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Doves on Sword in Glass Cube Trick
Doves on Sword in Glass Cube
Trick by Tora Magic - $275.00 NOW $209.00 (SAVE $66.00)

The magician shows an empty glass box and sword to the audience. After passing the sword through the glassy box, instantly two doves magically appear on the sword! Comes complete with glass box, sword, base and instructional DVD.

Selected Doll Trick
Selected Doll
Trick by Tora Magic - $225.00 NOW $171.00 (SAVE $54.00)

The magician shows a page with four different drawings of a doll. Each one has different colored hair, clothes and shoes. He also shows a doll inside its box - that doll is wearing a white dress and shoes. The magician asks a spectator to choose one of the drawings from the page he earlier...

Fancy Trick Box Trick
Fancy Trick Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $110.00 NOW $83.60 (SAVE $26.40)

Magician shows an antique looking box to the audience. It has a glassy drawer inside, revealing that the drawer is totally empty. Magician closes the transparent drawer. When he opens it, the drawer is full of golden coins! Bring a WOW factor to your show! Antique design has been applied to this...

Rabbit Table Accessory
Rabbit Table
Accessory by Tora Magic - $175.00 NOW $133.00 (SAVE $42.00)

A beautiful stage-size table. This foldable table is the most amusing new table you have seen in years. It instantly leads to the feeling of amusement and lets your audience know they are about to have a fun time! Add taste to your show by using this rabbit table. It's portable -- parts can be...

Mental Doll Trick
Mental Doll
Trick by Tora Magic - $110.00 NOW $83.60 (SAVE $26.40)

You show four holders, each holding a picture of a doll with a different colored dress. You ask a child to FREELY select any of the holders and you take out the picture (a lady in a blue dress). You place the picture inside an empty box. When you snap your fingers, the picture changes into a REAL...

New Zip Bag Trick
New Zip Bag
Trick by Tora Magic - $55.00 NOW $41.80 (SAVE $13.20)

We do not need to tell you how versatile the classic one-hand change bag is. Many of you already use one to produce, vanish, or change any object that fits into the bag. Tora has produced a superior model made of gleaming metal and the finest fabrics. The bag is lined and fitted with a zipper...

Cornucopia Cube 777 Trick
Cornucopia Cube 777
Trick by Tora Magic - $1300.00 NOW $988.00 (SAVE $312.00)

Show an empty box to the audience. Then, astoundingly, the following items appear from it, one by one! 3 crystal cubes full of colorful spring flowers 4 flower vases 4 jumbo dove cages with latex doves Looks like real magic! How it works: The mechanism of this item makes it very easy to perform...

Wooden Production Box Trick
Wooden Production Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $185.00 NOW $140.60 (SAVE $44.40)

Produce objects magically in the blink of an eye! This beautiful box allows you, the magician, to perform a miracle for your audience - and they'll love it! Show the box to be totally empty. Remove the lid, even put your hands through the sides. Nothing there. Place the lid back on, and still the...

Dress Changing Doll Trick
Dress Changing Doll
Trick by Tora Magic - $185.00 NOW $140.60 (SAVE $44.40)

The magician shows a doll inside its box wearing a white dress. This is not a regular doll but a strange and magical one! Every time you put a new dress in a different color in next to the doll's hand, she magically wears that new colored dress! This happens several times. Astonishing for kids!

Dream Book Book
Dream Book
Book by Tora Magic - $99.00 NOW $75.24 (SAVE $23.76)

This mysterious book makes you rich! Read a motivating story of how to become a millionaire. Show the book to be comprised of much writing. While reading, golden ideas of becoming rich come to your mind and the pages now show pictures of money instead of words! Soon, the power of your mind causes...

Rings to Chinese Coins Trick
Rings to Chinese Coins
Trick by Tora Magic - $99.00 NOW $75.24 (SAVE $23.76)

There are three red rings in the magician's hands. These three rings are displayed to the audience one by one, with their all red color on both sides. He puts the rings together and, with a flourish, the middle ring changes to a silver Chinese coin. Another flourish and another one changes to a...

Antique Clock Box Trick
Antique Clock Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $260.00 NOW $197.60 (SAVE $62.40)

A beautiful and well-crafted prop from Tora Magic. This is your classic Die Box routine using a classy wooden clock. This amazing prop comes with all the bells and whistles, including sliding noise in the base, double locking false panel doors on each side of the box to make the clock appear and...

