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Change to Bill (CTB) Trick
Change to Bill (CTB)
Trick by Alakazam UK - $38.95

A innovative method for visually transforming a bill into another bill, multiple bills or even a store receipt. You can carry CTB in your pocket and be prepared to perform visual miracles anytime, anywhere. Imagine this, you go to pay for your drink at the bar and only have a $100 bill. The...

Shining Trick
Trick by James Anthony and - $39.95

A SIGNED coin visually fuses with a SIGNED card in this unbelievable effect from James Anthony. Picture this... A playing card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. A signed coin is then inserted about halfway into the deck of cards. With the coin creating a clear gap in the cards, you begin to...

Miracle Coin Changer Trick
Miracle Coin Changer
Trick by Ronjo Magic Inc. - $19.95

An amazing, self-working visible coin change that will leave your audiences speechless. With the Miracle Coin Changer, you can visibly change a penny into a nickel, a quarter and then back into a penny again...all in the palm of your hands. You can then repeat it instantly. No skill required. The...

Wonder Card Trick
Wonder Card
Trick by Wonder Makers - $29.95

From visual productions to mind-blowing serial number predictions and more, Wonder Card is one of the practical and versatile credit card gimmicks we've ever offered. You'll get 7 amazing magic tricks in one powerful credit card. 1. Easy MoneyShow your hands empty before making a real bill appear...

Photographic Deck Project Trick
Photographic Deck Project
Trick by Patrick Redford - From $40.00

After more than 15 years in production, Patrick Redford is finally ready to introduce his revolutionary Photographic Deck Project to the world. While there have been other decks using photographs in the past, the Photographic Deck Project takes this concept to entirely new levels. You've never...

5 Inch Super Soft Sponge Cube Trick
5 Inch Super Soft Sponge Cube
Trick by Magic by Gosh - $8.60

5" Super Soft Sponge Cube made with authentic Goshman super soft sponge. The perfect way to infuse a bit of fun and laughter into your children's magic or comedy magic show. This is the best of the best. Get yours today!

The Weiser Wallet Trick
The Weiser Wallet
Trick by Danny Weiser and Vortex Magic - $35.00

Danny Weiser's revolutionary new wallet is here. Featuring an innovative design and brand-new INSTANT FLASH feature, this Himber Wallet is unlike anything you've ever seen! In the past, many magicians and mentalists have expressed concern about how large and awkward many Himber Wallets are. The...

Trick by ARTIFEX - $29.95

A modern-day miracle that fits in your pocket. CREDiTKA is one of the best credit card routines available today. This gets KILLER REACTIONS!!! Innovative creator Nazar Kayumov has spent years meticulously refining this amazing magic trick. This is strong and direct magic that is perfect for any...

Miracle Puzzle Trick
Miracle Puzzle
Trick by Doruk Ulgen - $675.00

A poetic mystery, an illusionette that can be carried with one hand, a display of pure elegance and beauty... A Sophisticated experience...Miracle Puzzle (Stage / Eco) by Doruk Ulgen Performer introduces a puzzle that fits perfectly in a beautiful frame, which all together is displayed upright on...

E=MC2 Trick
Trick by Magic Hutong Entertainment Inc. Ltd. - $39.95

The ultimate visual bill change is here. You won't believe this isn't CGI! Change a bill into the speed of light. No SLEIGHT OF HAND NEEDED. This is the perfect trick for street magic, close-up magic or performing on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. This INSTANT change is completely...

The Hidden (Universal Edition) Trick
The Hidden (Universal Edition)
Trick by Alakazam UK - $25.00

For the first time ever, you can perform Andy Nyman's powerful psychological influence demonstration The Hidden without ANY language restrictions. Originally only available to English speaking audiences, The Hidden (Universal Edition) now features widely recognizable pictures instead of words....

4 Switch Trick
4 Switch
Trick by Magic Dream - $50.00

4 Switch is an insanely powerful and versatile principle that allows you to perform mind-boggling which-hand style magic tricks and chair tests, predict impossible coincidences, and so much more using everyday objects. This ingenious method from Pierre Acourt uses the Green Neck system to provide...

