Magic by Richard Griffin

The Slingshot Trick
The Slingshot
Trick by Richard Griffin - 495.00

A card is chosen and shuffled back into the pack. A large aluminum slingshot is shown and a spiked ball is placed into it. Spectator throws the...

Cash Converter Trick
Cash Converter
Trick by Richard Griffin - 34.95

A borrowed bill is folded in half lengthwise. It is then pulled through the fingers where it visually changes into a different bill. Then with a blow...

reKap Trick
Trick by Richard Griffin - 25.00

You show a small bottle of drink which can be examined. You unscrew the cap from the bottle and take a sip. You then push the cap into the bottom of...

Card Blaze Accessory
Card Blaze
Accessory by Richard Griffin - 54.95

A flame appears on your palm before visually transforming into a fan of cards. "Card Blaze" by Richard Griffin is the easiest way to add...

Perception Trick
Trick by Richard Griffin - 49.95

Predict anything from colors to drinks, objects, countries or whatever you like. "Perception" by Richard Griffin is a powerful piece of...

Trick by Richard Griffin - 200.00

A tube is shown and pushed over your arm. 5 lit torches are now thrusted through the tube and your arm. You can wiggle your fingers to prove it's...

Comedy Microphone Trick
Comedy Microphone
Trick by Richard Griffin - 79.95

Magician approaches the microphone to speak, but it does not work. He looks to the sound guy and as he does the top of the microphone pops off, he...

Punctured Trick
Trick by Richard Griffin - 195.00

EFFECT: A cardboard tube is shown and pushed over your arm. Seven spikes are then thrusted one by one through the tube and your arm. You can even...

Dove Holder Accessory
Dove Holder
Accessory by Richard Griffin - From $29.95

You receive one dove holder for production of a live dove from a silk hanky, gloves, newspaper etc. Bonus: Free dove video download (over...