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Trick by Ernesto Melero
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Melero Rings

45.00 usd

Trick by Ernesto Melero ($45.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Melero Rings - magic
Melero Rings Melero Rings Melero Rings Melero Rings Melero Rings Melero Rings Melero Rings

To truly evolve a classic of magic, you must re-write the rules!

We are so excited to partner with Ernesto Melero, an underground magic legend from Venezuela, to present a revolutionary new linking ring set.

Using an original and innovative gimmick, “Melero Rings” redefine the industry standard for close-up linking rings. They allow you to perform all of your favorite linking rings routines, while also unlocking the ability to achieve the impossible by performing never-before-seen links and unlinks—including linking and holding all four rings with just the top ring held at your fingertips.

While he’s known best for his remarkably creative card magic, Ernesto has been a perennial student of the linking rings and has poured his life’s work into the incredible “Melero Rings.”

These sleek and seamless chrome-plated iron rings are scratch-resistant and built to last. They’re portable enough for the close-up table-hopping magician while also remaining visual enough for the parlor performer. Built with workers in mind, the included custom ballistic foam carrying case ensures you can also safely transport them with ease. If you enjoyed Ninja rings in the past, you will absolutely love “Melero Rings.”

You’ll receive nearly an hour of online video instruction offering moves and routines for all skill levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced magicians. The full routine featured in the trailer above is covered. However, it’s also modular, meaning you don’t have to perform it as shown and can select which aspects of it work best for you.

Offering exceptional quality at an affordable price and a modern approach, we truly believe that “Melero Rings” are a huge leap forward for the beloved linking rings. This is sure to be a set you cherish for years to come!

Dimensions: Each ring is 5" in diameter and is chrome plated.


Customer reviews for Melero Rings



I witnessed from less than 4 feet away, Ernesto Melero perform his linking rings during the first VI Retreat in Costa Rica. And when he explained his improvement to a set of close-up rings and what it allows you to do, all I could think was "brilliant". And with the VI touch being added to ensure the quality of these rings, together with their first rate teaching, the Melero Rings will enable you to take your close-up ring routine to another level. I just ordered my set and I highly recommend you do too. If like me, you liked the moves you learned from Messado, now ten years ago, then you are going to LOVE what you will be able to do with Ernesto Melero's Rings. Practice and master everything Ernesto teaches and I predict you will have a truly spellbinding routine. Don't hesitate. Buy now.



I've been a professional magician for 50 years and I've had the pleasure of performing with many sets of rings. In my personal opinion, whether you're a professional or beginning to learn magic, this is the set to own and the set to learn on.
-Keith Alan





This is the kind of a clever, and practical gimmick that makes me love magic. It's truly unique and beautifully simple. My main concern getting this was moving parts that could break. As soon as I saw the rings I knew that wasn't a problem and I'm sure these rings will last as long as any other ninja ring set and will never lose any functionality. The rings are fully compatible with all your other routines and can only improve the routine you already do. You don't need to use the gimmick at all which is great because there are angle issues (though not very bad at all). If you're surrounded then you can still do all your routines normally, but with an audience in front of you then can give them those amazing moments in the video. I plan to use these as my main set from now on and use my old set as a backup. Excellent work!



I'm too early in the process to intelligently review the actual product, but I greatly appreciate the additional video that VI included with the purchase. I've been long waiting for online instructions to live up to all the potential and promise. (I could write an essay here, but I won't).

I grew up in magic in the Ken Brooke era and his "Afterservice" was wonderful. Things like you have done here are making good strides in that direction.

One more "attaboy" - it's great to immediately have access to the instructional video after purchase.



Taking something which is considered a classic and improving it is a very difficult thing to do. Many people try and many fail. Often, what is considered an improvement actually detracts from a classics simplicity, method or plot.

Ernesto is a rare breed indeed, he actually has improved a classic while retaining all of its integrity. The linking rings is all about being visual, not only is he a master of his craft (the tutorial is excellent), he has added a subtlety that improves the visuals.

Ernesto has created the difference that made the difference and it's subtle enough to not hinder any routine or performance should you not want to use it or add stunning visuals at any time you want.

Ernesto Melero, you have my ultimate respect sir 10/10.



