Magic by Gentlemen's Magic

Rubiked Trick
Trick by Gentlemen's Magic and Vincent Tarrit - 145.00

Rubiked is a remarkable piece of technology built into a humble Rubik's Cube. You have someone freely mix up a cube and stop wherever they want. You...

Coffee Break Trick
Coffee Break
Trick by Gentlemen's Magic and Urbain - 95.00

Their signed bill appears inside a sealed coffee capsule. “Coffee Break” is an incredible and organic approach to the Chop Cup that you’ll want to...

Ignite Trick
Trick by Gentlemen's Magic and Urbain - 49.95

Produce, vanish or transform objects in a stunning burst of fire. “Ignite” by Urbain is the versatile and practical accessory every modern magician...

Omni Case Trick
Omni Case
Trick by Gentlemen's Magic - 39.95

What if your card case could become completely transparent in a blink of an eye, with only one playing card, the one chosen and signed by the...