Crazy Sam's Mind

Trick by Hanson Chien and Sam Huang
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Crazy Sam's Mind

29.95 usd

Trick by Hanson Chien and Sam Huang (29.95)

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Crazy Sam's Mind - magic
Crazy Sam's Mind Crazy Sam's Mind Crazy Sam's Mind Crazy Sam's Mind Crazy Sam's Mind

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Control objects with your mind using a revolutionary new device that allows you to effortlessly wield telekinetic powers like a real-life wizard.

“Crazy Sam’s Mind” sent shockwaves through the community when it debuted at Blackpool. This brilliant creation from Sam Huang (the genius mind behind “Crazy Sam’s Handcuffs” and “Crazy Sam’s Finger Ring”) allows you to manipulate and move borrowed items with your “mind”.

These visceral effects are so amazing and so impossible, your audience will be left convinced you have supernatural powers. Performing them will give you a rush similar to the moment you learned your first magic trick.

First, a card moves.

Then a pair of glasses flies into the air.

And, then, as a stunning and surreal finale, you make a potato chip explode into tiny pieces…in their hand!

This jaw-dropping routine is just one of many ways you can use this groundbreaking system to perform mind-blowing telekinesis effects with borrowed everyday objects. The fact that you can make these magical moments happen in their hands puts “Crazy Sam’s Mind” on an entirely different level.

  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • No crazy lighting restrictions
  • Quick setup
  • Perform effects never thought possible

The method for “Crazy Sam’s Mind” is surprisingly simple. It’s a deceptive and practical approach to using a very common “secret something” that you may already even own. But you don’t need to worry about that, because you get 50 of them with this set and each one lasts 25-50 performances. If you ever need more, super affordable refills are available.

In the included instructions, Sam guides you through every step of this innovative system. He teaches you both basic and advanced techniques, as well as a variety of applications from moving objects to transformations and, of course, the signature trick explosion.

Unlock the potential for innovative, breathtaking visual effects unlike anything you’ve ever seen with “Crazy Sam’s Mind” by Sam Huang. Available now in limited quantities from Vanishing Inc.

Additional props like glasses, chips, etc. are not included. This product is not advised for anyone who has sensitive skin on their hands.


Customer reviews for Crazy Sam's Mind



This was the hit trick of Blackpool and with good reason. The props are simple, but the method is super smart. I am not sure that everyone will understand the power of this system but if they practise it they will have a miracle on their hands.



This is one of those tricks where you see it being demoed and you think it’s brilliant but then when you receive the product you might feel “ is that it”?
It’s not self working and it requires practice to make it 100%.
It’s dead cheap, if you get one good social media post it’s worth the value of the product.
I’m going to keep practicing and hopefully get it in my set.
It’s also a perfect “everyday carry”



It does do what it says, however the get-ready is far from conspicuous so better hope no one else is looking. Ideally you’d be sat so you can do it under the table or something. And the “gimmicks” aren’t gimmicks.
The visual is great though and it can easily have other applications beyond those taught.
Conclusion… I’ll use it but it should have been a £10 download



I have to echo the previous reviewers. This is pretty weak, especially for the price. I doubt I'll use it in part because I don't see how it wouldn't be caught immediately.



I’m so sorry I was fooled into buying this. Just don’t. You’ll be so disappointed. I wasn’t at Blackpool this year so I didn’t see it live. Magic for YouTube I’d say. I can’t reveal the secret but I’m gutted I bought refills before I’d received the product. I doubt I’ll be using this ever.

VI Monthly


This is my first bad review ever.
If you have seen some of the lectures of the creator (and I love all of them) you already know everything.
And in my opinion this trick is quite impractical. Just very disapointing.



All I can say is, I'm glad I got this at a discount (if you want to call using my Vanishing Inc and CC rewards a discount), so I only ended up paying around $12. If I paid $30 I would be very disappointed. I wish I could say what the "gimmicks" are that you recieve, but I can't. I actually laughed (again, I didn't pay fulll price) when I opened the box. This is not a trick, it's a technique to full around with - more of a theory than a trick. Like something you'd see in the end notes of a Paul Harris book - fun to think about and goof around with, but never use in the real world. I think this did well at Blackpool because of the noise level. Even if you decide to use this, it can only be performed in a loud enviroment.
It is barely worth the $12 I paid and deffintely not worth $30.



Echoing other reviewers here. This is a joke -- and an expensive one at that. Unfortunately, I bought the refills at the same time. There's virtually no chance I will ever use them.



Garbage! 5 bucks is too much to pay for this.



Look I have to agree with the sentiments of others here. I was fooled by the video and thought this was something more than it really is. It's not that it isn't a good idea, it's just that the price is way too high for what you recieve. Don't purchase the refills, you won't need them. I too made an impulse the future must read everything and not just look at the video. Sorry guys $30 is just ridiculous when there are better tricks you can buy for the amount of money. Give away at best or in the freebe pile.