All I can say is these are a beautiful set of rings, very clever gimmick. No seams, beautiful finish.
I have a set of Ninja Rings from years ago, I think these are actually nicer quality, plus the new type of gimmick makes for a new subtly never available in the past. They also come in a very nice custom zipper case. The routine that comes with them is great, however you can use your favorite moves or other routines as well.
For the price point these Rings are great value.



I can not wait to get this in my hands.



Thank you Vanishing Inc. for this high quality offering. I want to take this opportunity to mention a suggestion for current and future buyers of these rings. After trying some of the maneuvers, I decided to dig out a typical standard 5” set of rings that have been used a bunch and went to work on all the moves with those rings until I got the routine down. Then I will use the Melero Rings for final run throughs and performances when it really counts. Customers can try a homemade set or a standard set. Probably right here on Vanishing Inc. Thanks again, Team!



I always try to be honest and straightforward with my reviews of anything I buy.
Therefore this is what I honestly think of Merelo Rings.
First off the rings are of a good quality, with a good standard of craftsmanship.
They represent excellent value for quality goods.
The instruction video is a good standard.
Although for me it is a little too dark, although the quality is good. I struggle to follow the written captions.I think,the captions would help anyone with a good standard of reading English. I am dyslexic so that does not help.

Do I recommend Melero Rings?
Yes 100% Highly recommended.
Buy before VANISHING Magic realise that the have listed the price incorrectly.



I almost overlooked Melero Rings at first. I've been doing a full-size 7 Ring routine taught to me by Karrell Fox for, well, it's hard to believe, 52 years now.

Last year, I purchased a smaller sized 4 Ring set. I worked on it for a while, but lost interest. Having dyslexia (fortunately, I wasn't "labeled" as a child) learning routines from "the front" has always been difficult for me.

Now comes Melero Rings. I had to know how someone could "improve" the rings. And yes, the technical additions are brilliant.

But his teaching, often from the "magician's point of view", is superb. He shows clean, simple moves that would help the beginner learn how to perform magical routines. And, further, he demonstrates how to put his technical improvements to good use.

The result? I'm continuing to work on it. It holds my interest. And, soon, I'm going to have a delightful ring that will amaze and astound my audiences of "regular" folks, as well as catch some of the "wise ones" who see it.

Highly recommended.



Of all the rings I have owned and seen this set is of high quality. No more pinching a blister on my hand from the key. Although I am used to the ten inch version of the rings, the quality of the gimmick and the ways it is used makes up for the difference in size. Thank you to everyone involved in making this possible. Simply a pleasure to use and fun as well.



I really like these Melero Rings. This is the second set of linking rings I have ever purchased. These feel nice and have a decent weight to them. The couple of improvements are greatly appreciated. I like the 4 ring set and like how it isn't an overly complicated 8-12 ring routine. The carrying case is great too.



These rings are beefy. You can not see the seams and can barely feel them. They have a very nice sound to them. The Melero improvements are nothing short of incredible with how it improves the performance. The four ring display is so clean and open making it obvious that there are no openings in any of the rings. And the asking price is extremely fair. If that's not enough, you also receive a cool hard shell carrying case for them. The video instructions are also very well done. I recommend downloading the video on a computer for more control with pausing during playback in order to study the images while practicing. If you are a fan of the linking rings then the Melero Rings are a must purchase. I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you Vanishing Inc and Mr. Melero.



These rings are perfectly sized and of really great quality. The difference between the linking rings you are most likely familiar and these is pretty insignificant, however that subtle difference allows for some great handling options. I love the neoprene case it came with. For the price, these rings are a must have, but know that they will take a substantial amount of “juggling” practice to look like the video.
I would say the teaching video is of below average, all of the steps are in text and the angles are really not that good. The pace is pretty fast especially since you have to pause and read every line while you’re trying to understand the fundamentals of the move at the same time. I would give the teaching a 2/5 star review. But the rings themselves and the value and quality of the physical product 6/5 stars...



This is my first set of rings, so it's going to take some time for me to get used to them. I've had a fewnof Melero's tutorials before and as usual, he's great. He shows you at speed, then breaks each move down with an over the shoulder exposed view at a much slower speed.

