Why Young Magicians Are So Important At Our Magic Conventions

When we began organizing magic conventions around the world, we also wanted to give back. So we instituted the non-profit Magic Youth Scholars Program. The idea is simple: ANY young magician, regardless of background, can attend our conventions for free. Our program is funded with donations from other attendees, and we’re so glad that our community takes care of the next generation of magicians. So what role do young people play at a magic convention?

Andi with kids at a magic convention

What We Learn from Our Youth Events

First of all, we presenters do learn from our young magicians. Every year it seems the young magicians get better, more daring, and more original in their material. They wow us, and we have to work to challenge and nurture their skill levels. We'll encourage and nuture them, and show them how to get most out of jamming with their peers.

What we’ve learned that works best for teenage magicians is workshop-based interactions. Everyone has a deck of cards in hand, following a master magician to learn a killer, new card trick or move. By engaging with the kids, we find their interest is held continuously. We try and make it easy to learn at a magic convention.

Dynamo showing magic at The Session

Changing Lives

It sounds like an overstatement, but it isn’t at all; our youth program has changed lives. Sure, we happen to organise these events for youth at our favorite magic conventions but we know that the young magicians who attend our events have grown up to become full-time professionals, and many of our youth scholars have appeared on television and on Las Vegas stages.

Everyone has a tribe: for some it’s swimming. For some it’s chess. But our tribe is magic, and we love connecting young magicians with like-minded friends, so that they can encourage each other and share in these very special magic-conventions weekends.

Special needs girl loving magic

Youth Scholars

We believe ANY young magician who shows initiative should be able to attend Magifest or The Session for free, and so we’ve established our Youth Scholars program, which now exceeds over 60 young magicians. To apply, you need only do one thing: donate a show to your favorite charity and send us documentation. Our intention is that if you spread your magic around your local community, we want to spread magic on to you. You can find more information at the Magifest and The Session) websites, as well as application guidelines.

Danny Garcia teaching youth at The Retreat

MagicStars: Weekend

In light of our success with our Magic Scholars program, we’ve launched Magic Stars: Weekend, an event just for young magicians. This is an entire weekend of close-up shows, workshops, lectures, and even fun competitions for young magicians to partake in. They’ll learn from some of the best magicians in the world, and they’ll get a chance to make friends with other young magicians from all over the world. The best part? It’s so affordable. At just $100 it’s excellent value, and this includes a registration for a parent or guardian, as well as a magician aged 18 or younger. So whilst they wait to get to be old enough to attend conventions like The Retreat, here is something built just for them. Find out more about Magic Stars here:

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