V&B Close-Up Mat - Deluxe

Accessory by Vorst & Bosch
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V&B Close-Up Mat - Deluxe

250.00 usd

Accessory by Vorst & Bosch (From $200.00)

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V&B Close-Up Mat - Deluxe - magic
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Working with Vorst and Bosch, we have created the finest close-up pad ever made. The Deluxe Pad is a leather hardbacked pad with interchangeable surfaces, made by a family of craftsman that are in such high demand that they have even made furniture for the British Royal Family.

These pads use the highest quality materials, and each takes six hours to complete. The Deluxe Pad is the perfect pad to use at home to practice on; it's a heavy, pad with perfect cushioning for practicing card sleights and routines like Cups & Balls.

Each close-up pad is unique to its owner, so we have made sure that you have complete flexibility when constructing yours. You make every decision when building your pad:

Pick a leather base
The deluxe mat featured a luxurious wooden base which is wonderfully robust and weighty. It sits firmly on any tabletop and is slightly raised by the specially-sourced rubber feet. This is the base to choose if you are seeking a top-tier product that will last you a lifetime. We offer three colors to choose from: black, brown and white. We also offer vegan-friendly options that use no animal products.

The deluxe pad offers a thick base that wraps around the entire pad, whereas the regular pad has a thin base that covers the bottom of the pad only.

Choose as many surfaces as you'd like
Choose any color surface you like, and select as many as you like. You can even choose multiple surfaces, as they can easily be changed out (and are even compatible with the regular bases). They are all vegan friendly, and some are even water resistant.

Laser-engrave your name or logo
If you want to add the ultimate personal touch, you can have your mat engraved. Using a laser engraver, we can emboss your name, logo, or initials into the surface of your pad. You can choose the size and positioning. Our graphic designers will work with you to make sure that your pad is personalized in exactly the way you want it. To ensure precision, you’ll receive a digital mockup to approve before your pad is manufactured.

One of the great joys of working with the Bosch family has been watching how they work. Perfection is everything to them. Every single pad is made with intense care and attention to detail. More importantly, everything is sourced and produced in a sustainable way that we can all be proud of. The Bosch family have spent thirty years mastering their art, and now, thanks to the V&B Close-Up Pad, they are going to help us master ours.

Dimensions: 21.5" x 13" x 1.5"

Deluxe Close-Up Pad Comparison

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Delivery timescales: Every Vorst and Bosch close-up mat is made by hand, to order. Each mat takes approximately 6 hours to make, plus drying time. Wait times depend on demand but usually, mats ship within six to eight weeks from the order being placed.

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Customer reviews for V&B Close-Up Mat - Deluxe

VI Monthly


This pad is absolutely wonderful. The leather is a great and really solid base. I like the feet as they are solid and nothing is made cheaply. You can tell that everything is quality on this mat. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants a quality mat that is a good size for doing card spreads or just tricks. I have paid more money on mats that are not the size or quality of materials.
This is definitely worth the money.



I have waited seven months to write this because I wanted plenty of opportunities to test drive this beauty and subject it to all the usual bumping, grinding, and spillage that closeup sessions are prone to. Every test passed at the highest levels! Please believe all that you see in the production video; the craftsmanship is That impressive. The other reviewers have covered most of what I would say here, but let me add that, as ever, the customer service and communication with the VI were quick, clear, and resolute; the result being that I received my order with two weeks—during the holidays! WOW!
My suggestion is to make one fewer magic purchase per week or month and soon you will have enough saved to get this terrific piece of magician’s Furniture.



A work of art! This is so beautiful and by far the smoothest pad I have ever worked on. It is a true art piece that will add a new level of class to your close up, parlor, or stage show. I am now working on designing a custom table to go with my mat. I am so happy to have this and can’t wait to perform with it at my shows.



I got one via V&B directly - still I hope it is ok to write the review.

The quality is amazing. You can immediately see it's handmade and crated with care. I got the deluxe version and a 2nd switchable pad. I am using a velvet pad and a microfiber pad. They both feel amazing.

You cannot go wrong here!



