertical triumph effect with a souvenir for your spectator ... it's Christmas before Christmas!



This is one of the most commercial Triumph effects to date. The method is taught exceptionally well and has great tips as well with the interview and performance. The best thing I think about the trick is that, this is a great memory for the spectator and they get to take it home and every where they go. Its a great piece to be remembered for future generations.



It's a fantastic effect which is going to hit the spectator hard. It is not at all difficult to do and once you understand the mechanics it will be really easy. I have to say that this is the best effect that Dan and Dave have released recently.



This is a wonderful piece of magic that includes a piece of modern day society (cell phones) but at the same time, remains classy and elegant. It doesn't rely on some stupid app and in fact, only relies on sleight of hand and one picture taken from a borrowed phone! warning: one sleight (that is optional) is barely taught in the routine, and the other main one will take quite a bit of practice. This is for those well versed in sleight of hand. Learn the pressure fan before you do this as well!



This is a very good effect. Some people are saying that it is not well explained because he doesn't stop midway through his explanation to tell you how to do a certain fan or shuffle (they are pretty basic so he expects you know them). He does say the names of them and how to apply them to the trick (so I don't know why people are complaining). So if you do not know some the basic techniques used in card magic this trick will be a challenge. If you do, it/s a great trick that you will be able to pick up quickly.



I love how they use every day items, instead of something the spectator is not used to seeing. Everyday people use their phones and to incorporate it into a trick which is such a smart idea. Being able to use the spectators phone also makes the trick even more convincing and spectacular. The spectators really thing that magic happened because there was no possible way you could have done it on their own phone. In other words, this is such an amazing trick!



A brilliant combination of a classical effect with a modern technology to create a very unexpected effect to the audience. The picture is one of the best gift you can present to the audience. It's digital but at the same time, Magical.



You guys, already know how awesome the Triumph is. According to me, if you are a fan of Triumph, you should definitely buy Double Exposure cause its an improve, an awesome one to your classic favorite. If you haven't seen David Blaine perform it, I'd suggest you to stop reading this and watch him perform the effect. This is because by doing so, I am sure you'll get convinced of its power and it will be one of the MOST powerful effects, you will ever have in your magic arsenal!



I got this effect after seeing it on Blaine's special, and it didn't let me down. Although at first it can be hard to get to grips with, with practice and patience you can be performing this effect! You will have to have a bit of knowledge as to how to handle a pack of cards and it's definitely not a trick for beginners. If you want a strong effect that can you can be remembered by this is it!!




This is great! It is quite simple, you need to know a few basic moves but nothing overly complicated. The reactions are far better than you would imagine!

One negative though, is that I think they should have had a tips section, as it's a 6 minute explanation and he just tells you what he is doing, and doesn't really explain how to do it.



I saw this on David Blane Real or Magic and it BLEW MY MIND! I told myself I had to find it and sure enough here it is. It is a great effect. I had some trouble at first, if you are, then remember to pause it every step.



Asi is one of the true great thinkers in magic, and this effect shows that. I have always loved triumph and have performed it for years, but this version elicits reactions unlike any other. Its a digital triumph, but I think that makes it more impossible in many different ways for many different reasons.

Highly Recommend.



Beautiful piece of magic, very clean and impactful. Also it's mechanics are sublime.



Asi Wind has done a great job in constructing this beautiful, deceptive effect. It's pure, impromptu, propless and most of all, simple. It's not difficult in any way and as always, the quality of the product meets the expectations a Sultan would have when learning magic. Asi Wind in collaboration with Dan & Dave have delivered another 'from-the-top-shelf' piece of magic exceedingly well.

I recommend this to every card magician and to every other magicians out there these days. The method is simple, yet extremely effective and pure in every way. For this price, you could get other things for sure, but they wouldn't bring you as far as this piece will, when you learn it.



This trick is great. As long as I've known about the classic Triumph routine, I've always thought it to be one of the best and most impressive in all of card magic. That being said, I find that too often a magician will produce a triumph effect that is too knacky, too complicated, or just plain impractical.

What I love about this effect is it not only is practical, and simple enough to perform, but that it really feels lie real magic. Highly recommended.



I picked up this trick when it first was released here, and at first I was not impressed. I thought it was a knack sleight, and wouldn't pay off.

That being said, after about a day I realized how wrong I was. I quickly learned how to do the sleight, and ever since have been performing this every day. This works as a great replacement, OR addition to Kostya Kimlat's caligula triumph, which in my opinion, makes this the perfect opener or closer.



This is definitely the best card trick last year, and one of the best I've got in my life. Some people may never use pressure fan before, and my advice is if you practice pressure fan for only one effect, this is the one you are gonna go with.

Definitely worth every minute to practice it.



This is one of my go to effects. It is simple and easy to do with little practice. One of the best parts of this effect is the social aspect. I currently have an folder of almost a hundred Double Exposure photos and have many more between Instagram and Facebook. If you love triumph, this is easily the most deceptive and practical method. Actually ... don't buy this. The less people doing it the better for me.



