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Magic Squared

Trick by Andi Gladwin
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Magic Squared

49.95 usd

Trick by Andi Gladwin ($49.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Magic Squared - magic

Andi Gladwin's highly acclaimed close-up and parlor masterpiece takes the classic Magic Square to new heights. Many performers close their show with the Magic Square — and it's a worthy closer. But imagine how much stronger it is with "Magic Squared":

You show a stack of cards with numbers and you use a selected number to perform the magic square WITH the number cards. Every row, column, and diagonal adds up to the chosen number. You then show dozens of combinations of numbers that add up to the chosen number.

Every other Magic Square routine ends there to great applause. But where other Magic Squares end, "Magic Squared" is just getting started. You turn the board upside down to show that the same cards now add up to a second randomly selected number, creating a unique, incredible performance piece that is, truly, hard to top.

  • No memory
  • No mathematics
  • No sleight of hand
  • Perfect for close-up or parlor audiences
  • A self working double magic square!
"A fresh take on an age old plot, rooted in real world performance." Luke Jermay
"If magic squares could take steroids this one would be banned! John Archer

Contains everything you need to perform this complete routine: specially designed number cards (printed by USPCC), special "clinging" material that allows cards to be displayed vertically without falling, and a DVD including full performance at The Magic Castle.*

*Provide your own board or frame (both are readily available in any department or craft store)


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  • Peter asks: Hi Are they the same total numbers at every performance? Regards Peter

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are four magic squares built into the routine.
  • Neal asks: How do you peel off the plastic on the gripping stuff? I can't get the backs off.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's best to use a little duct tape to help peel it off.
  • Douglas asks: In reference to question one, can more than the four included results be developed (personally developed) with the included props??

    • 1. David answers: I think it would be impossible to create any additional results using the included props.
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Customer reviews for Magic Squared



This is a fantastic effect. I purchased it at the Magi-Fest in January and have gotten great reactions every time I've performed it. Andi put a lot of thinking into this and it's well worth the money. One tip for US-based performers: you need to buy (or make) a picture frame to do this effect and an A4-sized frame like Andi discusses on the DVD is hard to come by in the States. I found a very inexpensive A4-sized frame at Ikea (the model is called Ribba), and it works great for me. Much less expensive than ordering a custom frame on the internet or at your local framing shop.



This is so great! It came with basically everything I needed to perform right out of the box. Just needed to get a cheap frame but that wasn't to bad! This really takes an impossible effect and makes it even more impossible! Great job Andi!



This is fabulous! I can hardly wait until I have it working smoothly for me so I can close my bar act with it.

For those searching for a frame - keep in mind that the size you want is A3, not A4!!! What you receive is three pieces, each of which is A5 size, and they tile together into one A3 area.



I hadn’t seen the Magic Squared effect until I saw Andi perform it at the Northern Magic Circle convention in Harrogate this year. I have now purchased this as I think this is the best Magic Square effect on the market. During the performance, near the end of the effect I thought to myself (as magicians do) wouldn’t it be good if you could turn the board upside down and the magic square all add up to the specific number. And if you know the effect, that is what happens, except this square totals to another number. Both of these random numbers are chosen by an audience member prior creating the square. I love the fact that you have a double revelation. Andi has been very clever by using cards. Firstly the design of the cards with the built in prompts look great but more importantly by using the cards makes the effect more real and believable to the audience. During performance you are going through the motion of sorting the cards in some kind of order, the audience sees you are actually working something out instead of just scribbling down the numbers on a board/pad. Andi tutors you through all you need to know, but to be honest, Andi has really streamlined and simplified the effect by using the cards. Many thanks for releasing this, I love this effect, definitely the best effect I've bought for a while.



I'm a big Andi Gladwin fan and his Magic Squared is one of the best releases to come out for a long time. It's clear that he has performed this thousands of times and I'm very proud to have it in my repertoire. I can't believe that every time I perform this I get to take credit for Andi's genius. I feel bad actually! :)



I cannot recommend this trick enough. The making of it is genius and the effort to produce it was incredible.

Because of that you have an amazing effect which can build into a fantastic routine with a kicker ending like no other.

This is, in my opinion, the best magic square ever created and I can’t recommend it enough!