Thinking on Sleights

Magic download (video) by Tony Chang
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Thinking on Sleights

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Magic download (video) by Tony Chang (44.95 - normally $65.00)

Thinking on Sleights - magic
Thinking on Sleights Thinking on Sleights

Nearly 3 hours of stunning card magic from one of our generation’s finest sleight of hand masters.

Tony Chang is an underground legend with some of the most exceptional card magic chops we’ve ever seen. He is a true master of his craft that has perfected the art of blending difficult sleight of hand and superb routine construction to create miracles for every audience.

Any student of card magic, particularly sleight of hand card magic, must take advantage of every opportunity they have to learn from Tony. Which is why you can’t afford to miss out on this limited time offer to save a massive 30% on an exclusive bundle containing his best moves, effects and theory.

Watching “Tony Chang - Thinking on Sleights” is like sitting down for an intimate jam session with one of the most talented sleight of hand artists in the world. In addition to the sleights and routines, Tony dives deep into performance theory and the art of routining, while also providing invaluable advice for presenting difficult sleight of hand magic in the real world.

Everything is taught in expert detail from multiple angles that make even the most complex sleights feel approachable. Tony is also just a super entertaining guy with a great sense of humor that makes these videos a joy to watch.

Contents of “Thinking on Sleights”

Tony Chang on The Cherry Control
Tony’s handling of Ricky Smith’s “Cherry Control” is one of his most beloved contributions to the card magic community. It’s the perfect example of his unique and thoughtful approach to card magic. In addition to teaching you the ins and outs of conquering this deceptive and versatile control, Tony shares some powerful routines that put it into action. Along the way, he also tips his preferred methods for the “DMB Spread Control”, “Wondereverse”, and the elusive “Ambitious Riser”.

The Color Change
Learn every detail and nuance of Tony’s iconic color change. The tutorial for this beautifully hypnotic move also includes a mini masterclass on how to create magical moments for your audiences.

This Curiosity from North Dakota
Four Aces transform into a chosen four of a kind in this fun and surprising effect. It utilizes Rich Aviles’ “Ballerina Change” and Dave Buck’s palming exercise from If An Octopus Could Palm, both of which are taught in detail and are a ton of fun to practice and perform. Tony also discusses how to overcome fear and perform difficult sleight of hand for live audiences.

The Interview
“Thinking On Sleights” also includes an exclusive 20-minute interview that is not available anywhere else. This easily-digestible video is jam-packed with practical theory and tips for making your sleight of hand invisible. Those who put this advice into action will quickly realize how this interview is arguably worth the cost of the bundle on its own.

BONUS - Sandwiches
For a limited time only, “Thinking on Sleights” also comes with a spectacular BONUS routine that is a sneaky candidate to be a favorite for many of you. Tony Chang’s “Sandwiches" is a sandwich effect unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Seemingly without lifting a finger, you are able to make two cards vanish and then appear in a spread. This is a real gem!

“Thinking on Sleights” by Tony Chang is available for 30% off for a limited time only. Download it today!


Customer reviews for Thinking on Sleights



Excellent video production, from the demos to the full tutorials, perfect camera angles, excellent teacher, very easy to follow and very enjoyable to watch and learn his moves, even though I new some of the moves, but with the indepth instructions, plus so much more that Tony teaches you, even just the cherry change, there are many varied options taught all with a different outcome on just this one video alone, even when you no how it's done it's still a fooler, as one in particular he performs this with the exposed move, (mind blown), plus many other different routines are taught as described in the add, all together there are five separate videos, he often repeats the various moves which is also great, not difficult to understand and follow these moves with his excellent teaching methods, but once you understand these, then to perfect these just practice while watching TV, As these are just such cool moves. And they are so worth learning.



Tony is truly a philosopher of magic, a technically superlative magician, and an all-around awesome guy! This bundle is worth much more than the asking price, as the insights and tuition contained in here approach pricelessness. These lessons are seriously invaluable, nay indispensable, to anyone who wishes to develop, improve, and evolve their sleight-of-hand, and their approach to the craft in general. I emphatically give this my highest recommendation!





Where do I begin?

How about... Sandwiches. It's another download on this site from Tony that pushed me to excel at an extremely difficult sleight of hand technique.

His teaching style is very excellent, his humor and amazing mastery of sleight of hand juxtaposed perfectly and left me wanting to challenge myself to be able to achieve a Sandwich effect of all things. So then I found this Download.

The cherry control lesson was an absolute blast and literally has left me wondering why would I ever use any other control for one card. He didn't teach it but it can also be used to control multiple cards and it looks absolutely clean as can be. I never really do inversion routines and I won't be using his because it doesn't fit my style, but practicing it just to hone the skills of the Cherry control, the DMB spread control, and the ambitious riser it is a great workout for those moves.

His DMB spread control is very very good, I only knew and used the DMB 2.0 from theory 11, Tony's finger placements and tips on the move have made me better mine and I am thankful.

He talks about angles and how we should always be aware of what angle to use in any given situation which most Instant Downloads really never seem to cover at all.

His second effect, the curiosity from North Dakota is a very fun and visual routine, his attitude regarding classic forcing is good to try an adapt, a switch out taught is phenomenal here, but the change he uses is absolutely impossible to me so I use the bertram change instead to complete the effect. Maybe you can master it, I gave up because it is the hardest thing in this Download.

The color change he teaches is also going to be very hard to attain but I'll keep trying that because it looks beautiful.

And then the interview section is worth every penny. This guy just gets it, and is inspirational to me to get better at sleight of hand.

Buy this Download, you won't regret it.

There is gold sprinkled through-out down to what you would assume are basic things like getting a break under one card.

The camera work is great, from the side and also magician perspective for each move.

Best purchase in magic I've made in a long long time.