This is by far the best triumph variation I have ever seen and purchased. It's impromptu, extremely visual and also very fun to do!

The unexpexted final reveal, the fact that the spectators can keep a photo that they can show to their friends, and the very fair handling make this effect truly unique.

The explanation is clear, but you will have to rewind it a few times to fully understand the moves; once you have it down though, you have a wonderful new effect in your arsenal. Higly recommended



The best. Period.

I LOVE this trick. An unrealistic experience that brings any spectator to believing in your "magical powers."

I have performed this every where and received stunning responses. I was surprised at first because it was relatively easy to learn and not too hard to perform. The magnitude of the reactions that I got were extraordinary. Even though it requires a slight set up (Which you can do discreetly in front of the spectator), the trick is easy to perform. When I first learned it, I performed Double Exposure as the first trick of the show. Soon after I realized the caliber of the effect and made it my closing trick. Due to that minor change, ratings for the show went up. If you do not learn Double Exposure, you are missing a huge opportunity. If I can perform one trick for the rest of my life, it would be Double Exposure.



This is INSANELY AWESOME and the best part - absolutely NO GIMMICKS, NO DUPLICATES and can be done using a borrowed deck too with absolutely NO SET-UP whatsoever!!!!!!



A truly wondrous piece of magic. Simple, clean and completely impromptu. Sometimes I just can't help but try my best to suppress a sly grin when performing this. The way it is constructed and the mechanics behind this are not very difficult. I never fail to perform this for my spectators and the best part, they have a memory of you performing for them! This went straight into my go to effects and I usually use this as a closer. This is worth every single penny I paid for it and probably even more. It is truly not an exaggeration to describe this as the best thing I have spent my money on in magic. The effect seems like real magic and cannot be explained. Get this now!



This trick is very very powerful because you are doing it with other people's phone. It is clean with instant reset. So if anyone ask to do it again, you can do it no problem. Asi does a wonderful job of explaining this trick, goes through every detail as well as different handling on this trick. He also goes over other little problems that you might encounter during this trick and helps you solve them.



I performed this trick at a party the day i got it. This trick is absolutely amazing. It has to be one of the best triumph effects ever. If not, THE best. The sleight for this is quite knacky but since i dealt with this sleight before, it wasn't hard for me to pick up. Asi talks about an alternative way of doing the sleight, so don't worry. This trick is a must-have, and is the best impromtu effect you can do with ANY deck at ANY time. There's no setup what so ever! Why are you wasting time and even reading this review? Just buy it now! You'll sell your kidneys for it.



This is the first product I've bought here and I have to say that it is a wonderful card trick. The people's reactions are impressive and what I love is that they can go with a reminder of the trick. Great imagination, one of the greatest magic tricks I've seen in my life. Thank you Asi !



Great trick! Difficult to do unless you can farrow shuffle and perform a decent pressure fan.



An amazing idea ! I do recommend it



Best trick in my repertoire



This effect is an absolute killer, the method is truly brilliant and isn't too difficult either. It's clever and seems truly impossible. Best of all its impromptu! He teaches two variations, both of which are equally powerful. It requires a bit of spectator management, but anyone with any performing experience whatsoever can pull it off without a hitch.



Definitely worth $12.00! Fantastic explanation by Asi Wind, & I love how Art of Magic has many other available magic tricks that you can purchase. As a magician, I know how hard it is to find GREAT tricks.
Art of Magic has SO many available tricks that I can learn to show to friends.
Thank you Art of Magic!



This is just sickest and most extraordinary trick ever that you can do with any deck of cards. I would say it is almost like impromptu invisible deck :). Thank you Asi :).



Clever and elegant to execute, very impressive to watch.



This is the best effect I currently perform. I have been intimidated by Asi Wind's effects since they are so mind blowing but decided to take the plunge on this one. Great buy! Great effect! I will be getting more from Asi Wind, that is for sure!!



First, if you are a mentalist or a triumph fan this is a must get. The moves are well known card flourishes, so if you do card work, you'll pick it up easy. The instructions are clear and well recorded and thorough. However, Asi adds a bonus routine at the end for a triumph which involves another sleight used in card magic which he doesn't go over (however can be found quite easily on works by Kimlat and Harapan Ong). But this is not a setback as the advertised copy is accurate and it really looks like as advertised. This effect will require great scripting to really bring out the full genius thinking of Asi. In the end, I wish very few people can pick it up because I'm incorporating this into every aspect of my act. It's impromptu in every sense (just need to make sure to have roughly 52 cards), amazing, simple, and magical! Also, pick up a copy of Chapter One by Asi Wind as well then buy AACAAN from Art of Magic! Can't go wrong with either! Overall, get it, treasure it, practice it, then blow minds!



Incredible piece of art



I have spent much of my money on Magic and, in many cases, what I got in return did not quite match my expectations. With Double Exposure I feel the opposite. It is well worth the price paid. Additionally because I am now forced to learn a few new techniques in order to do the effect justice.



