Artful Deceptions

By Allan Zola Kronzek
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Artful Deceptions

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Book or download by Allan Zola Kronzek (Book $34.95 or download for $26.21)

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Artful Deceptions - magic
Artful Deceptions Artful Deceptions Artful Deceptions Artful Deceptions Artful Deceptions Artful Deceptions

Finally back in print: a remarkable collection of stunning card magic miracles!

"One of the best magic books in many years. Highly recommended." Jim Swain

Artful Deceptions sold out quickly when it was first released, earning spectacular reviews along the way. At just 94 pages, it can be easy to overlook in this era of multi-book collections and 400-page compilations. But it will only take you a few pages to recognize how this spectacular book packs in more value than those triple its size. This is the type of practical material you’ll want to start performing immediately.

"The kind of work that truly contributes to the improvement of our art." Jamy Ian Swiss

The nine, complete, professional routines in Artful Deceptions have been mastered and refined over a lifetime. Allan has painstakingly worked through every detail to ensure they get maximum impact. Beyond the secrets, he gives you the real work on connecting with your audiences in a way that makes them the center of every routine.

And the best part? All of the effects are mostly impromptu. You don’t need any complicated gimmicks or one-trick decks. There’s no time wasted on complicated resets or setups either. You can perform these card tricks anytime, anywhere.

Some of our favorites include “True Romance”, an engaging effect where a dating or married couple finds each other’s cards in a deeply impossible way; as well as “Think of One”, an impossibly fair revelation of a thought-of card. We also love how Allan transformed the classic Do As I Do effect into a memorable showpiece with “The Mirror”. He’s even devised a way to help you get difficult audiences on your side with a routine called “Playing With the Jokers”.

"Allan’s precise, yet conversational, writing will transport you to your own private session with a clever and thoughtful practitioner. You’ll enjoy the discourse. Time well spent." John Bannon

“Allan has an ingenious sense of deception, devilish, I think. It is truly a great lesson in creative imagination and intelligent thought." Bob Fitch

Artful Deceptions is one of the finest card magic books we’ve ever created. It is a quick read filled with strong material you’ll actually perform. Don’t miss your chance to add it to your library before it sells out again.


Anyone who purchases Artful Deceptions from Vanishing Inc. will receive a bonus PDF featuring an extra routine called "The Day You Were Born". It's an impromptu birthday revelation that can be done from a shuffled deck in use. Their selected cards appear at the deck in a spot that correlates with the month/date of their birthday. This is a real gem that you'll get for FREE only when you order from Vanishing Inc.

Contents of Artful Deceptions by Allan Kronzek

Playing with the Jokers
The jokers instantly vanish and then reappear with the selected card between them. This is then repeated but, this time, in the participant’s hands. For the big finale, the Jokers then read each other’s minds and reveal two more selections in a remarkable way.

The Mirror
Allan adds captivating layers of texture and mystery to the “Do As I Do” plot with this unique routine exploring the idea of synchronicity and alternate universes. This plays just as well at a dinner party as it does at a formal show.

True Romance
This thoughtful approach to the “Gemini Twins” plot shifts the focus from the cards to the participants, offering an emotional resonance that was missing in the original handlings. It’s still easy to do and also makes the final reveal feel more meaningful and impactful as the two people (typically a couple) find each other’s cards.

Strange Attraction
This quick, direct routine packs a punch and is perfect for strolling performers. Two participants look at and remember a card. The deck is then spread and a third participant touches any card. Everyone is stunned to see that the other selections have materialized on both sides of the touched card.

Buried Treasure
A fun and unique take on Vernon’s “Why Am I Here?” where a selected card is buried in the deck and then rediscovered in the most unexpected way.

Think of One
The participant freely thinks of a card and then divides the deck into three portions. Their thought-of card is never touched, noted, or removed from the deck. Yet you’re able to perfectly divine the section that contains their card and then name their exact card.

