Pi Max Book Test

Trick by Vincent Hedan
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Pi Max Book Test

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Trick by Vincent Hedan (55.00)

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Pi Max Book Test - magic
Pi Max Book Test Pi Max Book Test Pi Max Book Test Pi Max Book Test

An upgraded, improved version of an impossible memory effect. "Pi Max Book Test" is Vincent Hedan's follow-up on the super popular "Pi Book Test".

The "Pi Max Book Test" by Vincent Hedan will have your audience convinced you have memorized 1,000s of digits of Pi. No complicated mathematics, peeks, or cribs required.

You explain how you have memorized 17,000 decimals of Pi and introduce a pocket-sized book containing them to prove it. The participant opens the book to any page, announces the page number, and you recite the first digits on the page.

You then ask them to give you a sequence of 5 digits anywhere on any page. Once they're done, you continue the sequence, reciting so many decimal places that they need to turn the page just to keep up with you.

Finally, you ask for the spectator's birthday. Let's say it's July 14. You're then able to reveal the page, line, and position on the line where the sequence 0714 is located (or 1407, because "Pi Max" allows you to reveal day/month format with no extra work required).

  • No crib
  • No app
  • No peek
  • No pre show
  • No electronics
  • No accomplice
  • No complicated math

You'll get the 90-page, pocket-sized book (4.25 in by 6.88in | 10.8cm x 17.5cm), as well as online video instructions and an accompanying PDF manual. Like the original version, "Pi Max Book Test" does require some memory work. But the included free online training app will give you the tools needed to start performing with confidence.


Customer reviews for Pi Max Book Test



This is a wonderful tool and an interesting challenge for my 73 year old brain. I'm going to use this and keep it with me; after all, the memory work is for real.
One comment however involving a large discrepancy from my point of view. If you make such a point that the last section after your bookmark has not been "memorized" yet, then how can you suddenly find any birth date - page line and entry - easily, after all. And why is it only in the back section. (I fix that part by initially telling the spectator that page 25 or whatever is where it is...then I shake my head realizing that I've made a mistake and correct myself with the correct page 57 or whatever.)
If you just go ahead and blithely find a birthday in a section of thousands of digits that you have just told your audience you haven't memorized, anyone paying attention will see the red flags large and flapping in their face.
Otherwise, I am enjoying the brain exercise and the quality of my purchase. I may just leave the back section untouched and unused - that may just add to the realism of the effect because there is an obviously different element that I seemingly don't use and don't need yet.
I'm enjoying my purchase and my memory is improving. Thanks.


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  • Ruben asks: How is this improved or different?

    • 1. Vincent answers: FYI: This is Pi Max Stackless. In Pi Max, memory work has been divided by two, and the coding is easier, more visual and more intuitive for you. Text pages has been added; they're not part of the main routine but they contain a nice optional bonus. To reveal the birthday, the math has been hugely simplified, you can reveal any dates (including the 31st of a month, unlike the previous versions) and dates can now be revealed in month/day or day/month format without extra effort. Finally, this version comes with detailed video instructions, on top of the written explanations and the new free online training app.
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  • NATHAN asks: Can I order the Mnemonica version from you?

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    • Matthew asks: Will this version work with the pi book test reveal in Cipher Pro?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will not
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