This isn't an 'out the box worker' for those new to the rings, you're going to have to practice routinely to get the hang of it - and that's going to be the same for each modular section of the routine. For that reason, I've stopped watching after the easiest handling routine, and I'm practicing the first link till I've nailed it, then moving on. I'd suggest any new ring performers do the same, or keep it in mind.

For existing performers, I think the subtle changes will make a big difference to your routines - particularly one of them which will prevent accidental unlinking.

I really like the carry case these come with, it's a nice little touch. All in all, definitely recommend these rings.



This is revolutionary. The subtle additions to the key make this a diabolical must have linking rings set. Thanks.



excellent set of rings. The routine is top notch, even if you do not use the routine, you will learn from it and most likely use some of the moves. Great value, VI could have easily charged more.



I have been wanting to get my hands on a good set of linking rings for a while. When I saw the trailer and the price of this set, I decided to give it a try and I wasn't disappointed. The set comes with a practical case and four rings which feel very well constructed and pleasing to the eye. Besides Ernesto's routines (which are amazing) I was surprised to see an included instructional video from the VI team performing a simple but very effective link and unlink routine. As a beginner I think this is a great quick routine to start getting comfortable with the liking rings before moving to more complicated passes. I totally recommend the product.



The Melero Rings are well made and the gimmick is wonderfull. I will use this set of Melero rings in my repertoire. Magician entertainer Mister "M"





I never thought I'd be interested with rings, because it seemed obvious. But after I saw the trailer with mr. Melero, i immediately bought Melero Rings. I want to do this trick just as easily like Melero. Practice every day for half an hour gives you results, guys, i promise. I really want to show this trick to my friends, but like real magician i'm waiting for the perfect result of my training. Thank you Vanishing, thank you Melero. In my childhood i could only dream for stuff like that.



Very good set of close up rings. The included routine is great, and even if you already have a close up routine you'll find something to add.
Rings themselves are well made, sturdy, and have a nice finish.
I initially had a problem with my order, but the Vanishing Inc customer service is phenomenal, and straightened it out immediately and with no hassle on my part.



I got my Melero rings last week and I have been playing with them non stop!

This is my first set of linking rings, so I have a lot of basics to learn, just for fundamental sleights to link and unlink the rings, but I've found the videos to be extremely helpful and easy to follow. The production quality is awesome, and THANK YOU whoever thought to do the over-the-shoulder camera shots. It has made it so much easier to follow along.

Anyway, really enjoying my rings, and looking forward to showing them to people. Thank you Ernesto, for sharing such a cool product!



I ordered these as I saw the trailer on VI, I have never used linking rings before, once I received this I could tell the quailty was amazing, they work so well and look amazing when performing.

The instructional video from Merelo is amazing also, the sound and picture quailty and explaination is perfect.

You also receive another video tutorial from VI which helped alot also so I appreciate them add this to the order

The carry case you receive with them is also quailty and very padded to stop these from getting damaged

For anybody wanting to get into linking rings I would definitely start with these you won't be disappointed



The rings are so beautiful and practical. Ernesto shows very original handling of this classic peace !
the 2 revolutionnary touches are so clever, even though I think it's to risky to use it in close-up condition.
Ernesto explains 3 routines for 3 situations.
My favourite is a linked in the spectators hands (perfect for cocktail!)
don't hesitate - at this price you get amazing material and video





I know what you are going to say, 'Yay, another linking ring set' I got to tell you for the money, this is a fabulous set of rings! They sound pretty and the key ring is excellent. I was not sold at first on why it would be helpful but you can do some really pretty displays with this set. The handling and teaching in the video is great. I do wish it was more verbal than printed instructions with music but it still works. Thanks Malero for an excellent usable set of rings! I almost want to purchase a second set. :)



I never learned the linking rings as a younger mayne so I decided to dive in now. I need to practice but it's all really doable. Just need to put in the work. My only issue is that the instructional video is really cinematic and dark. I would have preferred brighter lighting. However they did well adding images in post to highlight tips, positioning etc. I say buy it.



These rings are wonderfully made, and the little added extra allows for not only a very deceptive display, but sets you up for an unlink move that I love.

You are taught a couple of different routines, each building on the other. Like many magic tutorials, there are times were I had to take things extra slow to figure out what finder went were.

If you are looking for a top quality closeup linking ring set, as well as a routine to go with it, you can’t go wrong with this set.