First off, I do love vanishing inc. however, this was clearly a cash grab. The “gimmick” is hilariously disappointing and the description of the product implies the opposite of what it is.. verging on false advertising..that being said Sam’s crazy mind is a neat idea but terribly executed.

1. If you have large hands (like I do) this is next to impossible to perform with the “gimmick” provided.

2. Do not purchase the refills before you purchase the actual trick it is unlikely you will ever need the refills after learning the method. Plus you will feel really silly once you see what it is.

3. This is at best something you would show a kid with zero observational skills, but I would not recommend doing the “in the spectators hands” part of the routine to a kid unless you want to cause discomfort and possibly make the child cry.
This is not a product that should be on the shelves.. maybe in a book but not as a stand alone product.



I bought this and am truly underwhelmed by the gimmick, the tutorial and the quality of the video.

Spend your hard-earned money on better effects like TRU Xtreme by Menny Lindenfeld. For $35 you’ll get much better value.



This review is for "Crazy Sam's Mind" First I have to say I love Vanishing Inc. I did only about 125 shows last year and at any given time you could find an abundance of tricks or props from there. This one is not good. This is an absolute waste of money and time. Not Vanishing Inc's fault, they did not build it, and I know from working in a very successful magic shop for years (a lifetime ago) that you cant test everything, and junk does find its way through. The gimmick is poor, and small, and the directions are not so good. The principal is easy enough to grasp, but I would question the demo video. I am not new to magic, I have over 5 decades in, and I know that there will be disappointing purchases in ones lifetime. This is the worst for me in a very long time. They say in magic; once one thing is suspect-everything is suspect. I hope this thing does not damage your rep. This would be a good piece to avoid.
Zero disrespect intended,
Dr.G Spirit Tales & Magic


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Community questions about Crazy Sam's Mind

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  • Jeffrey asks: You will need refills for this ?

    • 1. richard answers: at some point, yes
    • 2. Deryck answers: If you are not going to be stocking refills, are they something easily available elsewhere in the UK?
    • 3. Jim answers: We will have refills available soon!
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  • Maxwell asks: Any clothing restrictions? Need long sleeves? with jacket or without?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no clothing restrictions with this
  • vimal asks: Am just guessing, does it involves rubberband??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please contact us at and we can discuss this with you
  • Robbie asks: What level magician is this best suited for.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: With some practice a beginner magician could perform this effect
  • minjun asks: Can I buy a refill in vanishing inc.? (In Hanson Chien site they sale the refill but If I have to buy it I wanna buy at vanishing inc.)

    • 1. Jim answers: We will have refills available soon!
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  • Anna asks: Can you make a performance video

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: you can find a performance video of this effect on YouTube
  • Anna asks: what sort of borrowed object can you do the effects with

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Cards, Crisps, Glasses, Anything that can be held in the Palm and small could work, there are lots of options
  • Devin asks: Do the instructions get added to our accounts instantly when we pre-order?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, the instructions will arrive with the product
  • Simon asks: Are the instructions on DVD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No they are provided through a Web link
  • Ken asks: Can this be performed surrounded? Are there bad angles?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be performed surrounded!
  • Deryck asks: If you are not going to be stocking refills, are they something easily available elsewhere in the UK?

    • 1. Jim answers: We will have refills available soon!
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  • Jeffrey S asks: As it states that "eventually" refills will be needed, how many performances can be accomplished before the need for refills?

    • 1. Jim answers: From the creator: The included gimmicks are quite durable. Although the specific number of uses will vary depending on the individual and their usage habits, making it quite difficult to estimate, we believe that even without purchasing refill packs, you can perform at least 2000 times.
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  • Marco asks: Do you need to wear something, like a ring etc.? Or can you do it bare handed?

    • 1. Michael answers: You should wear something similar to what Sam wears in the tutorial.
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  • Stephen asks: Is the bracelet that Sam wears necessary, or the ring? The previous question's response mentions something about this, just asking for some clarification that. Thank you!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not have to wear a bracelet or ring. Although having a watch or bracelet on your wrist will help hide the gimmick a little.
  • Don asks: Is there any control possible before the final outcome? Is the action under your control? As always, thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is under your control.
  • Richard asks: Is there any lighting restrictions?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no lighting restrictions with the effect
  • Dan Thorpe Guitar Ltd asks: I am a little confused, the review states there are angle issues, but in the Q and A section it says can be performed surrounded. Could you clarify these opposing views. Thank you

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Depending on which effect you choose (because you learn more than one effect on the video) your angles can vary. But this is very good for walk around.
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