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Trick by Magic Dream
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4 Switch

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Trick by Magic Dream ($50.00)

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4 Switch - magic
4 Switch 4 Switch 4 Switch 4 Switch 4 Switch 4 Switch

4 Switch is an insanely powerful and versatile principle that allows you to perform mind-boggling which-hand style magic tricks and chair tests, predict impossible coincidences, and so much more using everyday objects.

This ingenious method from Pierre Acourt uses the Green Neck system to provide an innovative update to a forgotten hidden gem involving the permutation of 3 people (or any 3 objects). This method is completely different than the famous Bob Hummer principle you may know, with the key advantage being the magician does not need to know the order of the objects before turning their back. They don't even have to turn around during the revelation phase.

  • Incredibly easy to perform
  • No accomplices
  • No electronics
  • No gimmicks
  • Possibilities for truly impromptu effects that are always different
  • Uses any object, so it's 100% customizable
  • Adaptable for stage magic or close-up magic
  • The magician does not need to peek before, after or during the trick
  • The spectator doesn't have to answer during the revelations
  • Can be repeated, with the objects ending up in different positions.

While 4 Switch does have a few minor hidden constraints, the routines are beautifully constructed to ensure they are subtle enough to convince your spectator that have shuffled the objects as much as they wanted. In fact, the instructional book has a whole chapter devoted to "verbal subtleties."

In your 4 Switch package, you will receive:

  • a 100-page, color, softcover book (A5 format | English) featuring a variety of incredible mentalism routines (i.e. Which Hand, Chair Test, Free Will, Magic Square, impromptu effects with everyday objects and much more)
  • A completely original, poker-size, 51-card deck designed exclusively to perform some of these effects (includes 25 ESP cards, 2 sets of 0-9 number cards, 6 chifumi cards)
  • All of these cards are also marked on the back

Sample "Chiro Pocket" effect from 4 Switch:

A spectator chooses 3 small objects and places them on the table. Facing away from the table, the magician instructs the spectator to mix the objects, then put one in their pocket, one in their left hand and one in their right hand. The magician then faces them (or not) and announces confidently where each object is.

"An excellent find, straight out of Pierre Acourt's creative brain. The basic principle of 4-Switch is an indispensable tool for the close-up mentalist, offering him a whole range of effects that can be realized in an impromptu and very convincing way. For the mentalist, not to be interested in 4-Switch is, in my humble opinion, professional misconduct..." Eric Bertrand, co-author of Douceurs Mentales 1 and 2

"What a joy to see an old principle brought up to date! A variation that makes the method safe and a presentation that makes it invisible: this is a formidable tool to master absolutely. Bravo!" Gabriel Werlen, author of the Green Neck System


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4 Switch by Magic Dream