The case you get to carry the rings is nice as well.


Einar Aron

I've used linking rings a lot in the past but stopped using them. I purchased these more like as a support for a good new method on the classic linking rings. However, the method might have lead me to start perform the trick again.





Great routine! Will be modifying my 10 inch rings to parallel these!





The rings are really well made and look really nice. What Melero came up with is very clever and allows for awesome moves and displays. There are angle issues mostly for close-up presentations, but it is less sensitive for parlour conditions. Of course that if you are in really extreme performance conditions, you will have to stick with the regular ring moves.
Three routines are explained step by step, with subtitles to explain each stage, so it's easier to follow, but I would rather have more comments from the creator about the moves and ideas. Also, if you are a beginner to linking rings, you should consider obtaining other books/DVDs for additional reference, otherwise you'll get stuck with the moves used in the routines taught.
I believe that one more ring could have been provided, to allow for other routines to be presented with this set of rings.





As a beginner I'm not entitled to say much about these rings. I can't compare them to others.

But I can definitely say what I think about these for a beginner. And I think I made a great choice. The quality of the rings seem very good and the tutorial is very nicely put together.

Personally for me a bit more of a in depth beginner lesson would've been nice. But that's not that big of a deal. And although some other rings might be cheaper, I think you great rings, with something extra and a good quality tutorial for a very reasonable price.



These rings have a nice weight, shine and sound. They're bigger than the (not-so-pro) set I used to practice on so I have to re-think how I hold them. The routines are beautiful and *extremely* clearly taught by Melero. I'm not as elegant as he is but I'll take some of the moves into my own performance style.

One thing is that the k** ring I got isn't quite "true" but I think I can adjust with careful bending force.

But I'm still giving 5 stars because these are AMAZING rings for the price, especially because I got a deal from your warehouse sale.

I would really like to see add-ons to the Melero rings like there have been for the Ninja rings. A ring on a ring? Something unexpected and elegant? Heck I'd even just like two more ungimmicked rings.



Absolutely perfect customer support. Unfortunately, when I received the Melero rings, one of the rings was defective (crack, that can happen).
I contacted Vanishing Magic customer support. Alex replied the same day and immediately ordered a replacement for me, and on top of that; not only the damaged ring, but a whole set was replaced. Amazing, really professional.
In addition, the routine and idea of Melero (as simple as it may seem, but you have to get the idea first) is a real asset. Highly Recommended.
All existing routines are possible with it (from Richard Ross to Shoot Ogawa's Ninjas).





Yes, Melero linking rings are great. I am enjoy playing with them, and increasing my skill level.



I thought I was finished with linking rings years ago when I retired my Rings N’ Things set.
This innovative set couldn’t be ignored.
Went from skeptical to a fan almost instantly.
They can be used in any situation from parlor to close up to stage.
Highly recommend.



I really have enjoyed these incredible rings, they may not have the dexterity to ever perform them but I enjoy having them in my collection. I recommend these to everyone who has ever wanted to do the close-up linking rings.


Edward O'Beirne

I have been enthralled by Magic for more than six decades but I am an amateur Magician. When the Melero Rings were delivered two days after my order, I removed them from their well-designed, durable case, and, seeing the gimmick, performed my first link/unlink illusion in front of my wife, who was four feet away. She gasped and begged me to show her the trick! No way, José! I have taunted her a second and even a third and forth time! I only wish that we could share a pitcher on Piña Coladas with Ernesto, a consummate performer, whose instructions are clear and concise!

- Ed



Incredible approach to the linking rings.



Melero’s ring routine is the ultimate linking ring routine to perform. It is elegant and can be done with spectator involvement if the magi so wishes. It takes some work to put it all together and so worth it!



Oh wow, this is truly an excellent product and the extra little gimmick is ingenious. I was really worried using this in close-up environment but its amazing what you can get away with some good presentation and a bit of misdirection. The rings are incredibly well made, the instruction including extras are excellent. Comes with a really nice pouch to store the rings in. I cannot recommend this more, even if you have a couple of other sets of rings (which I guess we all do), this is a winner. Really happy I have this. Great product Vanishing Inc.!



Great product with a little extra!
Right out of box wonderful hit my normal routine and fav moves.
The little extra gimmick dose not change these from regular rings but gives you a great option in the right conditions.



