Magic by Takamitsu Usui

The Cube DVD
The Cube
DVD by Takamitsu Usui - $29.95

THE CUBE can be used in various way during your performance! It can be used as a Changing effect , Vanishing, Passing Through or as a Prediction. Your Audience won't be the only ones mystified by this illusion, THE CUBE even fools the most knowledgeable magicians! THE CUBE is totally examinable,...

The Cube PLUS
DVD by Takamitsu Usui - $39.95

The Cube is so well-known that it is still a great sale right now, however, the follow-up product is coming up! Performance Showing the audiences two Rubik's Cubes where colors are in random order and asking two spectaculars to choose one color they like from the two cubes. Putting the cubes into a...