How We Make Our Magic Conventions Work So Well

We organize FIVE events each year here at Vanishing Inc. And while we can’t claim that our events are always perfect, we are proud that we improve and grow every year, and that our events are now considered the top events in the magic industry. They happen to be our favorite magic conventions too. Here’s a little guide on why that is.

Hollingworth performing at a magic convention


Our magic conventions aren’t thrown together a couple months before they happen. Instead, we’re often fully booked for a convention more than a year in advance. With special events like The Retreat sometimes the planning takes even longer. But that is what makes The Retreat so much more than a magic convention.

We plan ahead, and think about the chemistry of a lineup. We balance out known names and legends with new and unknown talent. We think about things like crowd flow, meal times, and age-appropriate material, so that the schedule flows easily and doesn’t fall behind.


We have slowly evolved to a more one man show model, where we give performers a stage to do their ENTIRE shows, rather than just a few minutes. We like studying the art of assembling a full show, so we let worthy performers shine by doing full performances. We've found this approach is the best way to learn at a magic convention.

Henry Harrius performing magic


We realize that what makes our events special is the! That’s why we offer free decks of cards to registrants, free notebooks, and free commemorative posters. We have ample tables and chairs in our lobbies so that guests can spread out and jam late into the night. We welcome magicians of all ages and interests, and try to offer something for everyone. Young magicians are very important at our events.


The real secret to our event is the breaks we offer between everything. Here’s our rule: for every hour of programming we offer an hour break. This way, nobody has to stress about getting a meal in or sleeping enough, or skipping one event to see another.

The breaks are also a great time to visit our dealer’s room, where magic shops set up tables to sell merch. Our dealer room is THE best place to buy decks of cards, magic tricks, and magic books.


Vanishing Inc. knows how to throw down! We have a party-like atmosphere each night after events are concluded. We’ve thrown pizza parties and autograph parties, and held late night comedy events with famous comedians. The idea is that we want to celebrate magic and celebrate each other, and sometimes there doesn’t have to be a magician onstage for an event to be special.Williamson and Archer mucking about

Young Magicians

We offer SPECIAL programming for young magicians at both Magifest and The Session Magic Conventions. We offer scholarships to young magicians, and we also ask our headliners to present special lectures and workshops for our young magicians. If you’re a young magician and you’ve never attended a magic convention before you MUST come to Magifest or The Session.

Two girls enjoying a magic convention