Texting the Visitor
Your cards turn into a pasteboard cell phone as a card bearing a message written by the participant teleports from one packet to another and then back.

Destiny, Chance, And Free Will
Through a series of entirely free choices, your participant impossibly finds their own card. This powerful and memorable take on the “Lucky Coin” plot has been Allan’s closer for years and is his favorite effect in the book. We wouldn’t be shocked if this esoteric mystery is the most performed from this book.

Hypnotizing Ben
This is actually the lone non-card trick in the book. It’s a simple, yet clever, reframing for a bill switch routine. There’s comedy, drama, and perfect motivation for everything. “Hypnotizing Ben” works with most bill switches you already know and, as a SPECIAL BONUS, we’ve even included an extra PDF that teaches you one of our favorites.

Hardback | 94 Pages

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Customer reviews for Artful Deceptions



What a beautiful book! One of the best I hold in my hands. Emotional intriguing plots. Clear and smart describtions of the how, why and when, written in an entertaining tongue. A little gem without fillers. I couldn´t stop reading it.
As we say in Germany: "Klasse statt Masse."



I am really enjoying this book. No real new plots but the routinging and thought that has gone into this is excellent. The production quality is not as good as some of the other VI publications but it does not detract. The photo quality is ok. But all in all the effect are really good. This is not a book for a beginner. I can highly recommend this book.

VI Monthly


This is one of those books I bought when it came out and didn't give much attention. But now that it has been reprinted and re-hyped, I decided to take a look. I've interrupted my reading to write this review after perusing only the first three tricks and am DELIGHTED with what I've found. Though the first trick, Playing with the Jokers, requires a sleight I will die not having mastered, I was immediately impressed, not only with the directness of the effect itself, but also with the details of the presentation. The next two tricks are absolutely wonderful. Old wine in new bottles, yes, but what wine and what bottles! Both are tricks you most likely know — the methods are based on the most elementary of principles — but the presentational details elevate each effect to the level of masterful close-up theater!

I've never written a review based on such a brief and incomplete encounter, but such is my enthusiasm for what I've discovered! I can't wait to read on! What I've seen so far is downright inspirational. Oh, and can't wait to perform this stuff!



This book is small in size, has a limited number of pages, and few magic tricks. But it's probably one of my favorite books. The routines are all interesting (I love some of the ideas from the first) but there are some real gems like Think of one, close to some of John Bannon's routines but even better here. I prefer short book with good trick because you dont waist time. There is also an intelligence to Allan Kronzek and a mischievous side that makes ordinary, boring tricks seem brilliant once they pass through his hands (like with Do as I do) . This purchase is therefore highly recommended. It even makes me want to read his other books which are magic books for children. Mr. Kronzek, another adult book please! To put under the Christmas tree! Allan, did you read this?



This is a very enjoyable book filled with intermediate level card magic and one money trick. That material is practical for most close-up type situations with a table. (No lapping or angle issues, but a table is needed for much of the material).I enjoyed going through all of these tricks. Most are enhancements over classic tricks. Standouts are Hypnotizing Ben, Texting the Visitor (my favorite of all Visitor tricks), and Destiny, Chance, and Free Will which is a great working of the Lucky Coin from Card College.Much of the material is in Kronzek's Destiny, Chance, and Free Will booklet which may be a consideration for those who own that.



This is a truly excellent book. Very well written. The presentations are very well done. Most of the effects are easy to do but pack a wallop. I have reread most of this book many times. Get it ASAP.



This is indeed a wonderful book. The Mirror and Think of One are very strong card tricks. Think of One is a simply amazing. One of those routines that will give you a great thrill every time you do it.



Artful Deceptions shows that quality can be more rewarding than quantity in a magic book. The eight card routines are strong and memorable, with clear and thoughtful descriptions, photos and presentations. My personal favorite is Destiny, Chance and Free Will. Experiencing Allan Kronzek present two of the other routines from this book at the recent Magifest was a treat.


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