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Ultimate Marked Deck Trick
Ultimate Marked Deck
Trick by Magic Dream - $29.95

This sought after marked deck is back for what is probably its last printing. Identify any card without seeing its face. No codes No symbols to interpret No marking system to learn. Use genuine "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards without having to mark the cards yourself ...

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Ultimate Marked Deck Companion Book  Book
Ultimate Marked Deck Companion Book
Book by Magic Dream - $29.95

The companion book for the Ultimate Marked Deck  No learning or memorisation required Nothing to interpret  No codes or symbols  Locate cards immediately Bicycle Rider Back 808 cards printed by the USPCC The Ultimate...

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French Monte Trick
French Monte
Trick by Magic Dream - $29.95

A French Take on the Skinner Classic Mike Skinner’s monte is a classic for a good reason. It’s great.  But the clever French magician, Mickaël Stutzinger, has taken it and put a Gallic spin on things.  Just like Skinner’s classic, the spectator tries to follow one card of three...

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Royale Karnage Trick
Royale Karnage
Trick by Magic Dream - $35.00

With Royal Karnage, It's much more than just a small packet trick that you get. It's a complete routine with a real story to tell your audience. Cannibalism comes to your table! Two chosen cards are eaten by the four cannibal kings: Bicycle cards with blue backs become as...

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Ash Pen Pro Accessory
Ash Pen Pro
Accessory by Magic Dream - $15.00

Effect Upon meeting a spectator, the performer asks the spectator to write their name on a file card. The file card is burned with a lighter and allowed to burn to ashes in an ashtray. The performer gathers a handful of these ashes and rubs them into his forearm. As the ashes spread over the...

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Starter Pack Trick
Starter Pack
Trick by Magic Dream - $49.95

The arrival of digital magic could not be accomplished without a starter pack! Jean Charles Briand, the incredibly creative French magician, welcomes you to the world of amazing magic applications with the Starter Pack from Collectricks. The "Starter Pack" combined...

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Tivoli Box Trick
Tivoli Box
Trick by Magic Dream - $19.95

Here's just one of the many effects possible with Arthur Tivoli's Simplex Card to Box: EffectThe magician displays a small, empty cardboard box to the audience (which may be examined) and places it aside on the table. A card is freely selected and signed by a spectator, then replaced in the deck....

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Trick by Magic Dream - $14.95

Now spectators can reveal chosen cards all by themselves thanks to SPEX GLASSES! A selected card is lost in the deck, yet when another spectator puts on SPEX GLASSES and stares at a light source, the chosen card appears in front of their eyes! Easy to do and no prep work needed! Get yours today! ...

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