An Ambitious Card

Magic download (video) by David Ben
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An Ambitious Card

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Magic download (video) by David Ben ($3.60)

In 1922, Dai Vernon bested Harry Houdini. Here David Ben, a true Vernonite and renowned sleight of hand expert, presents his interpretation of the unpublished piece that "fooled Houdini". Ben discusses the impact of structural simplicity and provides excellent tips on the double turnover and Vernon's Depth Illusion.


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  • Randall asks: how many minutes is the "An Ambitious Card video?"

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 7 minutes and 26 seconds.
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David Ben puts in the time to really present both magic and instructions. He is clear and precise.



A very nice and simple Ambitious Card sequence, apparently derived from some "unpublished" Vernon writtings. Nevertheless, David's touch is superb! Some very useful insights are given about structure, performance and pacing. I'm sure there will be at least one new sleight or handling tip for magicians of all levels who purchase this downlaod. After performing this ACR for 10 years this instruction has been my most valuable yet!



Simplistic, but powerful effect, I love it!



This style of card magic is my favourite. When a performance is so relaxed and clean there is nothing to spot or lookout for then the layman's only conclusion is it is really happening. I am convinced the viewer will enjoy the magic all the more. The simpler the better. I already knew the trick before I bought it, but I couldn't resist taking a look because I was interested in the refinements. I am glad I did and now I will be going to check out more of David Ben's work.



Although someone might think this trick isn't that ''mindblowing'', I HIGHLY recommend you to purchase this. David's explanation and insights about this trick are one of the best I've seen. It gave me new perspectives about a performance in magic generally. After practicing and performing this, I can say David Ben's Ambitious Card is my favorite trick to perform. Everything is very clear to the audience, there are no showy elements – just pure elegance. I also like the minimalist touch to this effect.

For just a couple of bucks, heck yeah! 6/5!



Simple handling but very impactful. When I was in high school, Daryl picked me to sign the card for his amazing Ambitious Card routine. I have been hooked on the effect ever since. David Ben's handling is one of the cleanest I have ever seen, but it really does blow you away.



Great starting place for the AC - simple, direct, quick, DL variation taught too

An Ambitious Card by David Ben