Timeless Deluxe

Trick by Liam Montier
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Timeless Deluxe

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Trick by Liam Montier (40.00)

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Timeless Deluxe - magic
Timeless Deluxe Timeless Deluxe Timeless Deluxe

New Gender Neutral Versions Available!

"Timeless" is one of Vanishing Inc.'s earliest hit tricks, and not a week goes by that someone, somewhere, doesn't ask us to re-release it. And for good reason: "Timeless" combined one of the strongest, simplest mentalism effects with something completely new and unexpected. "Timeless" was, quite simply, unforgettable. We're delighted to present "Timeless Deluxe," which is the new and much-improved "Timeless" package mentalists have been dreaming of for almost a decade.

"Timeless Deluxe", features a slick, elegant new watch and band design in three gender neutral styles to suit any performer!

The classic Midnight Black Version (black band with a white watchface) is now accompanied by a vibrant and fun Patriot Version (with red, white and blue stripes). Additionally, as Vanishing Inc. continues to find ways to serve the needs of ALL magicians, we're proud to introduce a brand-new Midnight Black (Thin Band) Version that features a slim, chic band and sleeker watch face for those with smaller wrists.

Effect: The performer speaks about implanting memories, or causing someone to see something that isn't actually there. To demonstrate, the performer removes their watch and asks a participant to twist the knob to move the hands around randomly. The performer's head is turned away the entire time. When the participant is happy, she looks at the watch and remembers the random time she stopped at. Then she holds the performer's watch between her palms. Even from a great distance across the stage, the performer divines the exact time the participant chose. But here's where it gets next-level impossible. To emphasize the idea that the participant didn't actually see anything, the performer asks her to look again at the watch she holds. The hands on the watch are gone.

The reason that "Timeless Deluxe" is fooling everyone though is because, immediately afterward, the watch is completely examinable. In fact, a watch with no hands is a such an odd, striking prop that we ENCOURAGE you to pass it around when you're done. The effect resets quickly, and requires no palming or practice. You'll be able to do "Timeless Deluxe" instantly after learning the method.

"Timeless Deluxe" builds on one of the great mind reading effects ever: divining a chosen time. But to make the watch hands vanish? Now we're in miracle territory. This effect is great not only live onstage, but also in impromptu situations or for television or social media magic: it's quick, impossible, and most importantly, it's a rare visual for mentalism.

Included in the "Timeless Deluxe" package are the brand new watch and band design, video instruction, and the secret gimmick that takes care of everything for you. No electronics whatsoever, and absolutely nothing about this unit can ever break.

Note: You cannot use "Timeless Deluxe" as your everyday watch; it will not keep time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to do?
It is unbelievably easy. In fact, it's almost self-working. There is no palming and there are no gimmicks which you need to add in or take away.

Can the effect be repeated?
Absolutely! The effect can be repeated after a quick 20 second reset. It can be a different time with each performance.

What is the difference between the watch styles?
Both watches work in the same way so you just choose the style that suits you best. The black imitation leather band is perfect for formal environments, whereas the Patriot band is ideal for informal settings.

I already own the original Timeless. Is it worth me picking up this version?
Yes! You'll already be familiar with the method but the watch you receive with Timeless Deluxe is far superior. The face is larger which means the reveal is clearer. The watches are better quality and look much nicer. You also have a choice of style too.

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Customer reviews for Timeless Deluxe



I initially saw this when a friend did the trick on zoom. I was really impressed. I had no idea on the method.

As an amateur it is simple to perform but I’m afraid certain parts of the gimmick are noticeable….the hands on the clock face aren’t realistic. I must have eagle eyed spectators so it has put me off performing this



This is a great EDC. I also love how this product is practical. No need for technology or batteries. A very clever method for how impossible this trick looks. I will be using this during my walk around gigs for quite some time.



I love that this has so many mixed reviews… to me, it made me want to buy it all the more - specifically because it’s clear that everyone has a different intrinsic value of how much they believe in magic (or rather don’t believe)!

It’s beyond simple, and beyond effective. The method - which is at the heart of the variations of reviews - works.

And the fact that it’s based on an old method used by Kenton Knepper made me love it even more.

Yes, you have to be cautious under certain circumstances, but is there any ‘prop’ or utility that doesn’t have its issues? This just happens to be so damn simple that the ‘caution’ is, in my opinion, something most magicians don’t tend to think about.

