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Erdnase Unmasked Book
Erdnase Unmasked
Book by David Ben - $35.00

For over a hundred years, the identity of the author of Artifice, Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table, known colloquially as The Expert at the Card Table, has perplexed practitioners of magic and historians alike. For many, it is the last great, unresolved mystery of twentieth century magic. That...

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Dai Vernon: A Biography Book
Dai Vernon: A Biography
Book by David Ben - $39.95

Dai Vernon: the last great undiscovered artist of the 20th century. His medium was magic and with it, Vernon turned the clandestine world of conjuring on its ear with virtuoso sleight-of-hand and a dogged pursuit for perfection. Born in 1894 in Ottawa, the son of a Canadian civil...

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