Magic by Martin Schwartz

RISE Trick
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $23.95 $18.20 (SAVE $5.75)

Everybody knows a Rising Card effect, but do you know one that is visual and easy to do? Dr. Schwartz to the rescue! In RISE, a spectator...

Dr. Schwartz's Coins Trick
Dr. Schwartz's Coins
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $125.00

A new mechanical marvel from Dr. Marty Schwartz that allows you to perform an audible transposition. Audiences will love this one. . Two plastic...

Comedy Breakaway Scissors Trick
Comedy Breakaway Scissors
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $49.95

A unique alternative to classic breakaway props. This modern take on the beloved gag is perfect for any magician, comedian, clown or prop comic....