I highly recommend this for anyone who loves powerful magic and simplistic methods.



Works like a charm and is in my parlor and strolling sets.

I was warned that I would be disappointed when the time came to first open the box and look inside. The warning didn’t change anything…I was disappointed. I thought, “It won’t work and I’m going to get caught!”

WRONG! It hits in a big way! The method is the kicker not the main effect. Keep that in mind when performing this. Use the presentation as a foundation but start adding other fun stuff into the mix the fits your style. It can be a Mentalism effect or it can be a Mental Magic Trick.

Think of this as a tool, not a trick. It will help manage your expectations.

Looks great and handles well for the price!



I LOVE this effect. Mentalism at its finest.



This watch has several applications that make it a great addition to your magic supplies. The instruction video is good, with a good thorough discussion of the pro's and con's and it's effective use.

I really like being able to "disappear" the hands to show it blank. That's a great moment of "misperceived" reality.


Einar Aron

I was super sceptic when I saw how this works and put it away for a while. Then I decided you would start carrying the watch on my wrist, ready to perform when I got the chance. No one has ever questioned the gimmick and the first time I performed it, everyone started screaming. I'm really impressed.



Just Great!!!



Great effect and quick reset!



I can only say great. of course you have to be careful when holding it on your arm, but I use it with the sleeves of my shirt up and just start a few routines. Those who love mentalism are a great Gimmick



I'm not going lie but when you first open the box and see the gimmick you do think to yourself "I'm never going get away with this effect at all. But damn I was wrong I performed this to 30 people in the space of 2 days and no one has no idea how its done especially handing the watch out for inspection after (not before). It now become one of my top 5 street magic effects to peform and you can wear it wherever you go. Downside was the strap link broke so I ordered some new ones of amazon 20mm and was fixed the next day so they were cheap enough. Highly recommened to anybody





Having been burned by many magic tricks before, I wasn’t holding out too much hope for Timeless. What a wonderful surprise to see a truly creative method combined with a worthy gimmick. So often, magic tricks fail in the gimmicks department. This one delivers...right on time. Fantastic.





In my opinion its a brilliant made me llaugh, comes in a nice presentation box, a good quality looking watch, i ordered the black strap timeless watch, so much better than i expected the watch to be, Easy to follow video demo, and a detailed explanation on how too, the watch, and the illusion is so much better than i first expected it to be, the method is very ammuzing, its Sooooo Simple, and its Soooo Gooood.



Have you ever purchased a new effect and after seeing the explanation put it in the draw because "No-One would ever be fooled by it"? Well this is one of those. I watched the video and thought wow, how would anyone get away with that. Then my regular muggle arrived at the house. This guy has seen everything I do. He knows an awful lot about magic and the workings of some of the tricks I do and he would never be fooled by this outrageous trick........... or would he?

He was obviously destroyed by it. He examined the watch carefully and had no idea how this worked. He spent about 20 minutes looking for the secret "Button" that removed the hands. I was shocked, so out I went and performed it to a few people in the park (social distancing obeyed). EVERYONE was blown away. No-one spotted the secret.




Just got this today and performed to someone who has been watching me do tricks for 23 years , she was completely baffled lol, she had no idea how it worked and got her to laugh which was wonderful. The watch actually looks very nice , got the one with the black straps .
The other thing that comes with it to make it work I thought was going to be to thick , proved me wrong as the trick actually worked as bold as the method is but will still buy an extra that is thinner than the one that comes with the watch just for my peace of mind .
It works , can be done surrounded and got a great reaction so , yeah strongly recommend it.



Nice product!

It’s quite bold, but definitely worth the investment.

The Hoy effect Andi explains is great for Stage and parlour too!



From the second I took this out of the package I realized why some reviews are skeptical of the method going over the heads of laymen, but let me tell you it really does. It flys over their heads. It tricked my father who has been learning magic along side me and is very well versed in gimmicks and slights. I will say a downside for me is the thin band. I should have read closer, that’s on me. However the smaller band is truly smaller all around. It won’t fit my wrist and the face of the watch is a lot smaller. I would almost go as far to say it’s a women’s size. If I could switch I would get a regular band so I could actually wear it, but that’s my fault. Over all great product with a cool secret that will take some time getting the confidence to preform, but once you see how well it tricks them that confidence will come easier.