Possibly my favourite download. Gives you plenty to work on. Well produced, careful instruction with plenty of great tips that I make reference to often. Would love to see more stuff like this, the cherry control is great fun, god bless Ricky and Tony.




Takes practice!





Thinking on sleights is awesome. If you’re a fan of Tony Chang then this digital download is a must. Tony goes through the cherry control and his touches on it. Then he goes over his touches on other sleights like the DMB spread control, Wondereverse and the Ambitious Riser. I felt this portion was very valuable and improved my handling of these sleights. Then he goes over some applications for the moves. The color change is really great and it’s a slight variation of a color change you may already know.



Tony Chang is a real "thinker" in magic. It's rare. He always makes sure to ask the "why" of magic. This is not all instruction on routines, and I think the actual interview portion is the most useful part of it. I try to devour the way Tony thinks about magic because I really do think he's asking all the right questions.













Great content! I love it



VI Monthly


There's a reason Tony Chang is one of the most respected magicians in the magic community right now, he is a master of making everything he does look natural and making sure every move has a purpose. Everything in this bundle is gold, but honestly, the interview by itself is worth this price.



Fantastic. What a great video. It's just like sitting in his living room and having a great conversation. The thought behind the moves and sleights is just great. I love his approach and find this video very helpful



I’m a huge fan of Tony, so the review will certainly be good. If I had to lead with any kind of negative I’d say that if you are just entering the world of Sleight of hand then this is definitely an intermediate/advanced download.

Having said that, there is a lot of theory that Tony goes over with creating magic and analyzing the reasons “why” we do magic. To that end, I’d recommend this even to novices. It’s good to understand and think about the magic you are performing and Tony addresses this multiple times.

The palming exercise taught in the download is worth the price of admission. The color change download is great with a lot of subtleties to consider. The work on TCC, DMB Spread, and the ballerina change are great as well.

The effects taught are so beautiful and intelligently conceived. You will have to put in the time to perform these well, but the instruction given and the deliberate focus on theory make it very achievable. I’d prefer a download like this that requires my time and energy to see through opposed to something very simple.

The bundle reminds me of the excitement I had when first learning magic and Sleight of hand and gives me some goals to work toward. I would recommend this bundle to anyone who is serious about making magic seem real and people who can focus on the perfection of delivering Sleight intensive routines.



Some difficult moves but fantastic to practice!



Tony Chang is a genius! Love every single routine and sleight in this bundle. Definitely takes practice but you will not be disappointed. Put the time in and be better at your craft. This will definitely make your handling better and give you a new perspective on how to approach sleight of hand



This bundle is amazing but I don't think it would be good for people who don't like to put the time in their tricks and sleights but if you do and you're a move monkey like me this would be perfect. :D



Tony Chang's bundle is a wonderful combination of sleights and theory that is lacking in the mentality of most magicians. With the clear touch of Spanish school of card magic, Tony drive us through is way of interpretation of angles,moves motivation and the search for the real sense of magic. This is one of the thing that I will never regret the money I spent. Thank you!



When Tony Chang releases something, you just get it. He is easily one of the best sleight-of-hand magicians in the world. This bundle is packed with expert-level sleights that are beautifully and thoughtfully disguised under disarming and natural gestures and incorporated into powerful routines. I appreciate that Tony also offers his own subtleties on older moves like the Cherry Control, DMB Control, and the Ambitious Riser. Even if difficult moves intimidate you, this bundle is a worthy investment as Tony shares a wealth of knowledge surrounding the process of creating and refining sleights so that they look more and more like true magic. Just get it!

VI Monthly


I really wish I could give this 5 stars! Tony Chang's mind and hands are super sharp, and the quality of the video, the effects, his routines, and his broader commentary is all top notch.

However, when he got into his more detailed breakdown of how to do the moves and effects, I had to mute the audio and just watch--trying to listen to him and line it up with what he was doing made it harder than just looking at what he was doing. Once I had a rough idea, I could go back and put what he was doing and saying together. I don't know how I would do better, but it was unexpectedly hard, even for the moves I already knew and am kinda okay at.

Overall, definitely super happy with the acquisition, and strongly recommend it, with the caveat that (even ignoring the difficulty of the moves) it might take longer/more rewinding than you expect to get through it!


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  • Tony asks: Is there any possible way to just get the interview?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We do not offer it separately I am afraid.
    • 2. Ronald answers: Can I get a dvd?
  • Alan asks: Does this book/video have exercises to improve card manipulation ? Alan

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Nope! Tony talk about card sleights for close-up or street magic only
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  • Doug asks: What exactly does the "bundle" consist of? Is there a book? A DVD? Multiple downloads? Some combination thereof? Telling us what is taught doesn't tell us *how* it's taught!

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: This bundle comes with 4 videos: the interview with Tony Chang, Tony shares his thinking on card sleight, control (cherry Control), Color change and one trick.
    • 2. Iain answers: Agreed, pretty unhelpful description.
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  • Peter asks: Is this a download or a dvd?

    • 1. Kevin answers: just a download with 4 parts to it. lots of great material in here that will improve your sleight of hand and the way you think about magic
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  • Noah asks: Is "A curiosity for north dakota" in this bundle?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It included in this bundle
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    • 1. Aidan answers: Yes, it does.
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  • Wesley asks: What are the run times of the different pieces of the bundle?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Cherry Control - 38 Minutes North Dakota - 23 Minutes Color Change - 22 Minutes Interview - 21 Minutes
  • Ian asks: Is the Sandwiches listed on Thinking on Sleights the same as the separately issued download Sandwiches (14.95)?

    • 1. Ian answers: Sorry, just noticed that it the same Sandwiches as issued on separate download.
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  • Giuseppe asks: I'm working on a review of this, when was this originally released? The year?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe in 2017
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