The Jedi Book Test

Trick by Josh Zandman
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The Jedi Book Test

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Trick by Josh Zandman (99.95)

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A Book Test, Pegasus Page, Tossed Out Book routine and multiple bonuses all in one incredible book. The "Jedi Book Test" by Josh Zandman is the best Book Test in the galaxy!

Based on the War of the Worlds, the "Jedi Book Test" features Josh Zandman's beloved modified take on the Flashback Principle that mentalists around the world have used for over a decade. You can instantly know what word someone is thinking of without any fishing or questions. Nothing is written down. Nothing to memorize. And, since there isn't a stretch of repeating words, you don't have to worry about them looking through the book.

This powerful, super easy Book Test is also complemented by a built-in Pegasus Page effect. You not only know the word they chose, but with a snap of your fingers, the page disappears from the book and reappears in an impossible location. You can do one or both routines in the same act, each time having different words.

You can also use the "Jedi Book Test" by Josh Zandman to perform a Tossed Out Deck style routine. Five different participants choose a word and you instantly know each one.

All if this possible with the incredible gimmicked book you receive that looks identical to a normal book. They'll never suspect a thing. Great for parlor and stage magic as well as close up magic and mentalism.

BONUS Star Wars Book Test

Your purchase also comes with a special BONUS method for instantly knowing multiple words on every page of the real paperback versions of the Star Wars books (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi). These are ungimmicked books sold separately.

If you'd like to perform the bonus routines, you'll need to purchase at least one of the following books:


Customer reviews for The Jedi Book Test



What a fantastic Mentalism weapon... I purchased all 3 Starwars books as well, I start my set by handing out the three Starwars books and ask a forth spectator to do three random words from War of the World's, I then have the spectator take my book freely choose a random page (free choice) let's say they pick page 34, I take the book read the top line. And hand it back, I ask the spectator holding 'A New Hope' to also go to page 34 and to silently read the top line... I then 'divine' a rough mental version "I'm getting something like..." I repeat these steps twice more (different pages each time) with The Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi.... every time my predictions are made while I am hands free of WOTW and every time my divinations are spot on, the handling is 90% under the spectators control, the choices appear to be 100% spectators so everything is clean, my books are heat free, and the crowd are simply MIND WARPED, this is simply a 15 to 20 min mentalism juggernaut of a routine. And it plays differently at every performance. Well worth the initial outlay and the additional book purchases.


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  • Mark asks: What is the difference between the Jedi book test and the Wizardly book test?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These are different books with different effects and words
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