Trick by Magic Dream and Jerome Sauloup
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Trick by Magic Dream and Jerome Sauloup ($39.95)

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Choice - magic
Choice Choice Choice Choice Choice Choice
From the same mind that came up with ‘Automatic Open Prediction’. Jérôme Sauloup has finally released CHOICE. This is a simple and strong coincidence-style card trick with a twist. The effect is made even more impossible because you don’t even touch the cards.

The Effect:
You need two spectators, and each is given a deck of cards (one red, and one blue). The spectators are both told to deal cards down onto the table, and to stop wherever they want. They can stop in completely different places, and then they switch cards. When the two cards are revealed they are a perfect match! The best bit is the kicker ending, all the other cards are completely blank!

This effect is very easy to perform. Your spectators do all the work for you! This product also comes with a bonus effect using a borrowed deck of cards.
  • Two decks of cards and gimmick included
  • Easy to perform
  • You never have to touch the cards
  • Self working
  • Reset time is very quick
  • Easy to customise
  • A beginner can do this, but the effect is strong enough for a professional parlor or stage show.
  • Another variation for strolling magic is also explained.
This product contains a gimmick that can be used to customise the trick to your needs. So if you have a product you want to advertise or a message to communicate, you can do that with this trick. Instead of revealing a playing card why not reveal:
  • A word that has had meaning throughout the show
  • A number that relates to a previous trick
  • A company logo or corporate message i.e. for a trade show or presentation
  • The date of an event
This is what top magicians Bernard Bilis, and Jean-Jacques Sanvert had to say:

"Choice is clean and efficient", "It's easy too!" "Your best Choice is Jérôme Sauloup", "A Machiavellian creator"


Community questions about Choice

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  • Mark asks: Can the matching cards be different for every performance?

    • 1. Tony answers: The prediction cards are the same for every performance. You can provide your own prediction card if you wish
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  • Treven asks: Is it a rough smooth concept? My only concern is at the end when the cards are ribbon spread, do they have to be carefully ribbon spread? And in that case does the spectator have to do things exact?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will have zero issues with spreading the cards. The audience will have to follow directions, but nothing is suspicious.
  • Gino asks: The dreaded magician question: Since the effect os performed entirely by the there a danger of them discovering the “secret” if they play or manipulate the cards after they complete the trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: With minor audience management, the short answer is no—the secret is very well hidden.
  • Arnold asks: I have “Choice”by Jerome Saul one. I want to purchase another gimmick roughing stick that he uses. What is the name of that stick and do you carry it. Thanx Arnold levin

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds:
  • Owen asks: Can you perform this surrounded and what is the how many degrees can the spectator view from?

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    Customer reviews for Choice



    I have used this trick a few times now, and did one of the bonus tricks with a friends deck and I must admit it gets a reaction!! It's a powerful ending and if you "ham" it up a bit and feed the idea that the decks are all the same cards..... pause......... and then let the spectators see they are all blank and let the "How did you that?" questions begin. This trick is very easy, I mean simple easy reset is just as easy, buy it use it and you won't be disappointed.



    I gave this a below standard rating because, while the effect is good, selling it as a stand-alone effect for $40 is a bit like thinking up a new variation on a standard stripper deck trick, packaging the idea with a stripper deck and selling it for $40, which I think is a huge problem in magic today. But if that doesn’t bother you conceptually, and you aren’t able to figure it out from the trailer, then it’s a great buy— it’s a strong effect, self working, and gets great reactions.

    Choice by Magic Dream and Jerome Sauloup