Special Disappearing Dice Trick
Special Disappearing Dice
Trick by Tora Magic - $225.00 NOW $171.00 (SAVE $54.00)

The performer picks a big black die (9" x 9") up from its base and turns it around showing all its sides. A red wooden box with clear plastic windows is placed over the jumbo black die. The audience can still clearly see the die through the windows. A foulard is draped over the top,...

Multiplying Wine Bottles Trick
Multiplying Wine Bottles
Trick by Tora Magic - $275.00 NOW $209.00 (SAVE $66.00)

So much magic! Bottles keep exchanging places with a glass. Bottles multiply over and over again! Generates both laughter and amazement! Waterproof extra glossy color Made of finest quality Aluminum labels are water resistant Labels are glued on using new laser technology Exclusive Tora magic...

Trick by Tora Magic - $1600.00 NOW $1216.00 (SAVE $384.00)

The assistant is placed in a trance and is told to climb on a board that is resting on two screens and lie down flat. The magician stands behind the board and the screens are then removed, causing the assistant to float in mid air. The magician concentrates on the assistant and she slowly starts to...

Trick by Tora Magic - $110.00 NOW $83.60 (SAVE $26.40)

Here's a production item that will make audiences scratch their heads in amazement! Show the audience box to be absolutely empty. An inner box is also removed and is displayed to the audience to be sure that it, too, is totally empty. Once the inner box is placed back, a beautiful rabbit, scarves,...

Fire Can Botania Trick
Fire Can Botania
Trick by Tora Magic - $350.00 NOW $266.00 (SAVE $84.00)

The magician shows an empty pot and convinces everyone the pot is totally empty. While he holds it in his hand, a strange fire ignites in the pot. The magician tries watering it with a nearby water sprinkling can to douse the fire, but without success. He tries to makes the fire stop by putting the...

Trick by Tora Magic - $2000.00 NOW $1520.00 (SAVE $480.00)

A beautiful and mystifying levitation effect! The assistant climbs on a board that is resting on two screens, and lies down flat as she is placed into a trance. The magician stands behind the board and the screens are then removed, causing the assistant to float in mid air! The magician...

Trick by Tora Magic - $300.00 NOW $228.00 (SAVE $72.00)

These very realistic-looking bottles are very high quality and are made from aluminum. This set includes 8 identical-looking bottles and 2 tubes. You can have different performances with these bottles like relocation of bottle and glass, passe passe bottle, multiplying bottles, etc. You can perform...

Secret Night Lamp Trick
Secret Night Lamp
Trick by Tora Magic - $350.00 NOW $266.00 (SAVE $84.00)

The magician shows an ordinary night lamp to the audience. With a magical and mysterious look at the lamp, he transforms it into a beautiful flower vase having an enormous bouquet of flowers in it! Looks phenomenal! Audiences love this!

Ali Bongo's Growing Hat Trick
Ali Bongo's Growing Hat
Trick by Alan Wong - $25.00

This is a classic item created by Ali Bongo and is still one of the best bits of business for the children's entertainer. You can use it in any routine where you have a child helping you. The hat grows and grows until finally it becomes a real green giant's hat! Ali Bongo's Growing Hat will give...

Alice Book Test Trick
Alice Book Test
Trick by Josh Zandman - $55.00

"Genuine innovations in a book test are rarer than a Cheshire cat, and yet Josh Zandman's new Alice Book Test is easy to use and offers surprises that will make you grin from ear to ear!" - Brett Barry "The best part about performing magic is when it happens completely in the...

The Magic Cube Trick
The Magic Cube
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $49.95

"The Magic Cube" has been described as one of the most innovative and creative effects of this year. You can perform a variety of effects with "The Magic Cube". Effect 1: You show the audience a DVD case with a Rubik's Cube on the cover. You mention that on the DVD there are...

Wandini Trick
Trick by LLC. FUN IN MOTION TOYS - $24.95

Create a magical illusion with WANDINI - an awe-inspiring, levitating LED wand! Whirl, swirl, and twirl - anyone can perform dazzling and mesmerizing light shows at night with Wandini. Simply loop Wandini around your middle finger to create an illusion of bright lights floating luminously in the...

Crossfire Book Test Book
Crossfire Book Test
Book by Chris Philpott - $79.95

Crossfire: A Book Test with a twist! "This is the type of routine lay audiences love! Crossfire is mind reading with an incredible kicker that your audience won't see coming — but will never forget!" - Craig Karges "This is an excellent effect! Crossfire gives you a great surprise...