Trick by The 1914 and Alexander Marsh
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Trick by The 1914 and Alexander Marsh (39.95)

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Hot - magic
Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot

Always know the outcome of a coin toss. No peeking, no magnets, no electronics.

"Hot" is a powerful, multi-phase, close-up mindreading routine from Alexander Marsh and The 1914.

You introduce a stylish, intriguing coin with a head on one side and a heart on the other. It is then flipped by your participant, who catches it and glimpses which side it landed on without ever showing you a thing. Yet, somehow, you can reveal exactly how it landed.

Maybe this was just luck though? Nope. You're able to flawlessly repeat this as many times as you want without fail.

Then, for an impressive final phase, the coin is put away and a prediction is written. Your helper then simply imagines a coin flipping their mind. Impossibly, although all the action happened in their imagination, you're still able to get it right.

"Hot" comes with everything you need to start performing. The detailed online instructions walk you through every detail, including the basic sleights needed to make this your new reputation maker.

From close up to stage, there is no environment in which "Hot" doesn't shine.

So, are you ready to play heads or tails?


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  • James asks: ? about this, will I need to learn some sort memory trick so serious slight of hand to learn this. I ask cause I am just above average magician don't want to waist money if its above my performance level.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Basic sleight of hand, which is taught thoroughly. Hope that helps.
  • Joe asks: Is this a gimmick or just sleight of hand?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is a mix.
  • Mark asks: Can any coin be used or does it have to be the one provided?

    • 1. can answers: you must use the ones provided
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  • Robert asks: Hello Vanishing Inc help and question branch. I would like to purchase the coin effect called HOT - - but am leary only because my sleight of hand ability is quite limited. I would like to incorporate it as an introduction for a few mentalism pieces I do. Could you perhaps be more specific regarding what I would need for the sleight of hand ability. Many thanks - Robert

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hey!, If you can email us at we can discuss this in more detail with you
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