Catch 23

Trick by Asi Wind
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Catch 23

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Trick by Asi Wind ($50.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Catch 23 - magic

Could it have really all been a coincidence? Asi Wind’s latest release Catch 23 begs the question. Inspired by Gary Kurtz’s classic chair test, Asi has spent seven years perfecting and refining this modernized and deeply inexplicable routine.

Perfect for shows small and large, Asi’s Catch 23 creates a connection between the performer and the audience that few effects have the ability to do. Catch 23 has been an integral part of Asi’s live shows for years. Today he offers it to us. Asi’s creative ingenuity and passion for magic has advanced our art ten-fold. This newest addition to an overwhelming collection is nothing short of brilliant.

The Effect:

A performer invites four spectators to the stage. After cleanly showing five envelopes that have be previously marked “1-5,” each spectator is asked to make a decision which number envelope they’d like. This is a completely free choice. The performer having been left with the single envelope not selected, invites an audience member to remove its contents. Within, they’ll be astonished to find a check for the exact amount created by the envelope order of the participants on stage.

In addition, each volunteer is asked to open their selected envelops where a note card states a distinguishing feature about them (i.e. This will be selected by the only man in glasses). The effect culminates as the last envelope to be opened reveals the name of the participant who has made its selection.

**The necessary gimmick needed to perform this effect will be mailed to you after purchase.**

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  • Ben asks: What kind of instructions does this have?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's online instruction video
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  • Claudio asks: The vídeo online of catched 23 , os for Download ?. Tkyu

    • 1. Tony answers: It's a downloadable video
    • 2. Tony answers: It's a downloadable video
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  • mert asks: Does it work 100%?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a routine produced by a professional performer. It always works.
  • philip asks: Do I need anything else to perform this effect or does it come with everything required?

    • 1. Tony answers: You will receive everything you need for this trick
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  • Denny asks: Does this trick require an accomplice?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope.
  • Robert asks: Does this need any pre-show?

    • 1. Jim answers: None.
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Customer reviews for Catch 23



I saw him performing and explaining this effect in detail during his lecture in Singapore this year. What i can say is that this is a masterpiece and is the next step to mentalism. This is something you will perform and something which is a magician fooler.



The best thing about this routine, is that its so customizable. You can take all the elements that Asi lays out for you so well and tailor them to suit your needs. With other tricks or full routines they are so reliant on the exact flow and steps that sometimes they end up sitting on my shelf never to be used. I love this effect. And the ground work has been laid so well by Asi.



I'll double everything that's been said already and add that I hope no one else buys this, as it's going straight into my show and I don't want anyone else performing it!



I'm honestly hesitant to leave a review for this. Its so darn good I want to save it for myself.

But as a lover of great magic, I can't do that. It's just too darn good to keep a secret.

The method is easy, practical, and FUN. The presentation is great, but it's also easy to customize to fit your character and show. And you get not one but SIX incredible revelations, each stronger then the last.

I cannot give it a stronger recommendation then telling the truth- last night I performed a show for around 150 PAYING people. I closed the show with Catch 23. And I will continue closing my show with it for the foreseeable future.

TL/DR: The trick sucks. Don't get it and let me be the only one using it.



Great presentation and what a fantastic price.
I'm very happy I purchased this. It will go right into my
adult (and maybe kid) performances



Just received this and I want to say "Hats off to Asi wind" this is an amazing piece of mentalism that will amaze your audience with multiple kickers. The thinking behind this piece is amazing and I will make it a standard part of my routines. Thanks you Asi for making this available.

The Magician Steve



Catch 23 is a winner for any professional mentalist looking for a worker that packs flat, plays big and makes people gasp. It's not hard to do but will need some time to learn to manage it. After some performances it will flow automatically and you will be able to put all your personality in it...

When Asi Wind has something to offer or say I always listen. First: He is a clever guy with great ideas. Second: He is a charming guy with a captivating personality. And third: He can make jokes about himself and always looks like a shy fascinated boy when something unbelievable happens. I love it. He is the opposite of a poser and that's very refreshing in these days. There is a lot to learn here...



Asi is a very smart man with a very profund knowledge of magic. The solution is elegant, satisfying and within the skill level of a dedicated conjurer. Happy with the porchaise



Love it.

Catch 23 by Asi Wind