Fabulous Linking Rings Routine - breaking new ground

The innovations here in this routine from Ernesto Molero take the linking rings to a new level, allowing for some incredible and very clean displays of multiple links etc.
Very clear teaching for all the moves and subtleties make this a breeze to learn. I will be using this going forward as my new goto linking rings routine, replacing my existing routine.
The rings themselves are also fabulous quality and are hard wearing. They also come with a handy carry case to further protect the rings.



As someone who has never performed linking rings before I was really pleased with my purchase. Although I haven’t got other rings to compare to I have found the melero rings to be excellent quality and easy to use. The download is well produced but my only gripe is that the explanation is quite rushed for me and I found it difficult to navigate to the sections that I want to go back to. Overall a very good product.



Love these rings. I switch back and fourth between these and ninja rings.



My other hobby is building Hot Rods, so I have seen a lot of chrome work. There are a couple of standards in the chrome industry and they revolve around polishing. There is show chrome that is a very high standard and street chrome that is a bit less exacting. The Melero rings are definitely street chrome. The weld on the two permanently linked rings is visible enough on my set to be objective. The reason I bought this set is because the advertisement claimed "sleek and seamless". Sleek is OK, but they fudged on the seamless part. Way disappointing.


Community questions about Melero Rings

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Steven asks: Is this set suitable for existing Ninja Ring routines?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely! You can do all of the Ninja Ring moves, plus a whole lot more!
  • Kurt asks: How are these rings different from the Messado Rings?

    • 1. Kevin answers: I witnessed Ernesto perform, and explain, his linking rings during the first VI Retreat in Costa Rica. I can say - without any shadow of doubt - that there is a substantial improvement in this set of rings compared to anything on the market, to my knowledge, and that includes the Messado rings which I own. I predict that if you liked the Messado Rings then you will simply love the Melero Rings. I have no doubt the teaching from Ernesto will be first class and will go perfectly alongside what you learned from Messado. If you master both, then I predict you will have a truly spellbinding routine. Don't hesitate to buy.
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  • Yves asks: Can it be fairly used in a live situation ? I mean without performer sweating issue.

    • 1. Kevin answers: I witnessed Ernesto perform, and then explain, his linking rings during the first VI Retreat in Costa Rica. I can say he performed his routine live, with 30 magicians burning his hands, and without any shadow of doubt he was not sweating at all (even in the Costa Rica heat). I was standing less than 4 feet away from him as he performed and nothing was given away. I have no doubt each of us will need to practice quite a lot to get as good and as smooth as Ernesto Melero - but that is nothing new to performers of the rings close-up - and when you put in the work, you will be able to perform something truly amazing and audacious, spellbinding even!.
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  • Les asks: I think it's fair to say, without giving away anything, that one of the rings in gimmicked in some way. With that said, can the circumference of the gimmicked ring be truly shown (from a reasonable distance) without using any sleight of hand maneuvering, that there is no gap?.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We'd be happy to go into more details regarding the method with you via email. Feel free to contact us. Suffice it to say here though that the trailer gives a perfect representation of what can be done.
  • Michael_BIRTHDAY asks: What is the size of the Melero Rings? (Ring diameter is a fairly standard thing to specify for linking rings!)

    • 1. Rick answers: The ad states the rings are 5 inches (12.7 cm) diameter.
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  • Bruce asks: Are the rings just well made with a great routine or is there something special/different about the "gimmick"? Also how many rings come with the set? Thanks

    • 1. Philipp answers: The ad copy says „four rings“.
    • 2. Kevin answers: There is something different / special to the gimmick.
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  • Justin asks: Is there any point where the performer can hand out two linked rings to a spectator? Most of the routines I currently use eventually get to the spectator holding two impossibly linked rings.

    • 1. David answers: Yes
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  • Kevin asks: Please can you tell us what is the music track and artist that comes with the instructions? It is perfect for the pace of the routine, and as I love Latin music, it is beautiful to listen and relax to as well.

    • 1. Adam answers: The Arrival by Ian Post. Rem3mber, you need to license the music.
    • 2. Adam answers: The Arrival by Ian Post. Remember, you need to license the music.
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  • Daren asks: I get the feeling this is angle sensitive? Can this only be performed straight on, if spectators are surrounding you can you still perform this without any fear of detection?

