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Shine 2.0 Trick
Shine 2.0
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - $65.00

Magically control a light bulb without ever touching it with the new and improved Shine 2.0. This upgraded version of the self-lighting light bulb effect allows you to SHINE up to 3 different, insanely vibrant colors (red, green & blue). This simple, yet elegant, effect can be integrated into...

Triplex V2 Trick
Triplex V2
Trick by Alan Wong - $29.95

With Triplex V2, Wayne Dobson worked closely with Alan Wong to remaster a popular effect that he first released in 2011. This is Wayne’s version of the classic Three Object Test, where three objects are lined up on a table, one is freely selected, and the magician’s prediction is always correct....

Astonishing Magic Set Trick
Astonishing Magic Set
Trick by Fantasma Toys - $39.95

Introducing the Astonishing Magic Set from the world-famous Fantasma Magic. This the PERFECT magic set for beginners. There are over 300 easy magic tricks that you can learn and perform right away! As a SPECIAL BONUS, they've even included a variety of augmented reality and phone app magic tricks...

Manga Book Test Trick
Manga Book Test
Trick by Michael O'Brien - $20.00

Divine any word using these powerful mind reading methods. Michael O’Brien is proud to introduce Manga Book Test, an incredibly fun and powerful mentalism tool that capitalizes on the unique benefits of Japanese graphic novels and comic books known as Manga. Whether you’re a fan of Anime, Pokémon...

Informer Impression Pad Trick
Informer Impression Pad
Trick by Lloyd Mobley - $59.50

The Informer Impression Pad is an incredibly high-quality, high-definition “impression device” that is 12x more sensitive than any other pad on the market. It uses cutting edge technology to create crystal clear impressions and provide remarkable versatility and is endorsed by some of the best...

Flame Trick
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $19.95

Control and levitate a REAL flame on command. Flame will help you immediately grab your audience’s attention and never let go. This is one of the most incredibly visual close-up fire magic effects we’ve ever seen. With Flame, you take out an ordinary-looking lighter and, on command, make the flame...

Our Very Best Color Changing Knives Trick
Our Very Best Color Changing Knives
Trick by Rodger Lovins - $150.00

Rodger Lovins Magic has been selling the highest quality Magician’s knives for nearly 35 years and this new set is no different. This is the very best set they’ve ever offered. These are not cheap dollar-store knives. They are gorgeous professional knives that have been machine-crafted to...

Candy Cash Trick
Candy Cash
Trick by Tumi Magic - $34.95

This insanely visual trick was one of the most talked about effects at the 2020 Blackpool Magic Convention. People could not believe how fast and beautiful Candy Cash is. Take a bill and immediately transform it into a roll of Mentos. This incredible piece of magic comes from Tumi Magic, a company...

Darkwave ESP Deck Trick
Darkwave ESP Deck
Trick by Adam Cooper - $30.00

"This takes ESP Decks to another level." Real Magic Reviews The Darkwave ESP Deck from Adam Cooper is an insanely powerful magic and mentalism tool that is fully loaded with a ton of special features. This is like a complete mentalism or close-up act in one deck of cards! "A...

Puzzle Man Trick
Puzzle Man
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $29.95

An extremely simple, yet amazingly powerful, utility switching device that every magician can benefit from. While this box may look innocent, the potential it holds is endless. You can use Puzzle Man to change objects, shapes, colors, or even make predictions. With just a simple shake, you can...

Magic Mail Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Magic Mail
Trick by Joshua Jay - $20.00

Magic Mail is the perfect gift for a young person in your life, whether or not they have any experience in magic. Written by Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Joshua Jay, this stunning children's book brings together Joshua's love for magic and travel. The book itself is a "magic" mailbox that...

Clear Mystery Trick
Clear Mystery
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $39.95

The classic block puzzle has been taken to amazing new heights with Clear Mystery. Most magicians are probably familiar with the iconic building block puzzle magic trick where a magician completes a building block puzzle piece by piece. Once it’s finished, the performer comes across another block....

