Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards

Trick by Martin Schwartz
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Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards

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Trick by Martin Schwartz (150.00)

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Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards - magic
Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards

Dr. Martin Schwartz returns with another masterful mechanical marvel that is quite possibly his best creation yet.

"Dr. Schwartz's Alexander Rising Cards" are an innovative new entry into the world of the rising card plot. It is completely baffling as the cards rise from a metal container under your control, despite you being nowhere near the prop.

A metal container decorated with a picture of "Alexander The Man Who Knows" is displayed and handed out for examination. A deck of playing cards is then shuffled before three cards are selected and lost in the deck.

Just like the great Alexander himself, you make a magical gesture over the container and the selected cards rise up mysteriously.

This is a fantastic stage and parlor magic effect for adults and children alike. Comes ready to go and is super easy to use. Everything is explained in the included video instructions.


Customer reviews for Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards



This is such a fantastic addition to my repertoire. Truly a great buy. I’ve used this on stage, and at a fair ground doing parlor, it’s a fooler.

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This trick is pretty cool! The can is printed with the Alexander picture that is on a poster. The mechanism inside is well made, the handling is clear to understand via the video instructions and easy to perform. Up to 3 cards can rise from the can. The video clearly explains how the mechanism works and how to use it. The video provides tips while performing. The mechanism is mechanical and no batteries are required. The video recommends removing a key used to wind the device prior to activation. If you lose the key, you are out of luck and it's pretty small. For that, I'd deduct 1/2 star for a total score of 4.5 out of 5. I plan on using it in the middle of a 10 minute act using this and two other tricks for a cute routine I'm working on. The third trick will use Socks which I alkso purchased at Vanishing Inc. Socks can display a number and a suit (e.g., 8H) which can tie to one of the rising cards. I will state that the 3rd rising card, 8H, is Alexander's favorite card. When I use the double kicker ending for socks and take off my shoes and the audience sees the 8 on one foot and the heart on the sole of the other foot, it will be a double kicker and my finale.


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  • James asks: does this require a special deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It comes with everything you need.
  • William asks: How does this compare with "Dr. Schwartz's Fantasy Rising Card" effect, which sells for $95.00? It appears it is very similar, if not the same effect as "Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards" by Dr. Schwartz for $150.00. The empty can which is added to "Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards" seems to be the only difference between the two effects. The can must be very special to increase the price by $55.00. Can an explanation be provided as to why there is such a wide disparity in the pricing? Thank you.

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