    • 1. David answers: This is somewhat angle sensitive and the spectators should be more or less in front of you
    • 2. David answers: My name is David Affieri and I been performing Chinese rings routine since 20 years ago and it's completely hidden and I even request to someone stand on my back but when I got the Ernesto Melero's version, could be a little bit sensitive when you perform the move to show the rings using just your thumb. Out of that move which I think it's unnecessary, it's completely hidden. I need to confess I'm performing the Ninja Rings Routine and completely hidden!
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  • Bruce asks: Naive question, perhaps: is there a reason the rings are made of iron rather than steel? Bruce

    • 1. Craig answers: Bruce... The IRONy is that he doesn’t want anyone to STEEL his idea and routine! Sorry, I couldn’t resist the puns! ??
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  • Thomas asks: Looks very much like the four rings - especially the gimmicked ring - Joe Porper manufactured and sold some time ago (under the name "wonder rings" I believe). Is this correct?

    • 1. Thomas answers: I believe they are different.
    • 2. Gerald answers: The Porper ring was called the “Ghost Ring”. Different than the Melero ring.
    • 3. Gerald answers: The Porper ring was called the “Ghost” ring. Different from the Melero ring.
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  • Claude asks: you can tell me the wire diameter, and the 5 inch diameter if it is inside or outside

    • 1. Lewis answers: 5” is the outside diameter.
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  • Julie asks: I’m a total newbie - no experience at all with rings or magic. Is info included with purchase? If not, how can I learn?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive instructions with the rings.
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive instructions with the rings.
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive instructions with the rings.
  • Paul asks: Are there plans to release these rings in other colours?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not currently.
  • Douglas asks: Can the Melrose Rings be used for Shoot Ogawa's Ninja routine?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Melero Rings can be used for any ring routine.
  • Kieran asks: Are these suitable for a complete beginner to the Linking Rings? Are detailed instructions provided?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would need to practice but yes a beginner could learn this effect.
  • zachary asks: What is the difficulty level?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I'd say it's fairly easy, this will take some practice to get it right but it would still be a great set for a beginner.
  • MJ asks: I have been trying to watch the video ad for this since getting the email on 4/4. Is it posted anywhere where it will run properly? Thanks!

    • 1. MJ answers: Never mind.....once I added the question, the video came to life! Must be magic or sumthin'.
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  • Dick asks: Can a beginner like me who's looking for a simple looking trick I can perform in front of neighbors and their small children?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, there are many phases to the Melero Rings. Many of which can be done by a beginner. However, this is not a trick that you'll take out of the box, watch the video once, and perform it immediately. It will take a slight bit of practice. But, it's well worth it.
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely!
    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, there are many phases to the Melero Rings. Many of which can be done by a beginner. However, this is not a trick that you'll take out of the box, watch the video once, and perform it immediately. It will take a slight bit of practice. But, it's well worth it.
  • Malulani asks: Are there directions to the Melero Rings with someone describing the moves verbally? I cannot learn this by just watching the actions on screen. Super confusing!

    • 1. Jim answers: None that I know of. The English subtitles are clear and helpful.
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  • esteban asks: Is there any method to recover the password of the dvd? I have purchased the product but I do not have the password with me and I would like to see the instructions again

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The download should be in your account assuming you bought them from us. If not, please email our Support Wizards and someone will help.
  • Joseph asks: Can these rings be used to perform some of the classic shape configurations like the porch swing, globe, blooming flower, etc.?

    • 1. Ben answers: No, as you would need a chain of three for most.
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  • Michael asks: Is there any plan to offer a set of 3 linked rings which match this set? It would be nice, and I think many of us would buy it if we wanted to extend the routine. The routine is good as it is, especially with some variation we can add, our favorite moves, for example. As a solo routine, without a volunteer and bits of interplay, you can't do very much in terms of time or visual stuff with 4 rings. Not complaining, it's plenty to learn for me right now. It would be nice if you could offer a set of matching 3 linked rings, though, for occasions where I'd like to do some of the classic configurations. Any comment?

    • 1. Jim answers: It seems like a good idea. There are no plans for such at the moment.
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