I liked this but I ended up getting rid of it due to a few botched performances. There are no arts and crafts involved here but there is "something". And that "something" isn't 100% convincing at all times. Part of that is user error and the other part is the tool used for that "something". It's super smart thinking and potentially way less complicated than what you are thinking but I don't like the risk involved.


Laura Bautista

It's a shame because the idea itself is good, perhaps masterful, but the development of it within the routine on stage itself is clearly impracticable.
Perfect if it's summer and you're sleeveless, the corners are covered and you've made sure "everything is fine" before the show. I have already suffered a couple of mishaps that make discovery by the public quite embarrassing. I wouldn't recommend it, sorry.



don't be mad at me but this is the worst trick I have ever bought. Absolutely disappointed. The worst thing is that I can't even give it to anyone for free!!!! Because they would beat me over the head. Big disappointed!!!!



The method is laughable and impractical at best. Prehaps with a better tool for applying the method I wouldn't feel completely ripped off but I refuse to believe that anyone could believe this to be real.

As said with a different tool being used to apply the method then prehaps it would be a lot more convincing. However with the tool that you get when you first buy this is useless, as it doesn't come close to the effect needed.

Also the effect pretty much depends on you using no sleeves and setting up briefly before performance. It's hyper impractical for a performer with sleeves during walk around or close up. I say this as someone who's happy to perform Hook during close up which has a lot more setup.



The problem with this effect is that if you wear the watch with sleeves it ruins your setup and if you place the watch in your pocket it ruins your setup. You also have to be very particular about how you handle it or once again, you'll ruin your setup. If you're the type of performer that turns up to a professional gig in a t-shirt then this would work wonders but for most of us this is unworkable.

It's a shame because the effect itself is good. The part where you show the time on the watch will not hold up to 'scrutiny' as has been stated but it will pass if you rush things along a little and keep hold of it. I really wish that I could perform this but short of keeping the watch in a protective case of some sort it just isn't workable.

It would also help if the performance video was a little better. The lady in the video doesn't seem even vaguely impressed which doesn't fill you with confidence in the method.


Community questions about Timeless Deluxe

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Jeff asks: Does it come with a 20 year supply of sanitizer wipes as nobody is going to want to pick cards, hold sponge balls or touch watches for a while! Cool trick though!

    • 1. Rick answers: Lol, too funny!
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  • Nick asks: Does the watch actually keep time as a normal timepiece?

    • 1. Donald answers: Ad copy! You REALLY expect us to read the ad copy BRFORE we ask questions! Why, that would require, wel,...effort on our part!
    • 2. Gregor answers: No. It says in the ad copy that you cannot use it as a regular watch.
    • 3. Byron answers: Maybe you should take up another “Hobby”!
    Post an answer to this question
  • Lewis asks: Can you send a text, "What's App," or email beforehand, showing that you predicted the time they would set on the watch?

    • 1. Filip answers: Yes, you should be able to do that!
    Post an answer to this question
  • Rene asks: Is it a functional watch?

    • 1. Ryan answers: It is not functional. It is just for the effect in the trailer.
    • 2. Russel answers: I don’t think so. The ad copy says: “Note: You cannot use "Timeless Deluxe" as your everyday watch; it will not keep time.”
    • 3. Donald answers: Functional? Ad copy! You REALLY expect us to read the ad copy BRFORE we ask questions! Why, that would require, well,...functional err, effort on our part!
    • 4. Byron answers: As I said to Nick, maybe you need a new “Hobby”!
    • 5. Philipp answers: Twice a day yes, it will show you the exact time, if this is good enough for you. Else you can also go timeless.
    • 6. Terence answers: I used a watch like this for over a year, with excellent results, complete fooler and very workable, but as I wear leather wrist guards as proof of no sleights or pulls, I have since changed to a photo behind a glass block, same results, and I never expected a 'prop' to also keep time...
    Post an answer to this question
  • Gary asks: Does it feel like a real watch? Is there weight to it As if holding a real watch?