Add-On Kit for Project Polaroid (Pet Lover) Trick
Add-On Kit for Project Polaroid (Pet Lover)
Trick by Skymember Presents - $15.00

The Project Polaroid journey continues with the introduction of the “Pet Lover” series. Perform an incredibly fair and wildly visual transposition of two printed photos. Check out the demo video. What you see is what you get. Each Kit Includes: One (1) pre-made gimmick 30 minutes of detailed...

Bottled Limited Trick
Bottled Limited
Trick by Taiwan Ben Magic Shop - $34.95

The smoothest and most deceptive Cap in Bottle you’ll ever perform. The devious method behind Bottled Limited is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It is insanely easy to perform and BOTH the bottle and cap are 100% EXAMINABLE. You can even BORROW the bottle and cap. "The absolute best method...

Expose Trick
Trick by SansMinds - $34.95

Expose is a slow and incredibly visual change that is about as close to real magic as you can get. Watch your spectator’s jaws drop as they see a blank corner visually print into another card right in front of their eyes. This is going to leave a lasting impression on every audience. Check out the...

The Notepad Trick
The Notepad
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - $35.00

This clever gimmick allows you to perform an amazing card divination trick without any manipulation and without touching the deck! Since the start of the trick, a deck of cards has been placed in view on the table and you will never touch it. Ask several spectators to freely write in a notepad the...

Echo Trick
Trick by Secret Factory - $300.00

Physically transmit thoughts into the mind of your spectators with this groundbreaking utility device. Echo truly blurs the lines between reality and magic. It can be used for thought transmitting, pre-show, dual reality, trance inductions and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Some...

Refills for Insta Square Trick
Refills for Insta Square
Trick by Magikraft Studios - $20.00

50 refill sheets for your Insta Square. NOTE: The Insta Square pad is NOT included in this purchase.

Insta Square Trick
Insta Square
Trick by Magikraft Studios - $60.00

A visual and instant Magic Square. This isn’t math, it’s magic! Imagine this, you pull out a pocket notebook with a blank grid and ask someone to call out a number. With just a quick magical gesture, the grid magically fills with a random array of numbers. This is an incredible moment in it’s own...

Symbol Pro Trick
Symbol Pro
Trick by Alakazam UK - $39.50

One of the best-selling releases of all time has gotten even better! Symbol Pro has been carefully adapted to play for much larger audiences while still conveniently fitting in your pocket. This new Pro version features bold symbols printed with eye-popping colors on a slightly larger 78mm x 108mm...

 Psychobands Trick
Trick by Skymember Presents - $29.95

9 incredibly visual and beautiful rubber band tricks from the extremely talented underground magician and psychologist Dr. Cyril Thomas. Cyril has received immense praise from rubber band magic legends such as Joe Rindfleisch, Hanson Chien and Dan Harlan for his contribution to the art. "Dr....

Abra Trick
Trick by PCTC Production - $29.95

A super quick and insanely visual playing card transposition that happens in your spectator’s hands! Abra is a remarkably clever gimmick that allows you to visually change a red-backed card with a blue-backed card in the blink of an eye. There are nearly no angle restrictions and you can even show...

Sandwich Change Trick
Sandwich Change
Trick by SansMinds - $29.95

A color change that happens in your spectator’s hands! Sandwich Change is a highly visual effect that will leave your audience speechless. While your spectator holds onto a card, it changes into another card right in front of them. That other card can even be a signed card. In the box, you’ll...

Stay On Trick
Stay On
Trick by Ltd. ATTO Co. - $19.80

An incredibly unique and visual climax for your ambitious card routine. Your spectator’s signed card is returned to the middle of the deck, which is then shuffled and spread face down across a close-up pad. The cards are then flipped over to show the front and the pad is picked up from the edges....

Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven Trick
Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven
Trick by Max Maven and Penguin Magic - $39.95

For the first time in 40 years, legendary mentalist Max Maven’s reputation-maker is available to you! This sold out instantly at Blackpool and our limited stock won’t last long. Pocket Nightmare is an amazingly visual card trick that is perfect for any close-up magic situation, and can even be...