Vectra Strong Invisible Thread Accessory
Vectra Strong Invisible Thread
Accessory by Steve Fearson and TRICKSUPPLY - 24.95

The strongest and most durable invisible thread ever made. Steve Fearson's "Vectra Strong Invisible Thread" is stronger than Kevlar or...

Find the Ace Book
Find the Ace
Book by Leo Behnke and TRICKSUPPLY - 4.99

Everything you've ever wanted to know about performing the famous Three Card Monte. Most card magicians know what it is, but few perform it well....

Sugar Bunny Trick
Sugar Bunny
Trick by Steve Fearson and TRICKSUPPLY - 24.95

A practical, fun, close-up version of one of the most iconic magic tricks of all time. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is often the first thing people...

New York Magic Symposium Collection Three Book
New York Magic Symposium Collection Three
Book by Stephen Minch and TRICKSUPPLY - 49.95

New copies of a long out of print classic magic book have been found. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on New York Magic Symposium Collection...

The Other Side Book
The Other Side
Book by TRICKSUPPLY and Angelo Stagnaro - 49.95

The Other Side by Angelo Stagnaro is an incredible hardcover book with nearly 300 pages, and 100 routines and ideas, centered around séance-style...

Atomic Water Vase Accessory
Atomic Water Vase
Accessory by TRICKSUPPLY - 14.95

Defy the laws of gravity and nature with "Atomic Water Vase". The small vase is filled with water, covered with a card and inverted....

Problema Trick
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY and Magische Schatztruhe - 24.95

New versions of a forgotten gem have been found. Long out of stock, you can now own an original version of "Problema" by Magische...

Phobia Trick
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY and Kevin Wade - 15.00

An intriguing and powerful packet trick and mentalism effect based around the idea of phobias and the way they control our lives. You start by...

The Uncanny Yarn Trick
The Uncanny Yarn
Trick by Steve Hart and TRICKSUPPLY - 59.95

Decades ago, an Ali Bongo idea called "Natty Nitting" was released to great fanfare. It used a specially-gimmicked ball of yarn that...

Cubio Trick
Trick by Tenyo Magic and TRICKSUPPLY - 19.95

Previously discontinued, this delightful Tenyo Magic trick and collectible is finally available again. "Cubio" is a true fooler that you'll...

Funnel Vision  Trick
Funnel Vision
Trick by Tenyo Magic and TRICKSUPPLY - 42.50

A rare chance to get your hands on a discontinued Tenyo Magic classic trick. With "Funnel Vision" by Tenyo, coins shrink, grow and...

Folding Money Trick
Folding Money
Trick by Joe Porper and TRICKSUPPLY - 295.00

Limited stock of an original Joe Porper classic metal bending routine are available again. The concept of bending metal such as spoons and keys has...

Squeeze Away Block (Close Up Version) Trick
Squeeze Away Block (Close Up Version)
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY - 59.95

An elegant close up magic version of the classic effect from Edward M. Massey. Three wooden blocks (2 blue, 1 yellow) are examined before being...

Wolfgang's Library Prediction Trick
Wolfgang's Library Prediction
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY - 99.95

"Wolfgang's Library Prediction" puts a fun new twist on the "Color Block Escape Trick" to ensure it plays even larger and offers...

Magic by Ellis Stanyon Book
Magic by Ellis Stanyon
Book by TRICKSUPPLY - 300.00

This is the deluxe reprint of Ellis Stanyon's Magic in 3 clothbound volumes housed in a slipcase. Professor Ellis Stanyon was born in about 1871 and...

Run Rabbit Run Book
Run Rabbit Run
Book by TRICKSUPPLY - 139.95

A delightfully fun and entertaining routine that children will love. This version of Harry Laet's classic trick allows you to create sheer...