Magic by Martin Schwartz

RISE Trick
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $23.95 $18.20 (SAVE $5.75)

Everybody knows a Rising Card effect, but do you know one that is visual and easy to do? Dr. Schwartz to the rescue! In RISE, a spectator...

Dr. Schwartz's Coins Trick
Dr. Schwartz's Coins
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $125.00

A new mechanical marvel from Dr. Marty Schwartz that allows you to perform an audible transposition. Audiences will love this one. . Two plastic...

Comedy Breakaway Scissors Trick
Comedy Breakaway Scissors
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $49.95

A unique alternative to classic breakaway props. This modern take on the beloved gag is perfect for any magician, comedian, clown or prop comic....

Best Ever Jumbo Rising Card Trick
Best Ever Jumbo Rising Card
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $125.00

This unbelievable parlor and stage magic trick from Dr. Schwartz allows the jumbo deck of cards, card box and wooden stand to be examined before and...