Best effect I have bought in years.



The learning process just took me about a day to get the hang of it. All in all, I think this hands down one of the best trick that gets great reaction from the spectators . Love it.



This effect is a masterpiece especially for the price!
The method is brilliant and isn't too difficult to learn either.
I also love that its all impromptu and doesn't require any gaffs...
just a regular standard or borrowed deck of cards!
Asi is the G.O.A.T Love all his work! its a MUST to have in your bag of tricks!



Wow. What a wicked trick. The principle involved is so clever and just neat how it works. The best part is that the spectator is left with a very unique souvenir – photographic evidence preserved on their phone! Everyone knows Asi Wind is a genius. Just buy it!



Easy, straightforward and strong, not much more you can ask for a trick. Well taught with many versions shown. It's a classic taken to a new level. And it leaves the spectators with a gift on their phones.



Well wow ?? what a trick double exposure opens the door to so many possibilities. This trick is well explained in sections and ways of doing it, it does require a pressure fan which helps with the effect how ever a normal thumb fan works ok too I would say this is a intermediate level type trick that will take a lot of practice to get it down correctly I give this 5 star rating asi wind you have done it again ?? ??????



When it comes to card magic that amazes an audience, Asi Wind is a genius. Double Exposure gives the participant a photo of the miracle, something they will always have, and can show to their friends. Every card magician should have Double Exposure.



Best $12 I ever spent!



Easily skyrocketed to be my favorite trick of all time. Completely impromptu, can be done with a borrowed shuffled deck. To spectators, it is incomprehensible.
There is one move to learn that may be new for you- but it’s not the type that takes hours of practice. It’s the type that you just need to fiddle with a bit until you figure out the right pressure and finger placement for you, then it becomes easy and second nature.
This is a great trick for less experienced performers who may get nervous performing: (1) there is zero heat on you while you are doing the necessary moves, and (2) you don’t need to control the card!

Another high quality download from Vanishing Inc. If I had known how much I would use this effect, I would easily have paid 100x the cost.



WOW. This effect id one of the most POWERFULL effects out their. This is the best $12 i have ever spent. This trick could easily be around $40 and it would ok. I have bought tricks worth hundreds but to be honest... This is better. I have to admit the moves can be really hard so its more for the intermediate or advance magicians. It took me a while to get it down but when I got it it was worth my time. Asi is BRILLIANT.



This has become my new favorite card trick. I would not put this as a beginner level trick, more intermediate. Performing this requires justifying your actions, including why you're taking a picture if you want everyone to go "no way!" when you tell them the cards have been fixed in the photo.

With that being said, I have not gotten a dull reaction to this yet!

This is triumph on steroids! if done right, they never see it coming. GET IT NOW!!



One star off simply because I haven't performed it and I don't want to give the perfect score in case it takes me ages to get it right. In theory, though, it is five stars in terms of method. Very simple, but knock out if done perfectly.



he teaches you to do a pressure fan which i dont see a point for , other than that dont use a deck thats super sticky and its an amazing effect



“Impossible." “WTH?" Excellent reactions I have received by doing Double Exposure.
It took two days of practice to get it to the primary shaky working level with which I first presented it. Mr Wind is a clear teacher, although he assumes you will know some moves and does not explain them (pressure fan, faro shuffle). This information can be found elsewhere.
The instruction is clear - I especially liked the recap and the pausing of the video with highlights of specific cards - excellent and understandable. Camera angles were very good and I was able to pick up everything needed. Sometimes it went a bit fast and I missed things but by watching it multiple times it worked out (e.g. flip the deck).
The audio engineering was sub par and a bit disappointing. On the third video I had to turn the volume to maximum and was still unable to catch some of the points. Hopefully AoM will fix this.
I am very happy to have bought this and would give it 5 stars except for the poor sound quality.



Great trick, performances, and explanation. One thing I thought maybe wasn't clear was the pressure fan part. Obviously to perform the trick perfectly you need to practice but in the explanation maybe more elaboration on why that part works. If that makes sense.



This is great thanks.



I love this effect! I preform it everywhere and appreciate the mechanics put into this. It brings so many people into the state of wonder and unbelief. The trick itself is well thought out and almost self working. The sleights are pretty knacky though but over time it gets easier. I would recommend this to all magicians with experience.



This is one of those tricks where the method is rather cooler than the actual effect. Don't get me wrong though, this trick hits spectators hard. I originally saw David Blaine perform this effect on his recent television special and was floored. Definitely an intermediate to advanced trick; one should be capable of performing a decent pressure fan as well as multiple Faro shuffles. I'd say go for it!



Every moment of this routine is fantastic! I have gone out and performed it today and it got some crazy reactions. It takes a bit of practice but if you do a lot of card work then it's not too difficult to pick up.

Definitely worthwhile buying as it is a solid routine you can easily build on or use techniques from.

Double Exposure by Asi Wind