Magic by Secret Factory

Winners Dice Trick
Winners Dice
Trick by Secret Factory - $39.95

Winner’s Dice is an examinable forcing die  Imagine you need to force a number. But, you don’t want any electronic device, you don’t want to switch, you need to control or change the outcome on the fly, and you want the spectator to be able to roll the die themselves.  ...

Trick by Secret Factory - $99.95

After 3 years of development, the mind that brought you WINNERS DICE is proud to present PSI-POWER, the revolutionary remote-control system. Imagine having the ability to control objects from over 15 feet away! PSI-POWER is a revolutionary gimmick that you can take with you anywhere and seemingly...

TRUE Trick
Trick by Secret Factory and Mr. K - $225.00

TRUE is an advanced electronic sensing system that looks totally organic. It combines NFC sensing with long-range receiving technology. Just imagine You show your audience a nice little custom-made wooden box. Then you take out 4 objects: A ring, key fob, button and a casino chip. Ask your...

Mini Tangram Paradox Trick
Mini Tangram Paradox
Trick by Secret Factory - $100.00

Mini Tangram Paradox (MTP) is truly a masterpiece that you and your audience will love. Every MTP is made with top quality walnut, perfect for the performer and collector. A wooden puzzle fits perfectly inside of a frame. The performer adds a new small piece, and he can rebuild the puzzle! Then he...

Super Mini MTP Trick
Super Mini MTP
Trick by Secret Factory - $39.95

An amazing new approach to a classic of magic. A BLACK puzzle is shown to fit neatly inside of a frame. Then, despite adding a new small RED piece, the magician is able to still make the puzzle fit. Another even bigger RED piece is then added. But, the magician is STILL able to rebuild the puzzle....

DTMC Playing Cards Deck of cards
DTMC Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Secret Factory - $12.00

Magicians have many pet peeves. But, it’s safe to say that spectators grabbing their deck of cards without permission is one that’s shared by a majority of conjurors. Whether you’ve just completed a magic trick that left you “dirty” at the end or aren’t too thrilled about seeing another...

TIME Playing Cards (Deluxe Set) Deck of cards
TIME Playing Cards (Deluxe Set)
Deck of cards by Secret Factory - $55.00

Only 144 of these EXTREMELY LIMITED deluxe playing card sets were ever produced and they’ll never be made again. Don’t miss your chance to grab these! The TIME Playing Cards (Deluxe Set) is a stunningly gorgeous 5-deck collection featuring 2 decks of marked playing cards and 3 completely different...

Collector's ESP Die Trick
Collector's ESP Die
Trick by Secret Factory - $200.00

Collector's ESP Die is truly a masterpiece that you and your audience will love. Every Collector's ESP Die is made with top quality walnut, perfect for the performer and collector. Imagine being able to determine a person's thought-of shape with 100% accuracy. There are no electronics, no peeking....

Sudoku Trick
Trick by Secret Factory - $199.00

Sudoku is the new production of Secret Factory with cutting-edge electronic technology. The gimmick is a nice-looking wooden pad, totally organic.But behind its normal appearance are 9 powerful, high-tech induction chips. Set in a gorgeous wooden pad, the performer knows which part of the pad the...

Echo Trick
Trick by Secret Factory - $300.00

Physically transmit thoughts into the mind of your spectators with this groundbreaking utility device. Echo truly blurs the lines between reality and magic. It can be used for thought transmitting, pre-show, dual reality, trance inductions and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Some...

Fusion Folio Trick
Fusion Folio
Trick by Secret Factory - $99.95

Fusion Folio is an elegant take on the classic effect--two images fused together. The high-quality folio will do everything for you. You don't need to do any difficult sleight of hand. Just focus on the performance. You can use drawings or words. Perfect when performing for couples in love, two...

PSI Power refill thread Refill
PSI Power refill thread
Refill by Secret Factory - $15.00

This is a refill pack for PSI-POWER. The package contains 3 PSI-POWER thread disks, each with over 13 feet of PSI-POWER thread.

UID (w/ Coin) Trick
UID (w/ Coin)
Trick by Secret Factory - $275.00

One of the most powerful mentalism devices ever created. Only 55 sets available. Once they sell out, they'll be gone for good. UID is an incredibly powerful device with 2 versatile modes that unlock a whole new world of mentalism potential: Magnet Detecting In magnet detecting mode, you can guess...

Silence Playing Cards (Standard Edition) Deck of cards
Silence Playing Cards (Standard Edition)
Deck of cards by Secret Factory - $25.00

LIMITED RELEASE: Only 1,500 decks available. Are you ready to unveil the Silence? Silence Playing Cards are the first work of the extremely creative team at Acelion. These 100% customized playing cards are bursting with their passion, creativity and originality. Once you get the Silence Playing...