    • 1. Filip answers: Unfortunately I wouldn't say so. Also two of my friends have mentioned the watch feels quite light.
    • 2. Rene answers: I own 2 other watches of a similar design and yes it does feel like a regular watch , close enough for people not suspecting that’s it’s a prop. Hope this helps
    Post an answer to this question
  • Mark asks: Are magnets involved with this trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No magnets
  • Mark asks: I own the original version and love it. One issue that came up was that the dial was hard to turn because it was so small. Is the dial in this new version bigger and easier to actually feel it turning?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This dial solves all those problems!
  • Joseph asks: Is it only one time that is preset or can it freely be different times thus being able to repeat the trick for the same crowd again?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can force any time you want. So it can be repeated for the same audience.
  • Steve asks: Does the stem actually change the position of the hands?

    • 1. Ryan answers: No. It is a force time.
    • 2. Matthew answers: No, the time is forced. You do, however, use clever subtleties to 'show' different times after turning the dial.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Jay asks: I would love to incorporate this effect into a routine/set I am working on. Do you think it would be possible to give the watch an "aged" look without hindering the workings of the watch? i.e.: In ADDITION TO switching out the watch band for an aged one.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, I believe that would be possible.
  • Josh asks: Is this a standard watch size? Can the bands be changed out with some I might already own?

    • 1. Dottore answers: I am not a watch expert, but the band size is similar to other watches that I own.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Simon asks: Is it possible to see a picture of the watch with its hands (set to a time)? Hard to tell in the trailer how that looks.

    • 1. Flat answers: The watch hands would pass scrutiny for someone looking at it casually, but in the context of knowing there was trickery regarding the hands, I believe a closer shot would tip the methodology unfairly. As you can see in the video it looks perfectly fine for the amount it is looked at.
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  • Stelios asks: Referring to the moment I remove the watch from my hand and I'm about to spin the pin (as in the video): Can a different time than the forced one be glimpsed by a participant right before this moment?

    • 1. Alexander answers: If you’re referring to showing a different time before forcing the time, technically yes.
    • 2. Jeffrey answers: How you hold the watch will make it look like different times. Don't call attention to it and it will not be noticed. Watch how casually Andi shows the watch, that's what your going for.
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  • Joseph asks: Does it also have the "seconds" hand and if so, does it move on it's own like a real watch? I noticed in the trailer that after the spectator randomly spun the dial and pressed it, the magician displayed the watch to her to memorize the time she chose. If there is a "seconds" hand, after pressing the dial in, the hand should start moving. Does it? If not, I feel as though this will bring some suspicion to any spectator that look closely at the watch.

    • 1. Alexander answers: There isn’t a seconds hand; without going into detail, you can add one, but it would be confusing for your audience and could potentially ruin your presentation. Personal recommendation, don’t add a seconds hand. As far as suspicion goes, you’re only flashing the time at them for a second or so. If you state “This is a normal watch” or something else among those lines, you will definitely raise suspicion. A watch is an organic object and, unless you emphasize it's a “normal, everyday watch,” no one will suspect a thing.
    • 2. Jeffrey answers: Not all watches have second hands, it will not be noticed. In Joahua Jay's Penguin Live lecture he goes through this in detail.
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  • David asks: Is the watch water proof

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Keeping in mind that it is not a real watch, yes, water should not harm it.
  • Alexander asks: I have the original Timeless and I love it! I’m excited to see a more modernized watch for the effect! With that being said, what size band does it require? I have a band style in mind.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The watch band is one size fits all.
  • Jeff asks: If I like it, can I host a WATCH party? : )

    • 1. Jeffrey answers: Sure, right along with paint drying and water boiling!!!!
    Post an answer to this question
  • Nicolas asks: Is the item that allows you to "predict" the position of the needles given in the pack? Is it an ordinary one or do we need a special one?

    • 1. Alexander answers: The gimmick should be included as it was included with the original version. If it’s not, it can be acquired on Amazon for very cheap.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Chris asks: Is it exaimable? Do you end completely clean?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you end clean, and it can be handed out for examination.
  • Jeffrey asks: Will you finally be restocking the "thing" that makes this trick work, (no, I'm not talking about the watch body). You've listed it as out of stock for a long while now. And, from time to time it DOES need to be replaced. If you are not going to restock it, would you at least let those of us who do already own "Timeless" where we can purchase it on our own, (without having to gamble on which one to look for on Amazon)?

    • 1. Alexander answers: I use another gimmick for the original that I found lying around and it works just fine.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Martin asks: Does the watch have a glass installed or can it be added after the crucial move?

