Psi Bell

Trick by Secret Factory
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Psi Bell

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Trick by Secret Factory (199.95)

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Psi Bell - magic
Psi Bell Psi Bell Psi Bell Psi Bell Psi Bell

A stunning and elegant new approach to an iconic prop that any mentalism performer would be proud to own.

"Psi Bell" is a remarkable new version of the centuries-old spirit bell effect. It is a simple, clean and mysterious way to make a bell ring on its own—as if by some otherworldly power.

Perform the spirit bell effect in a super clean fashion under test conditions. The bell can be handed out before and after the effect, and the structure is put together right in front of them. You could even isolate the whole thing under a clear box if you wanted.

The sound is triggered through a tiny, silent remote with exceptional range. There are two triggering modes: Instant (1 ring) and 7-second delay (3 rings). Everything is rechargeable to ensure reliable operation for countless performances.

Crafted from high-quality walnut with a gorgeous solid bell, "Psi Bell" is equally as much a beautiful collector's item as it is a practical prop for any parlor or stage performer.


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Community questions about Psi Bell

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  • Peter asks: Are there any batteries involved (except for the remote) and can they be replaced or changed out.

    • 1. Mark answers: The gimmick uses a rechargeable battery (USB connecter is included). I have no idea how to replace the battery in the remote without seriously damaging the unit. I'll be contacting the wizards...
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  • Georgios asks: It’s easy to change the battery on the remote? And How we charge the bell?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is instructions on how to change the remote battery, this is very easy There is a secret section which contains the charging port & on/off switch
  • Georgios asks: Can work without wooden prop?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I'm not sure what you mean?
  • Todd asks: Is it true that the recharging unit is so poorly made that the female connector used for charging can easily be pushed inside when you try to plug it in, and because of the way it is hot glued closed, there is no way to easily fix it without likely destroying the unit?

    • 1. Todd answers: Yes, that is accurate. When I tried to charge the unit, the female connector got pushed inside the plastic casing which was hot glued shut. While you can take the system out of the wooden casing quite easily, you can't open the internal plastic casing to fix what is a pretty basic design flaw. This happened to me and I think it is highly likely to happen to others.
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