Magic by Katsuya Masuda

WOW 3 Face-Up Trick
WOW 3 Face-Up
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $39.95

First, the features of WOW 3 - then the amazing effect: By fully using advanced printing technology from Japan, WOW 3 has improved hi-resolution beyond the previous WOW series. By using a polycarbonate, its surface is more like glass. In pursuit of a stylish design, the bezel on the both sides of...

Liberty Vanish Trick
Liberty Vanish
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $29.95

What was one the largest trick ever performed, David Copperfield's vanish of the Statue of Liberty, is now a pocket sized illusion. The good news is that this is very fooling as well!You show a postcard of the Statue of Liberty. With a wave of your hand, the statue immediately vanishes and appears,...

Wow 2 (Face Up Version) Trick
Wow 2 (Face Up Version)
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $39.95

Wow 2.0 is THE most visible and amazing card change ever. It happens slowly and right before your eyes. Wow 2.0 is hailed by magicians around the world as one of the most amazing card effects they have ever seen. This looks like trick photography but happens right before their eyes. A...

Wow 2 (Face-Down Version) DVD & props
Wow 2 (Face-Down Version)
DVD & props by Katsuya Masuda - $39.95

Wow 2.0 truly looks like trick photography. This is THE strongest, most visible, and most practical ending to ANY Ambitious Card routine ever! Imagine at the end of your favorite Ambitious Card Routine, you offer to "magician-proof" the deck to create an impossible condition. A...

Frozen In Time NEW EDITION Trick
Frozen In Time NEW EDITION
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $70.00

Masuda's Legendary masterpiece, Frozen in Time, is finally back. Time NEVER stops! In 1998, Masuda performed this magic on television for the first time ever. This outstanding magic seriously produces a deep impact on your entire audience. Even other magicians...

Standing Ovation Trick
Standing Ovation
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $17.95

A box balances at an impossible angle while stood on top of a playing card. You can use the box from your regular decks such as Bicycles and Tally-Ho's. You can easily stand the card box diagonally. Enjoy this trick with your own performing style such as mysterious, communicative....

Wow Trick
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $55.00 NOW $41.80 (SAVE $13.20)

Wow is one of the best selling tricks of this decade. You will have seen plenty of rip-offs on your travels, but as is our policy we'll only ever stock the authorized original version.The effect is that a spectator selects a card and signs her name across its face, before losing the card back in...