    • 1. Guy answers: Yes, it is like the original, just a newer style watch, this one is bigger, the method is clever & I have used the original a lot, this is bigger, look for a video of the original & think Bigger
    Post an answer to this question
  • Robert asks: Hi Can the band be changed out foe another band ?? Thank you Robert

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, it can.
  • Andrew asks: I’ve seen a few questions about the size of the band. They’re typically sized by width (20mm and 22mm seem most common for men’s watches). Any idea the specific size?

    • 1. Nathan answers: Hey guys, can the 20mm measurement be officially confirmed by either of you?
    • 2. Andrew answers: Thank you, mine actually arrived today. I was asking because I was planning to replace the “imitation” leather, as advertised. Mine came with genuine leather, which was a wonderful surprise. No need to replace.
    • 3. Mark answers: I have the midnight black option. It has a 20mm band.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Billy asks: I ordered it from Hocus-Pocus, entered the url that ends with timeless, but it just takes me to your website and I see no place to enter the password- please help- thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email magic@vanishingincmagic.com for this kind of question.
  • Frank asks: What are the improvement of 2.0 to the original?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The watch is much improved, there are two styles, and the instructions have been re-filmed.
  • dovid asks: Will this ever be released with a working watch function?.. I can't see a justification to carry this otherwise... I wouldent wear it so how would I bring it into a routine? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The method would not work if it were a working watch.
  • Darren asks: Does it have the right time on the watch as the time of the trick is done.. E.g do I set the time on the watch at the same time of the trick. Thanks...

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You could do that if you wanted but it's not needed and it depends how you wanted to present the trick
  • Daniel Jose asks: I can do the trick again with a different time for the same group, great, but.. How do I justify that the hands will reappear after they disappeared? Lol Any tips on this in the instructional video? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We'd not recommend repeating it for the same group.
  • Charles asks: You say that “you end clean, and it can be handed out for examination” but you also say that “the watch hands would pass scrutiny [only] for someone looking at it casually,” and “how you hold the watch will make it look like different times” and “as far as suspicion goes, you’re only flashing the time at them for a second or so”. Can you clarify, then, how it’s safe to hand it out for examination afterward when people will know there’s some kind of trick involved?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's safe to hand out for examination because there is literally nothing to find on the watch. The method means that you could even (if you felt rich) *GIVE* them the watch to keep forever and they would not find anything. Because there is nothing to find.
  • Charles asks: You say in response to one question that “You can force any time you want. So it can be repeated for the same audience.” But you also say, in response to a question about how to explain the hands reappearing after they’ve disappeared, “We'd not recommend repeating it for the same group.” So do I assume correctly that although, technically speaking, it can be repeated (after the 20 seconds it takes to reset the watch) the presentation problems in doing that are near-insurmountable (and no creative suggestions are provided in the instructions)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's not really about presentation "problems". It's more if a fundamental of magic. You just shouldn't repeat the same trick for the same audience. Not only are all elements of surprise gone, the nature of repeating a trick turns it into more of a puzzle than a piece of magic. It almost forces your audience to start trying to think about method. So no, no creative suggestions are given on repeating the effect for the same audience because we believe that is not something you should do, with this, or any piece of magic.
  • Todd asks: Can this effect be done in reverse? Go from a blank face to a time like the current time. So let's say it's around 4:15. I want to show a blank face on the watch to the spectator. Then a moment later show them it is a "normal" watch with the correct time. Thank you!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not but that sounds like a cool effect!
  • Michel asks: Is the secret gimmick easily replaceable?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not need to replace it, you will simply need to reset it when you want to perform it again.
  • Tommy asks: Can the watch strap be replaced due to wear and tear?

    • 1. Henrik answers: Yes.
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  • Roel asks: Is it possible to show different times for every time you do this trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely.
  • Mark asks: A few of the reviews say it can't be performed with sleeves. Is that still the case with the new version?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can perform this with or without sleeves.
  • Monte asks: Are the sizes of the watch faces the same and the bands are different in width and color? Can the bands be changed on the watches?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct and yes, they can be changed.
  • Jordyn asks: My wrists are rather skinny, around the 6 inch range. Is there any worry of the watch bands being too loose?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If the watch band is too loose, you can actually change it out very easily to a smaller band that fits your wrist.
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