Magic by Alexis De La Fuente

Frame Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Frame
Trick by Alexis De La Fuente - $20.00

Effects where cards change can be interesting, but in "Frame" a drawing (or writing) on a card is caused to change. This whimsical effect allows you to VISUALLY morph what you write on the back of a card, make writing appear or vanish, and a host of other intriguing possibilities. You...

Badge DVD
DVD by Alexis De La Fuente and Sebastien Calbry - $45.00

For the first time ever Sebastien Calbry and Alex De La Fuente have created a card that changes without the need to be touched. Any design drawn onto the back of a playing card changes instantly and yet totally under your control. You can use the badge gimmick to change open...

Suspense Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Alexis De La Fuente - $6.95

With Suspense, the deck is shuffled by the spectator. Then, 2 cards are selected and the magician can balance one on top of the other. Both cards can be handed out at the end for examination. There is nothing to find! Gimmick is very simple to make and take less than a minute with items...

Revolution Box Trick
Revolution Box
Trick by Alexis De La Fuente - $34.95

The Revolution Box is a practical solution to the card-in-box plot. Created by Alexis de la Fuente, it leaves you ready to perform this impossible any time you want. The box is specially designed to fit in a jacket or pants pocket. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional magician, the...

Ocular DVD
DVD by Alexis De La Fuente - $37.05

A hyper visual card to envelope that can be added to your card set at any point. Your spectators are going to absolutely love Ocular. The moment they see the card appear is an absolute jaw dropper. Ocular comes complete with an extremely clever gimmick hand crafted by Rob Bromley and...