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Vestige Trick
Trick by Handy Altan, Riski Nanda and Tiju Magic - 54.95

A unique and memorable close up magic effect inspired by Harry Houdini and his lifelong quest to prove (or disprove) the ability of the living to...

Linking Dice 2.0 Trick
Linking Dice 2.0
Trick by Nobuyuki Nojima and Hanson Chien - 34.95

One of the magic’s greatest close up effects just got better! “Linking Dice 2.0” is a new and improved version of the mind-boggling close up magic...

PocketMon Trick
Trick by Gustavo Raley and Raul Biczyk - 24.95

Raul Biczyk teams up with Gustavo Raley to create an entertaining and practical close-up Pokémon magic trick. This is a perfect choice for any kid's...

Bubble Ring Trick
Bubble Ring
Trick by Adrian Vega and Crazy Jokers - 49.95

A unique, poetic and surprising routine that will leave a lasting impression on every audience. After dedicating years of his life, Adrian Vega has...

Trick by SMagic Productions - 49.95

Make your cell phone appear—magically. You show a clearly-empty case. And with a magical gesture, instantly, visibly, and magically, your phone...

Key and Ring Mystery Puzzle Trick
Key and Ring Mystery Puzzle
Trick by The Essel Magic - 5.95

Introducing the Ultimate Mind-Boggling Puzzle - Key and Ring Mystery Puzzle! Are you ready to challenge your mind and impress your friends with a...

Color Extraction Trick
Color Extraction
Trick by Vernet Magic - 15.00

Comes with a specially manufactured gimmick and everything you need to perform this close-up miracle. Reset in seconds Ideal for walk-around...

Pen Thru Anything Video Download Magic download (video)
Pen Thru Anything Video Download
Magic download (video) by Jim Krenz and Michael & Maxwell Close - 9.95

It's the perfect carry around pocket effect. But how many things can you do with it? This DOWNLOAD includes 73 minutes of the best Pen Thru Anything...

Flick-It Trick
Trick by Twister Magic and Manuel Seminario - 29.95

A versatile and visual gimmick that doubles as a wildly deceptive switching device. Transform or switch a written post-it note. Make it a magical...

AppeaRing 2.0 Trick
AppeaRing 2.0
Trick by Wings Magic - 84.95

A ring instantly and magically appears inside of a box. "AppeaRing 2.0" by Wings Magic is a luxurious and elegant tool designed to dazzle...

Squeeze Away Block (Close Up Version) Trick
Squeeze Away Block (Close Up Version)
Trick by TRICKSUPPLY - 59.95

An elegant close up magic version of the classic effect from Edward M. Massey. Three wooden blocks (2 blue, 1 yellow) are examined before being...

Sugar Bunny Trick
Sugar Bunny
Trick by Steve Fearson and TRICKSUPPLY - 24.95

A practical, fun, close-up version of one of the most iconic magic tricks of all time. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is often the first thing people...

Prism Plus Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Prism Plus
Trick by Joshua Jay - 39.95

Joshua Jay’s bestselling “Prism Deck” is now better than ever. The addition of a brand-new custom “Prism Plus” gimmick adds a hyper-visual, CGI-level...

Sweet Bill Trick
Sweet Bill
Trick by Snake, Tumi Magic and Erick White - 29.95

A lightning fast, super visual gum to bill transformation. Transforming objects is always more powerful when it's done with organic items everyone...

Multiverse of Magic Set Trick
Multiverse of Magic Set
Trick by Fantasma Toys - 45.00

A Marvel-themed magic set from Fantasma featuring Black Panther. When you receive this gorgeous, oversized, comic book-themed box you'll know you're...

Slydini's Knotted Silks Trick
Slydini's Knotted Silks
Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - From $34.95

A beloved classic of magic remastered for modern magicians. "Slydini's Knotted Silks" is widely considered to be a masterpiece of magic,...

Pocket Devil Trick
Pocket Devil
Trick by Lee Alex - 84.95

A special collection of one-of-a-kind, limited edition Devil's Hank pocket squares inspired by classic Golden Age of Magic posters. Get one or...

Money Maker 2.0 Trick
Money Maker 2.0
Trick by SMagic Productions - 42.95

Multiple instant magical changes that happen in the blink of an eye. “Money Maker 2.0” allows you perform CGI-level magic in real life. Change a...

Synergy Trick
Trick by David Jonathan - 49.95

Impossible predictions in real time using your iPhone. David Jonathan, the creator of bestsellers "VOX" and "Snaps", brings you...

Influence Trick
Trick by Alan Wong and Steve Cook - 59.95

A wildly deceptive and wonderfully unique spin on the Free Will premise. Inspired by the classic Free Will plot, "Influence" by Steve Cook...

Dan Harlan Masterclass Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Dan Harlan Masterclass
Live lecture by Dan Harlan - 75.00

The legendary Dan Harlan has teamed up with Vanishing Inc. for a can’t-miss Masterclass that dives deep into one of the most powerful tools you can...

The Elder Deck:  The Magician's Tool for Rune Reading Deck of cards
The Elder Deck: The Magician's Tool for Rune Reading
Deck of cards by Phill Smith and John Watson - 25.00

Phill Smith has done it again. This is a stunning deck of cards suitable for collectors, magicians, and mystery performers. "The Elder...

The Real-Life Tarot Deck Deck of cards
The Real-Life Tarot Deck
Deck of cards by David Regal - 21.95

The Tarot deck has just been updated. Updated in a comical way. By David Regal! Trust David Regal to take a venerable, sometimes spooky, set of cards...

Penny Tube Trick
Penny Tube
Trick by Santa Magic - 50.00

This is a twist on the classic coin tube. You pull apart two halves of a tube, place a coin in the middle, and reassemble the tube. The coin now...

Dissolve Trick
Trick by Tumi Magic and Chiam Yu Sheng - 29.95

A solid-thru-solid effect paired with a dazzling color change that will leave audiences stunned. Chiam Yu Sheng, in collaboration with Tumi Magic,...

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