Infinity Wine

Trick by Magic Dream and Peter Kamp
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Infinity Wine

90.00 usd

Trick by Magic Dream and Peter Kamp (90.00)

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Infinity Wine - magic
Infinity Wine Infinity Wine

An ancient miracle brought to life!

For centuries, the idea of turning water into wine is a concept that has fascinated people around the world. Performed correctly, it feels like a true miracle. And now, thanks to Peter Kamp's debut effect, it's easier than ever! If you can pour a glass of water, you can perform Infinity Wine.

Using a special handmade glass and accessories, Infinity Wine allows you to INSTANTLY and VISUALLY transform water into "wine" without any difficult sleight of hand. You'll receive enough special product to transform 30 liters of water into a bold Bordeaux red color (refills are also available). The water is safe to drink or pour into another container.

This amazing effect offers everything a magician is looking for. It's instant, easy and resets easily. The glass itself is constructed of extremely durable polycarbonate that will last you countless performances. It can be prepared days or weeks in advance and can even be turned over on the table before you begin. You'll be able to convert 2 liters of water into wine before having to refill or reset.

You can use Infinity Wine for everything from close-up magic to parlor magic and stage magic. The visual transformation speaks for itself and will leave a lasting impression.

While it obviously looks great on TikTok or Instagram and has great potential for a viral video, it's important to know that it looks just as good in real life. Every time you see it happen, you won't believe your own eyes. It looks like real magic.

The included instruction video is in English and French and includes a variety of tips and presentations for getting the most out of Infinity Wine.

PLEASE NOTE: Infinity Wine is a well-crafted illusion. The water does not turn into actual wine. It is colored with Bordeaux red food coloring (food coloring E129) that is available in many countries.


Customer reviews for Infinity Wine



I am really impressed and happy with the product.

Thank you very much



I haven’t been able to use it yet in performance for obvious reasons, but my initial view from just practising, is that it is even better that I imagined. The fact that you can start with an empty glass upside down or the glass the right way up half filled with water or, as per the video, the correct way up and water poured into it which immediately turns to (what looks like) wine is amazing. For close-up don’t think about a water pitcher, think a 500ml plastic bottle of Still water and refill it between tables. Plus, having made the wine you can then drink it if you want to and there’s an excellent tip on how to make it smell like wine. What more could you wish for – especially as I bought it in Van Ink's 25% off Products Summer Sale.
I’d have to agree with Derek (who I genuinely don’t know) that the possibilities and routines this makes possible are phenomenal. The only down side is that I found that the video which explains the 'why’s and the wherefores' somewhat jumpy but that may have been down to my old laptop computer.
I wouldn’t say that it is the best trick I’ve bought this year. That accolade has to go to Dan Harlan and David Jonathan whose incredible cards and a dozen routines doesn’t involve the use of water (possible spillage) and only costs half of the full price of Infinity Wine but it does come very high up on my extremely satisfied list.

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It's not immediately clear to me how to rate this product. Here's why:
For nearly $100 you get (1) a small plastic wine glass (with a very small modification from a normal wine glass which is neither necessary (although it does make possible bonus effects) nor hard to produce and (2) an extremely tiny amount of food coloring powder -- actually only enough for about 10 performances, as stated in the instructions (although each performance can make a couple liters of colored water). That seems like an egregious cost for what you get, but in theory I suppose you are paying for the research it took the creator to put the method together (note that, although this review tips the method, the product description already did-- even giving the exact name of the food coloring used).

THAT having been said -- I just spend the last 30 mins doing the trick for myself, and laughing uncontrollably. It is pure genius, and there is something inexplicable about how it works, to those of us who don't understand the chemistry behind food coloring powder (it doesn't just turn water into "wine" -- there are time delay effects, and repeat effects possible, etc. that make this effect a complete mystery)

Bottom line --it may seem overpriced -- but if you like the effect and can use it in performance -- it is absolutely worth it. It looks just as good in person as on video, and the possibilities and routines that it makes possible are phenomenal. Yes, it's food coloring and a plastic glass, but it's easily worth double, and refills are available for a fraction of the price. This is by far the best magic item I've purchased in years.

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I bought Infinity Wine for my stage and parlour show - and I would do it again. But I think it's a bit overpriced for two reasons: 1. We get only a tiny amount of coloring powder. 2. The "special feature" of the glass is too obvious for any close up setting in my belief.
But as refills are available now and I only want to use it away from the audience I am overall okay with it.


Community questions about Infinity Wine

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  • Marco Stefano asks: Can this trick be executed an unlimited number of times, or do you have to buy a re-fill? How can the glass be washed?

    • 1. Kourosh answers: I found the answer to the first part of your question in the ad copy: “You receive enough product to transform about 30 litres of water (refills available)”
    • 2. Chris answers: And “you can transform 2 litres on stage before having to refill”
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  • Kourosh asks: Will refills eventually be made available through Vanishing Inc?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If our supplier gets some, they will be available on our store.
  • Jaime asks: Is it possible to use a real wine glass?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You need to use the supplied glass.
  • Mitch asks: How long until you can visually see the change? How many seconds does this happen or take place during the main effect?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The change happens as in the trailer.
  • Thomas A asks: Is it possible to change the color of the liquid being poured (i.e. can this be done with orange food coloring or another color)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You are provided with red color only. Any other use would be left to your own experimentation.
  • Chris asks: I need info on the special carrying holder for this. I saw the video but he wasn't really clear on pronouncing what the new of it was. Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The one mentioned is CUBELT, available here:
  • Cyril asks: Might the glass provided with Infinity Wine also be useful in transforming water to other colors or transforming already colored/blackened water back to clear (as per Sands of the Desert)? I am guessing at part of your method and it seems that the glass may have many uses, back and forth.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We recommend that you use the glass only for the intended use and routine.
  • Joshua asks: Does it taste like wine or is it expanded how to make it taste as such?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, it doesn't taste of wine.
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