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Ultimate Marked Deck - magic
Ultimate Marked Deck Ultimate Marked Deck

This sought after marked deck is back for what is probably its last printing.

  • Identify any card without seeing its face.
  • No codes
  • No symbols to interpret
  • No marking system to learn.
  • Use genuine "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards without having to mark the cards yourself
  • Hand out the deck without fear of detection.
  • Instant location and direct reading of the marks.

Available in Red or Blue 808 Bicycle backs.


Customer reviews for Ultimate Marked Deck



Just received this and it is amazing. The quality of the marking is undetectable. It was hard to pick up at first but after a few passes, it is almost too easy. I highly recommend the companion book which has a lot of routines you can use. Also, I found the blue deck was easier to read than the red. From a distance, (like way across the table) and in limited light, this would be hard to see but a little squinting (as if I am reading your mind) and you should be fine. Close up is best.



These are outstanding! Everyone should have a few decks!



Without a doubt, the best marked cards on the market. Disguised as normal Bicycle rider backs that everyone is familiar with, they raise no suspicions whatsoever. Every card magician should have one or two in their collection!


Community questions about Ultimate Marked Deck

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  • edward alexander asks: What makes this the Ultimate Marked Deck? They all say that. I have already bought the Elite deck, the Marksman Deck, as well as others. What makes this one so special?

    • 1. Howard answers: The marks are very well hidden and on standard rider backs.
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  • Tony asks: Would it be easy for me to see markings ? Or would I have to be very close to the card to identify it ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would have to be within a few feet.
  • Craig asks: Are these Poker size or Bridge size decks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Poker.
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