Magic by Joe Porper

Porper Card Clip Accessory
Porper Card Clip
Accessory by Joe Porper - 40.00

Joe Porper invented the card clip. During his absence from magic, several dealers tried to make clips like Joe's but they simply didn't...

Master Key Rings Trick
Master Key Rings
Trick by Joe Porper - 450.00

Here is a new creation for one of the oldest tricks. Joe calls it "The Master Key". What you get are a set of rings, one solid the other is a...

Trick by Joe Porper - 370.00

 The magician tells the audience that he has lost his keys and shows a case with 3 hooks that are empty. The magician puts the case down and...

Strong Box 2.0 Trick
Strong Box 2.0
Trick by Joe Porper - 300.00

You might ask, "Why a NEW STRONGBOX?" Turns out there are literally hundreds of the originals out there and Joe decided to try a new lock/unlock...

Flat-Spine Porper Card Clip Accessory
Flat-Spine Porper Card Clip
Accessory by Joe Porper and Illusion.Works - 50.00

One of the best ways to protect all of your favorite decks of cards just got even better! The Flat-Spine Porper Card Clip is crafted with industrial...

Billet Knife Trick
Billet Knife
Trick by Joe Porper and Pete Biro - 250.00

Joe has brought back to market the perfect tool for the mentalist, a billet knife that instantly loads a sealed envelope with a prediction. Made...

Metal Wand Trick
Metal Wand
Trick by Joe Porper - 200.00

Every wand Joe makes is a work of art. Considered to be one of the finest cue makers on the planet, Joe has brought his years of experience in this...

Quarter Sorter Trick
Quarter Sorter
Trick by Joe Porper - 79.00

Coin and Money Cups Joe Porper brings back to life a very old classic close up trick, courtesy of Al Cohen. The Sorter is a Coin Transposition from...

Just A Key Trick
Just A Key
Trick by Joe Porper - 100.00

Imagine a standard Schlage house key that you can link to another key, put on or take off a string held by a spectator. Crafted by Joe Porper to...

Ghostly Linking Finger Rings Accessory
Ghostly Linking Finger Rings
Accessory by Joe Porper - 695.00

If you're looking for the gold standard of linking finger ring effects, look no further. The Ghostly Linking Finger Rings is quite possibly the best...

Folding Money Trick
Folding Money
Trick by Joe Porper and TRICKSUPPLY - 295.00

Limited stock of an original Joe Porper classic metal bending routine are available again. The concept of bending metal such as spoons and keys has...

Amazing Rings Trick
Amazing Rings
Trick by Joe Porper - 350.00

Imagine... You borrow a finger ring, and can just push it through your ring and the two link...and unlink. Nothing to open or close, it's always...

Flash Restoration Trick
Flash Restoration
Trick by Joe Porper - 100.00

IT'S ALL IN THE HAT PIN!Simplified handling by Dean Dill. Just tear a piece of cigarette paper into four pieces. Nothing concealed in your hands....