Magic by Magic Dream

Ultimate Marked Deck Trick
Ultimate Marked Deck
Trick by Magic Dream - 39.95

This sought after marked deck is back for what is probably its last printing. Identify any card without seeing its face. No codes ...

Infinity Wine Trick
Infinity Wine
Trick by Magic Dream and Peter Kamp - 90.00

An ancient miracle brought to life! For centuries, the idea of turning water into wine is a concept that has fascinated people around the world....

Slide Project Trick
Slide Project
Trick by Magic Dream and Sebastien Calbry - 35.00

An impossible transformation that happens right in your spectator’s hand. “Another visual miracle by Sebastien Calbry!” David Stone Brought to you...

Ultimate Marked Deck Companion Book  Book
Ultimate Marked Deck Companion Book
Book by Magic Dream - 29.95

The companion book for the Ultimate Marked Deck No learning or memorisation required Nothing to interpret No codes or symbols Locate cards...

Choice Trick
Trick by Magic Dream and Jerome Sauloup - 39.95

From the same mind that came up with ‘Automatic Open Prediction’. Jérôme Sauloup has finally released CHOICE. This is a simple and strong...

Instant T - 2019 Trick
Instant T - 2019
Trick by Magic Dream and The French Twins - 39.95

Out of stock for more than 2 years, Instant T is back! More resistant, easier to use and still incredibly visual. From the creators of the best...

Infinity Wine - Refills Refill
Infinity Wine - Refills
Refill by Magic Dream and Peter Kamp - 20.00

Refills for Infinity Wine by Peter Kamp. NOTE: This product does not included instructions.

OmniTool Trick
Trick by Magic Dream and Julien Losa - 40.00

A remarkably versatile and powerful tool you'll want to carry with you everywhere! Julien Losa is finally ready to release one of his more cherished...

Room 66 Trick
Room 66
Trick by Magic Dream, Dylan Sausset, Axel Vergnaud and Yoan Tanuji - 34.95

A devastating peek tool that fits on your key ring. So harmless and universal, nobody will ever suspect a thing. "What a versatile and...

No Gift Trick
No Gift
Trick by Magic Dream - 25.00

"Ingenious, diabolical and extremely easy to perform." David Stone No Gift is a remarkably clean and fair bank night style routine. After...

Bicycle Passport Project Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Passport Project Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Magic Dream - 30.00

Bicycle Passport Playing Cards are so much more than just another deck of cards. They are an incredibly powerful tool designed exclusively to help...

4 Switch Trick
4 Switch
Trick by Magic Dream - 50.00

4 Switch is an insanely powerful and versatile principle that allows you to perform mind-boggling which-hand style magic tricks and chair tests,...

C Life Trick
C Life
Trick by Magic Dream and Jerome Sauloup - 65.00

Following up on his smash-hit "Switch Cup", Jerome Saulop is proud to introduce "C Life", a visual and cruelty-free way to make a...

PLM (Pretty Little Men) Trick
PLM (Pretty Little Men)
Trick by Magic Dream and Vincent Roca - 32.50

Easy to do and very visual, this trick is suitable for both adults and children! PLM (Prety Little Men) is a new kind of card trick. Created by...

Ext'Hand Trick
Trick by Magic Dream and Sylvain Mirouf - 30.00

An effect featuring a superhero, which will appeal to both kids and adults. Show the spectators a deck of cards. First, a card is chosen and then...

Free Drinks Trick
Free Drinks
Trick by Magic Dream and Peter Kamp - 110.00

The Blackpool smash-hit is now available at Vanishing Inc. Following the global success of Infinity Wine (an amazing water to wine effect), the...

French Monte Trick
French Monte
Trick by Magic Dream - 29.95

A French Take on the Skinner Classic Mike Skinner’s monte is a classic for a good reason. It’s great. But the clever French magician, Mickaël...

Name It Trick
Name It
Trick by Magic Dream and Thomas Riboulet - 35.00

A high-impact, modern take on a classic card magic plot with a truly magical finale that will leave every audience audience questioning if they truly...

Switch Cup Ash Edition Trick
Switch Cup Ash Edition
Trick by Magic Dream and Jerome Sauloup - 44.95

Following the global success of the "Switch Cup", Jerome Sauloup returns with the amazing new "Switch Cup Ashtray Edition". This...

B Clear Trick
B Clear
Trick by Magic Dream, Axel Vergnaud and Alexis Touchard - 39.95

Impossibly turn a BIC® light into a fully transparent lighter with endless possibilities. "This is an amazing application with so many uses...

Pinned Card Reborn Trick
Pinned Card Reborn
Trick by Damien Vappereau and Magic Dream - 27.50

Pinned Card is back! Those who have experienced this amazing trick know how popular it was at its beginning. Created by Damien Vappereau in 1998 and...

Etna Trick
Trick by Magic Dream, Sebastian Calbry and Axel Vergnaud - 35.00

A visual penetration effect you can carry in your pocket. The "Cigarette Through Quarter" or "Cigarette Through Anything" is a...

Trick by Magic Dream - 29.95

"Can you predict the Lottery numbers?!" Many magicians and mentalists have already been challenged by a spectator with this question. Yoan...

Royale Karnage Trick
Royale Karnage
Trick by Magic Dream - 35.00

With Royal Karnage, It's much more than just a small packet trick that you get. It's a complete routine with a real story to tell your audience....

Starter Pack Trick
Starter Pack
Trick by Magic Dream - 49.95

The arrival of digital magic could not be accomplished without a starter pack! Jean Charles Briand, the incredibly creative...

CUBELT Accessory
Accessory by Magic Dream - 14.95

Thanks to CUBELT, no more bulky pockets! Take your cube directly from your belt! Simply slide your CUBELT along your belt and put your 3x3 cube...

Instant T REFILL / 2019 Refill
Instant T REFILL / 2019
Refill by Magic Dream and The French Twins - 29.95

This is a refill for Instant T, you have to own Instant T in order to perform the trick. With your purchase you receive: 40 x plastified paper tea...

Trick by Magic Dream - 14.95

Now spectators can reveal chosen cards all by themselves thanks to SPEX GLASSES!A selected card is lost in the deck, yet when another spectator puts...

Tivoli Box Trick
Tivoli Box
Trick by Magic Dream - 19.95

Here's just one of the many effects possible with Arthur Tivoli's Simplex Card to Box: EffectThe magician displays a small, empty cardboard box to...