Magic by SMagic Productions

Visual Box Trick
Visual Box
Trick by SMagic Productions - 49.95

Serious magicians think not only about their material, but also their TRANSITIONS. So you want to do a coin trick. How are you getting into it? You...

Money Maker Trick
Money Maker
Trick by SMagic Productions - 29.95

Make money appear right in front of your spectator's eyes. Watch the trailer to see how good this looks. You show an empty envelope and in an...

Cheese Smile Trick
Cheese Smile
Trick by SMagic Productions - 16.00

We've put on the market a killer effect with your smartphone! This is a brand new way to do magic with any freely chosen card...

Trick by SMagic Productions - 29.95

RETRIEVE is an extraordinary and unusual effect! Incredible visual magic! Your spectators won't believe their eyes! From...

Trick by SMagic Productions - 39.95

From Smagic, we bring you THREE hyper-visual effects in ONE. Imagine that you remove a box of playing cards from your pocket, and then visually you...

Black Note Trick
Black Note
Trick by SMagic Productions - 35.00

BLACK NOTE - THE ULTIMATE MIND READING EFFECT. From the mind of Ninh, we have discovered and now offer a beautiful piece of mentalism. It's the...

Bill Breaker Trick
Bill Breaker
Trick by SMagic Productions - 39.95

Performing magic with money is always impressive to spectators - it keeps them interested! Now from Smagic, we have changed the rules -- place a...

Invisible Coin Trick
Invisible Coin
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

Invisible Coin is the unbelievable transition effect from the creative minds at SMagic Productions, and we're thrilled to be able to offer it...

Prison Break Trick
Prison Break
Trick by SMagic Productions - 29.95

Prison Break - Here's a brand new coin-appearing effect from Smagic productions. Your spectator signs a coin, and you place it in a card box with...

Trespassing Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

Trespassing is an incredible, moving effect! You place a piece of a card, or a folded bill, on top of an ID holder. Just pass your hand over, and it...

SHY 2.0 Trick
SHY 2.0
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

From SMAGIC PRODUCTIONS, we bring you SHY 2.0! This is the second version of SHY by Smagic. With SHY 2.0 you can perform killer effects...

Trick by SMagic Productions - 29.95

Money magic that leaves the spectator wondering what the heck just happened!A spectator holds a $1 bill and you hold a $5 bill. But when you touch...

SWEET  Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - 35.00

If you are looking for a way to change your ordinary card routine into something new and strong, SWEET is for you! Visually you change a playing card...

Pro-Phesy Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - 82.00

Make amazing predictions and end clean with "Pro-Phesy" from Smagic Productions. "Pro-Phesy" is a great mentalism tool that...

Heal Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

You let the spectator pick a random card or you could borrow a dollar bill from him. Then you tear the card (or bill) leving it hanging on by jest...

Kidnap Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - 19.95

Kidnap is a fresh, new and unique way to reveal a spectator's signed card, perfect for strolling and street style magicians. Imagine...

Shy Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

Make a signed coin disappear and then have it reappear INSIDE of a card. When it says inside, it literally means inside the card. The spectator has...

My Jeans Trick
My Jeans
Trick by SMagic Productions - 35.00

Imagine performing magic with everything, including your jeans! Here's an effect that can fit your style, you can carry it everywhere, and perform...

Separate Trick
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

Ready for a fresh visual effect for your bill and paper magic? Then welcome to Separate by Smagic.Imagine a marked bill placed vertically into a...

Fall Transpo Trick
Fall Transpo
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

Two card corners + one flick of the fingers = Transposition. It's just that easy with Fall Transpo!Smagic brings you this fresh twist on the old...

Hoodie Catches Trick
Hoodie Catches
Trick by SMagic Productions - 29.95

Leave those pocket knives at home (airlines hate them anyway!). Now you can perform the classic card stab just with the hoodie you are wearing! ...