Learn Bar Magic with Bibik

Magic download (video) by Bibik
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Learn Bar Magic with Bibik

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Magic download (video) by Bibik (19.95)

A rare chance to learn directly from one of the last performers connected to the iconic and influential Chicago Bar Magic scene. Filmed at the famous Chicago Magic Lounge, “Learn Bar Magic with Bibik” is the ideal introduction to the exciting world of bar magic from one of Chicago’s premiere bar magicians.

At the turn of the 20th century, a quiet magic revolution was emerging in Chicago’s underground magic scene. “Bar Magic” as it became known, quickly spread in popularity to San Diego, Tokyo, London and beyond, giving rise to some of the most famous names in our industry along the way.

This unique hybrid of close-up magic and parlor magic combines quick wit and confident charm with amazing, casual magic that often implements found objects like limes and cocktail shakers. Innovative bar magicians even popularized ways to use the ceiling as a prop.

While the vibrant bar magic scene continues to thrive today, there are only a handful of magicians left with roots in the original Chicago Bar Magic scene. Even fewer of them still perform.

Watch and Learn From a True Pro

This is why we are honored for the chance to collaborate with Bibik, one of the last performing magicians connected to the original Chicago Magic Scene. We spent a weekend shadowing him as he astounded real people as the resident magician at the Chicago Magic Lounge before sitting down with us to discuss the keys to his lasting success as a bar magician.

In this gorgeously shot and edited download, Bibik performs and teaches the tricks he uses night after night to entertain tens of thousands of people. He shares his favorite routines, as well as material he’s never taught anywhere else like Nose-tradamus and Joker’s Everywhere. We particularly like his signature Lemon Pips routine, which is as baffling as it is hilarious.

Learn the Real Work

While the tricks are bonafide workers, the true value of this download comes from Bibik’s deep dive into the real work behind being a successful bar magician. No stone is left unturned as he teaches you everything from how to get a bar gig to picking the right material and even how to properly set up the bar. You’ll also learn how to draw a crowd and win them over, remember everyone’s names, get the staff on your side, handle rowdy customers and distractions, and everything else you’d need to prosper as a bar magician.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into bar magic, or become a better bar magician, then downloading “Learn Bar Magic With Bibik” is a no-brainer. It’s nearly 2.5 hours of invaluable material from a true pro offered at an unbeatable price.

Download and dive in today!


  • Intro with Joshua Jay


  • Card Warp
  • 3.5 of Clubs
  • One and Nun coin trick
  • Nostradamus
  • Jokers trick
  • Professor’s Nightmare
  • Silk Tricks
  • Viagra Bit
  • Chop Cup
  • Shit List
  • Clip the Queen
  • Dove Production
  • Bunnies
  • Interview with Joshua Jay


  • Setting Up the bar
  • Getting a bar gig
  • 3.5 of Clubs
  • Nosetradamus
  • Jokers Trick
  • Professors Nightmare
  • Clip the Queen
  • Lemon Seeds and Chop Cup
  • Bunnies
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Sh-t List and Working Blue
  • Remembering Names

Customer reviews for Learn Bar Magic with Bibik

VI Monthly


I miss Chicago. And Shulien's.

Closed my eyes and heard the voice of Marshall Brodien...or my uncle Al. TV Magic cards and Wizzo the Clown.

Thanks, Bibik. This was a fun ride and you have inspired me and my sorry puns/gags/dad jokes to be proudly offered to my audience. Plus, the carpet story is my favorite. And your laugh. And the bunny song.

Now to hone my mini chop cup, my 3 and a half of clubs, and those rabbits.

VI Monthly


Wow. I'm a working bartender/magician and this was pure gold to me. Unlike Bibik, I pour drinks as well, so I do little shows. If I get the chance, I can do a larger & longer show but not all the time. Quick tricks that get the reactions are best. His tips on tricks & gags were great and so were the stories. Being a bar magician adds value to the establishment you are working. Thanks, this was totally worth the money and then some.



"Learn Bar Magic with Bibik" is a great course on showmanship, people management and routining for close-up, walkaround, and bar magicians! The tricks taught are great and Bibik excellently explains why he routines his bar show the way he does to maximize impact and keep people interested. The video quality is amazing. Super cool to see the Chicago Magic Lounge featured here as well, Bibik performs there regularly. I would recommend this download to anyone looking to learn short, easy, punchy tricks that can be done in close-up settings.



Amazing video and great advice from a working professional. Would recommend for anyone wanting to learn bar magic.



Excellent advice for any prospective bar magician.



Enjoyed it.

VI Monthly


Awesome. This was as entertaining as it was insightful. I’d like to commend the planning and detailed structure of this download. The way it is laid out is masterful. First you are able to watch. A master at work then he gives you a VIP look behind the scenes and at the end you get to sit in on a one on one exclusive interview with the man, the myth the legend himself Bibik! It was so much fun watching Bibik perform and this download has inspired me to maximize transitions as moments to create fun, laughter and add unique bits that will continue to create connection and unforgettable memories with the audience. This is a practical and useful download that will educate,entertain and inspire you. Just buy it already and stop reading this superfluously gilded review that is attempting to get 200 characters for that 25 Vanishing Inc. points already! Buy it,you won’t regret it *smiles, then winks and vanishes into a puff of smoke behind the alley.



This is a great video. There aren’t many widely available that discusses adult and blue humor. Bar magic is a perfect place for magic not designed for kids. Would like to see more bar magic!

VI Monthly


I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting download. Unlike many others I've encountered, this video held my attention from start to finish. Bibik's performance is captivating, and his storytelling adds an extra layer of delight to "Learn Magic with Bibik." I watched it not just once, but twice, relishing every moment of the experience.



This was very nice to have as a resource for a up to date venue with a live show and a great interview. The tricks were not anything new for me personally, but it was great to have the insight on having a career in this setting. The interview was great too with Joshua Jay I was happy to see him part of it.



I did not like this.
I do not think he is a good performer at all.
His performances are very boring and hard to watch.
I also did not like the material and effectwise it felt very repetitive.
One of the worse downloads of Vanishing Inc.


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