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Magic download (video) by Tony Chang ($6.00 - normally $12.00)

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Do you want to know what the future of card magic looks like? Like this! Tony Chang is on the cutting edge of where we think card magic is heading. The fluidity of handling, the relaxed approach, and the visual aesthetic of these two extraordinary card effects embodies card magic tomorrow.

Be ahead of the curve and learn these techniques right now. This tutorial is our longest to date (almost an hour), and Mr. Chang teaches you each piece in careful detail. The running time and the high quality of magic makes this worth more than any DVD we've seen in recent times, and it’s yours for just ten dollars.

You will make two cards vanish seemingly without moving a finger. A moment later, you will cause two cards to appear in a spread—again, without seemingly moving your fingers. These two routines have to be seen to be appreciated. Don’t be fooled by the silly names—the magic is quite unlike anything you have seen before.

This download was filmed in partnership with Alex Pandrea’s Blue Crown. The gorgeous footage is what happens when two enterprises that care deeply about magic work together...we all benefit. A comprehensive collection of sleights and tricks available to watch RIGHT NOW, all for just ten dollars.

Running time: 51 minutes, 47 seconds.


Customer reviews for Sandwiches



i'm a big fan of sandwich plot, and this one is one of the best i ever seen, really looks like a trick photography or gaffs cards, but no ! all you see is done by sleight of hands, very well explained,if you like Ernest Earick, you'll love this trick, you'll have to practice but it really worth it!
believe me, buy it !
well done Tony



Yes, they're both incredibly technical tricks. Much props to Mr. Chang for demonstrating a visual and artistic presentation of sandwich plots.

Sandwiches for Mere Mortals uses a method that is in Ernest Earick's book. Difficult, knacky but beautiful after you put in the work. I think this trick is leaning toward the higher intermediate level. My pinky hurts.

Sandwiches for Your Mom, while being less difficult overall, still requires a great deal of practice. It's definitely simpler in execution--but not as visually striking as the first trick. I think that it's within the range of the intermediate card magician. I can actually imagine getting this down in the next few days.

It's important to note that even if the tricks seem technical and knuckle-busting, I have to agree with Mr. Chang that the sleights and structures used are there for good reason (efficiency).

The sleights taught are moves that you'll probably use in your other card work if you have never been exposed to them. So for 10 bucks, it's totally worth it.



This is 100% the best download I have ever got!!!
I use this all the time it has became for me one of those trick that any time I perform I do this effect.
Both of them are great and the teaching is top notch and the video quality is as good as it could get all thing that you would expect from Vanishing inc. Simply put JUST BUY IT!!!



First things first, this is difficult. This routine will take time to practice and get the moves to look invisible and absolutely perfect like Tony, and some people might ask is it really worth it? And to that I say, "F*ck yes!" this is by far the most beautifully constructed routine of all time and i don't think it should be done any other way.
Sandwiches for mere mortals
-The control, this is a pretty common control for intermediate to advanced magicians and if you know it already it's fairly easy. But if you don't that's even better because you will learn one of the best card controls out there.
-Vanishing sequence, This part of the routine is extremely knack and will require work even if you know the main move of the sequence, but it's absolutely beautiful so in my opinion its well worth it. And if you want more insight on "the move" you can check out his download the "be kind change" at theory 11.
-The production, this will take a knack and I recommend practicing it with different decks so you can get a better feel for it and see what works best for you.
Sandwiches for your mom
first off, i just want to say, i perform this every day. It's my go to effect and it's a true gem in magic.
-The control, This is a variation on a control every card magician knows or should know, so it's not that difficult and he gives some tips on how to make it more smooth.
-The vanish, holy sh*t, this is absolutely incredible and i love it so much! This move is rather difficult, especially to get it to look as good as Tony and it will take trial and error in REAL performances. but once you've got it down, it's a true gem.
-The production, this is by far the easiest move out of the whole download but it's such a versatile, visual move that you can apply many other routine and honestly, it only takes 30 minutes of practice to look good.

So overall i rate this infinity out of 5 stars and there is not one flaw in this download. These routines will take a lot of practice as well as trial and error in REAL performance for REAL people in the REAL world. These tricks are meant to be shared and not just posted on on youtube. So if you read this long review i hope i've convinced you to buy this download. But honestly the trailer should already have you sold.



Yes amazing yes its work knacky moves are what we paid for right. I have only been doing card magic for about three month and was able to do this with about less than a week of practice. That said yes its hard but doable im hooked now asking for



Sandwich is my favourite plot in magic and here you will find two hard-hitting, impactful sandwich effects! Very knacky, but a great opportunity to take your sleight of hand to the next level (very good teaching from Tony as well) :)

VI Monthly


Typical Tony Chang, nothing short of amazing. The attention given to subtleties and nuance is next level aware. Challenging, worthwhile, and satisfying.



These two routines are quite impressive. They are certainly going to get your fingers some exercise but, luckily, the ending result is great. In this case, the hard work pays off. Other than the knuckle busting moves, I really enjoy the visuals of the effect. I think it could stand alone in some scenarios or added to a routine.



I've had this download for months now and am really giving it a go this past week, this is super demanding technically but it makes me want to get better just to do it. Tony has created a real challenge here but makes it look so flawless. I am going to keep at the first routine just to make myself a better sleight of hand technician, even if I never end up performing it the practice the first routine takes is rewarding.

Thank you Tony.


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