Pi Book Test

Book by Vincent Hedan
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Pi Book Test

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Book by Vincent Hedan (44.95)

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Pi Book Test - magic
Pi Book Test Pi Book Test Pi Book Test

Pi Book Test from Vincent Hedan is an incredible display of memorisation using something that nearly everyone has heard of, 'Pi' - the number 3.14 followed by an infinite number of digits. Hedan has created a performance piece so utterly baffling that the only logical conclusion spectators are left with is that you have done exactly as you say you have - memorised Pi to thousands of digits.

You show a small book in which the decimals of Pi are listed, and explain that you have memorised a large portion of it. You then proceed to perform a multi-phase routine in which the spectator opens the book at any page, tells you the page number, and you can tell them the first digits of the page.

Then you ask your spectator to tell you a sequence of 5 digits, anywhere on any page. Starting from there, you start reciting the decimals of Pi! Actually, you recite so many decimals that the spectator has to turn pages to follow you!

Finally, you ask the spectator's birthday, for example 14th of July. You then reveal the page, the line, and the position on the line where the sequence 1407 can be found in the book!

Points to note:

  • No stooge
  • No preshow
  • No crazy math
  • No sleight
  • No peek
  • No electronics
  • No dual reality
  • No pumping
  • No crib
  • No svengali-like pages
  • No stack
  • Every birthday can be found in the book

Pi Book Test is a wonderful display of mental dexterity that doesn't feel like a magic trick. Instead, it appears to be the real thing with your audience convinced you truly have memorised Pi to thousands upon thousands of digits. With the likes of Luke Jermay, Ian Rowland and Marc Paul among those praising his work, you know this is something special. Get yours now and begin devastating spectators in no time.

Vincent creates devilishly clever contemporary material that will fool and entertain even the most cynical audience member. With a keen sense of narrative, premise and plot his material is always intriguing, mysterious and magical. His methods are elegant, sophisticated and multilayered. I believe Vincent will ascend to the very highest levels within magic. Watch, listen and learn all you can from a bright star of the future.Luke Jermay
Vincent Hedan has one of the finest, most ingenious minds in mentalism. He creates beautiful, baffling routines that create the aura of genuine mental superpowers, and presents them with beguiling charm, wit and style. To see Vincent is to see a master at work.Ian Rowland
I love Vincent's work. He is a deep thinker and when it comes to mentalism he has some very original and creative thoughts. When he has a new idea I sit up and pay attention as I know it's going to be good.Marc Paul
Vincent Hedan is one of my favorite performers. His magic is intelligent, deceptive and most importantly, magical.Joe Barry
I'm a big fan of your work. Your creations reveal the nimbleness of your mind.Jared Kopf

Customer reviews for Pi Book Test



Great memory effect! It took some work, but within a day or so I was able to recite the 1st 7500 digits. It totally blew away my family and friends yesterday (3/14 - aka Pi Day) when after dinner I announced that I could and then demonstrated that feat. Worth the price,



The method is great, but, and this is a big but, it’s a lot of memory work. This isn’t a problem in performance as it would actually be difficult to do the thing you’re pretending to do. But the work is pretty equivalent to learning a memorized deck. You won’t be able to do this trick in a day or a week, it will take at least a month for most people to do this work. I also think that like a memorized deck, if you don’t use it regularly, you’ll forget it.


Community questions about Pi Book Test

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  • Neal asks: Are these the actual digits of pi? Also, what level is this for?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It's not the actual Pi number, you will need some memory work for this trick.
    • 2. Neal answers: Is it memory only or are there other sleights that need to be done?
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  • Hunter asks: When revealing where there birthday appears in the book, can you do month/day instead of day/month?

    • 1. Elton answers: No need—just refer to the date as "number" of "month." This sounds normal: the 5th of November.
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  • Hunter asks: For someone who already has the first 100 or less digits of Pi memorized, are those right in the book, or are only the first few digits correct?

    • 1. Vincent answers: The first page and its 48 digits are correct.
    • 2. Dottore answers: Since this is a very specific question (that not many people will check on), I believe that the best option is for you to investigate it firsthand. Order the book and check the digits. If you are unhappy, Vanishing Inc Magic has a great return policy.
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  • Jay asks: Which version of the Vincent Hedan Pi Book Test do you carry? There are various versions (memorized stacks) available. Also do you carry the "Pi Normal" version?

    • 1. Vincent answers: This is the stackless version.
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