Magic by Sebastien Calbry

Slide Project Trick
Slide Project
Trick by Magic Dream and Sebastien Calbry - 35.00

An impossible transformation that happens right in your spectator’s hand. “Another visual miracle by Sebastien Calbry!” David Stone Brought to you...

Manivelle Trick
Trick by Sebastien Calbry - 59.95

Invite a spectator to freely choose and sign any card of their choice from your deck. This card is then lost in the deck, then you place the cards...

Majesty Trick
Trick by Sebastien Calbry - 29.95

Ultra-visual magic that must be seen to be believed! Check out the demo video before you go any further! Majesty comes from the creative mind of...

Badge DVD
DVD by Alexis De La Fuente and Sebastien Calbry - 45.00

For the first time ever Sebastien Calbry and Alex De La Fuente have created a card that changes without the need to be touched. Any...

Trick by Sebastien Calbry - 29.95

Imagine a visual change happening, with no moves, right in front your spectator's eyes... Or even better, while the card is suspended at your...

Off Set Trick
Off Set
Trick by Sebastien Calbry - 45.00

In less than a second fraction, you can produce any inscription on the back of the deck box. This amazing tool will offer many...

Amazink Trick
Trick by Sebastien Calbry - 34.95

Looking for a reveal suitable for many, many effects? Look no further than Amazink, by Sebastien Calbry! This gimmick is limited only by your...

Lightbox Trick
Trick by Sebastien Calbry and Dylan Sausset - 44.95

An impossible reveal appears in a beam of light. “Lightbox” is a wonderfully unique concept from Sebastien Calbry and Dylan Sausset that allows you...

Lasso Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Sebastien Calbry - 5.00

Lasso is a fun effect where a rubber band impossibly jumps from your mouth (or elsewhere) to the cap of the Sharpie. While this might not be a great...

CAPSULE Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Sebastien Calbry - 6.95

Sebastien Calbry is a French creator whose name is becoming more and more familiar in the world of creation. He is also the one behind several...

Trick by Sebastien Calbry - 34.95

A card picked by an audience member, signed or not, is folded and printed on a card. It simply takes a "magic gesture" to visually extract it; a...