Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes

Trick by David Penn
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Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes

249.95 usd

Trick by David Penn (249.95)

In stock.
Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes - magic
Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes

Building upon the massive success of "Mystery Solved", David Penn and TCC are back with a modern twist on an all-time classic.

David Penn has been a lifelong fan of the nest of boxes. "Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes" is his custom-designed version that not only amplifies the effect, but is suitable for both close up magic and parlor or stage magic.

This brilliant creation takes the classic prop to new heights by allowing you to show all of the boxes empty and then assemble them in front of your audience before leaving them in plain view. Your act will now have a natural beginning and end, and the final moment where a signed card appears inside becomes more impossible than ever.

"Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes" is a gorgeous, compact prop constructed from premium North American walnut. This precision-engineered and perfectly-balanced set is hand-finished by expert craftsmen to ensure you get the professional quality and reliability you need.

It also comes with a "Mystery Solved 2.0", which not only facilitates the method for the nest of boxes effect but, as a fun bonus, can be used separately if desired.

This compact, practical, professional quality tool is destined to become an instant classic.


Customer reviews for Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes



I know that many have bought David Penn's Mystery Solved are now wondering why the Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes is so much more expensive for basically the same concept and equipment.

The answer is really simple, in my opinion. TCC Magic Company has a long standing reputation for outstanding, high quality apparatus and accessories, and these beautiful hardwood boxes are just another example of the fine craftsmanship they have provided that makes the plastic Mystery Solved box into a show-stopping presentation.

I have to admit that I have a long-standing love for the nest of boxes plot, whether with a card, a coin, a ring, a watch or any other item, and have many examples/types of apparatus for this effect. But beautiful and impressive magic is enhanced many times over by beautifully designed and equipment. And, unlike many other nest of boxes presentations, this little piece allows you to "honestly" show the innermost box empty before you lock the set of 3 boxes up, which is an added element that cannot be easily done with most other sets, since the working mechanisms prevent "open" display of the boxes prior to the final revelation of the last box.

This is a value added part to an excellent card routine, and worth the price.


Community questions about Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes

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  • Eddie asks: So, am I understanding this correctly? You can buy Mystery Solved for $55. If you want to place it into 2 "ungimmicked" little wood boxes, It will cost you almost $200 more dollars?

    • 1. David answers: The boxes are hand made and exactly the right size (H x D x W) so that the principle used also works in the box.
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  • Will asks: I also was taken back by the price at first. I believe the justification is the comparison of cost to the Destination Box priced at $200. And the handmade quality of these boxes combined with the gimmicked clear box within. Should also add in the cost of performance tutorial as well. Magic is a strange thing and good acts shouldn’t be priced cheap.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds:
  • David asks: I’ve mostly done card magic, not box disappearances (beyond the self disappearing coin box I got when I was six). Does this require any moves beyond a beginner level?

    • 1. Norman answers: I'm guessing a Mercury Fold...
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  • Wilder asks: My question is specific to where I live. In Florida it gets hot...All the time. Considering that this may require a certain move. Does short sleeves or tank top and loose shorts allow to perform this in outside and or close up hot environments?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can perform this in short sleeves & hot environments
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