Truly Tied Trick
Truly Tied
Trick by Jota - $29.95

In the blink of an eye, a ring, key or other small object magically transports from your hands to your shoelaces, where it is found impossibly tied up. Truly Tied is an insanely clean, fast and ultra visual piece of close-up magic that will leave a lasting impression on every audience. It is SUPER...

Timeless  Deluxe Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Timeless Deluxe
Trick by Liam Montier - $40.00

"Timeless" is one of Vanishing Inc.'s earliest hit tricks, and not a week goes by that someone, somewhere, doesn't ask us to re-release it. And for good reason: "Timeless" combined one of the strongest, simplest mentalism effects with something completely new and unexpected....

Lockey Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $150.00

Lockey breaks all the traditional rules! It is an incredibly versatile prop that allows you to perform mind-blowing, lock and key mentalism routines that were previously impossible with other "Magic Locks". With the ability to choose the key BEFORE the lock, you can perform unbelievably...

Impossible Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $14.95

Since the first prototype was released in 2018, Impossible has fooled countless magicians and laymen around the world. This unbelievable color-matching routine has become a true sensation that you can now add to your own close-up magic set. It is incredibly visual and conquers all language...

Billfold 2.0 Trick
Billfold 2.0
Trick by Kyle Marlett - $19.95

A revolutionary new upgrade on a beloved effect! When Kyle Marlett first introduced “Billfold”, it was an instant success. Now, in the 5 years since its release, Kyle has developed a ton of new ideas, applications and improvements for the gimmick and is proud to present the incredible “Billfold...

Designing Magic DVD
Designing Magic
DVD by SansMinds - $99.95

Magic often suffers from "copycat syndrome." Countless magicians mindlessly perform nearly identical routines to their competitors. In fact, some bookers have started to ask if magicians will be performing that "bowling ball trick" or that "confetti trick." Creativity...

Quick Change Prediction Trick
Quick Change Prediction
Trick by Astor Magic Bt - $39.95

An unbelievably quick and visual prediction change that is incredibly versatile. Quick Change Prediction can serve as a centerpiece routine in your parlor magic show or as a powerful addition to your close-up magic set. It is incredibly easy to perform and comes ready to go right out of the...

Hidden Cash Trick
Hidden Cash
Trick by Astor Magic Bt - $39.95

A pure piece of powerful mentalism that can be performed with either your cash or cash borrowed from a spectator. Hidden Cash includes a basic routine using one banknote and two professional routines including three different bills. NEITHER of the versions use magnets or electronic devices. Both...

The Player's Card Trick
The Player's Card
Trick by Paul Carnazzo - $15.00

The Player's Card is a double-sided card that looks identical to the extra Poker Game Ranking cards that come with a regular deck of cards. It truly shows the actual rankings for poker hands in both Five Card Poker and Three Card Poker. However, it also secretly enables you to showcase a powerful...

Shooting Star Trick
Shooting Star
Trick by G and Black Rose 1584 - $45.00

"It's rare to see an effect that is strong visually and emotionally. This is something that they will remember forever" Patrick Kun Shooting Star is a wonderfully unique and visual piece of magic that allows you to leave a lasting emotional impact on your audiences. This beautiful...

Re-View Trick
Trick by Paul Carnazzo - $25.00

Re-View is a mind-blowing, professional mentalism routine that fits in your pocket! With Re-View, you’ll be able to perform a remote viewing demonstration anytime, anywhere. This amazingly deceptive method is wonderfully simple and has never been used before on any of the previous Mental Voyage...

Depiction Trick
Trick by Paul Carnazzo - $25.00

A powerful Design Duplication routine that magicians and mentalists can carry in their pocket or wallet. This compact, professional quality routine fits on a single wallet card that shows 24 easy to recognize and visualize images. Your spectators never have to draw or write anything down. You begin...

Fake Egg (Brown) Trick
Fake Egg (Brown)
Trick by Luis Enrique Peralta - $7.00

This special PVC fake egg is not impacted by heat like like latex. As it's not painted, the color will also last forever. Use it for a variety of magic tricks and gags from the Vanishing Egg to the Orange, Lemon, Egg Canary trick. This fake egg is unalterable and CAN be washed with soap and...