Magic by Ltd. ATTO Co.

Your Favorite Card Trick
Your Favorite Card
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - $96.00

This is SUCH a fun and strong effect! You have a card selected and reveal it as part of a PRINTED photo in a ceramic case. That may not sound incredible, but to see this effect is to believe it. If you've seen an older effect called "Frozen in Time" you understand this new version. It's a GORGEOUS...

Birthday Surprise Trick
Birthday Surprise
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - $17.95

Ever buy one of those Pop-Up birthday cards? When you open it, a 3D paper object forms right before your very eyes. “Birthday Surprise” builds that magical moment into a playing card. You use the gimmicked card to make 3D pop-up birthday cake appear on a selected playing card. This is the...

Stay On Trick
Stay On
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - $19.80

An incredibly unique and visual climax for your ambitious card routine. Your spectator’s signed card is returned to the middle of the deck, which is then shuffled and spread face down across a close-up pad. The cards are then flipped over to show the front and the pad is picked up from the edges....