The deluxe close up mat by vanishing inc and V&B is a work of art. I first purchased the deluxe with the black base and the red insert and have played around with it for a few months and am still in love with it. Now I plan on ordering a few more insert colors to be able to change whenever I want. Honestly, I can’t begin to recommend this product enough. If you are looking for a quality close up mat that will last a long time look no further because this is it!



The leather used on the base is absolutely of the highest quality and not bonded leather. The inserts are held in via velcro circles on the back, which hold the insert very well, and is a cost effective solution versus magnets. The fabric of the inserts feels wonderful underhand - though I'd recommend keeping a lint brush/roller handy if you plan on performing with this. The padding makes card moves significantly easier, as pushing down on the card(s) can cause an end (or both ends if you press down on the middle) to pop-up into your hand effortlessly). However, and this is my only suggestion, because of this it I could see where this could become problematic if you rely on this too much as a performer your technique at a card/dinner table could suffer if you become too reliant on this mechanic. It would be great if there was an unpadded insert made of high-quality felt, or even recycled pool table felt. I'm considering getting a second insert to repurpose for this. (I'm a hobbyist and do this for fun, and to keep my mind active during Lockdown 2020. I'm sure an adept performer would suggest the same). Other than that suggestion it definitely deserves a 5-star rating.



The V&B close-up mat is a work of art. A sturdy wooden base, expertly covered in beautiful leather. Low profile rubber feet keep it steady as a rock. I purchased 3 surfaces in different colors; they are a dream to work on. They are softer than anything I've ever used, its a snap to pick up cards, coins, or anything else you're using. The padding under the cover feels extremely dense.

I couldn't be happier with this purchase and I highly recommend it.



This is an extraordinary close-up pad. It is beautifully crafted from high quality materials and it is an absolute joy to work on. I purchased a green and black insert, and I just ordered another in red. Once you get your hands on this you'll never want to use anything else.



At last got my deluxe pad , and I must say it is worth every dollar I paid for it .
The size is big enough to do matrix routines and it does provide enough cushion for all matrix moves. Cards and coins glide perfectly ok it.
Another thing is that I am very pleased that the color I selected is exactly the color I got which got me a bit worried at the beginning . The metal plate with the VI and V&B logo is a nice touch.
All and all a great buy and thanks to Sven and VI for keeping in touch throughout the long wait of getting my pad, was worth the waiting.

VI Monthly


Finally! For me, just about any close-up mat will do for cards, but for coins, my dry hands have special needs; the pad must be spongy enough to allow easy pickup between index and pinky fingers and slippery enough to allow coins to slide easily under cover of the hands. In addition to the functionality I've already menitioned, this mat is of perfect size and very classy looking. I'm ordering another.


Community questions about V&B Close-Up Mat - Deluxe

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • David asks: Just received the pad. It's gorgeous. Quick question. I have two pads and I assume can just pull the first one out to change over the second. Correct? Feels like it might be glued in. Just checking. Thanks, David

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct. The inserts are held in by magnets.
    • 2. Sven answers: They are hold together by proffesional Velcro. Not magnets ??
  • Linus asks: How long does it take to get the mat? ( without engraving)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Overall, two and a half to four weeks, depending on what type of shipping you choose.
  • Michael asks: Would a full pattern design be available for the mat? Such as a zig zag pattern across?

    • 1. Dottore answers: No, unless you supply the pattern and have it laser-engraved.
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  • Kevin asks: Hi - I JUST ordered mine a few days ago but didn’t have a free engraving option ($75 value). Is it not possible to add that on now?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Contact customer support with your order number. Magic@VanishingIncMagic.com
  • James asks: Can I have engravings in two places? Say if I wanted my logo in the center and my website in the bottom right, would that be possible.

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    • Jonathan asks: Will they make custom larger mats?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We don't have a custom mat option on our website for that size but if you reach out to info@vorstandbosch.com I'm sure they'll be able to help.
    • Kyle asks: Do yo plan on offering the other V&B fabric pad options, besides just the microfiber? I really wanted the green (mint) wool and deluxe brown leather base but I see you only offer the green microfiber.

      • 1. Jim answers: This may happen in the future.
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