Trick by Henry Harrius
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Trick by Henry Harrius (169.95)

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CubeBuster - magic
CubeBuster CubeBuster CubeBuster CubeBuster CubeBuster

Henry Harrius’ top-secret tool is now available worldwide!

“Henry Harrius is a creative genius and has taken the art of cube magic into the future. ‘CubeBuster’ is going into my act immediately.” Steven Brundage

“CubeBuster” is a one-of-a-kind, limited edition version of the massively popular “RD360” that Henry has kept to himself since it was created. But now, magicians around the world finally have the ability to add this stunning effect to their act.

With “CubeBuster”, you not only instantly solve the cube in a fair and impossible way, but can now also make secret messages appear for a shocking twist they’ll never see coming. It is guaranteed to leave their jaws on the floor and make an impression that will last a lifetime, all without any hard sleight of hand required. In fact, it’s so easy to do, you don’t even need to know how to solve a cube to perform it.

After introducing an eye-popping 7x7 cube, you hand it out to your audience to be freely mixed. The sheer size and uniqueness of the cube will already have everyone intrigued. After it’s been mixed sufficiently, it is placed inside of a bag. With just a snap of your fingers, it is then removed again and shown to have solved itself.

They clearly watch a mixed cube go into the bag and can even see it until the absolutely last second. Yet, still, it is able to instantly solve itself in the blink of an eye. You don’t need to touch the cube again once it’s in the bag and could even let them reach in and grab the solved cube if you’d like.

What really sets “CubeBuster” apart though is its size allows you to display different customized patterns for your final reveal. From letters to numbers, playing cards, company names, and a variety of other designs, this is a powerful and surprising ending they’ll never see coming.

Whether you treat it as a brain-busting magic effect or a jaw-dropping feat of skill where you solve the cube one-handed without looking, “CubeBuster” is a ton of fun to perform. It almost feels unfair how easy it is to get huge reactions with this. You don't need to know how to solve a 7x7 cube or any cube to perform it.

Comes with:

  • 7x7 professional quality giant cube
  • Precision-made gimmick
  • 4 packs of stickers
  • 10 sheets of transitioning stickers
  • PDF guide with customized patterns template
  • Complete video instructions with various routines & Ideas

“‘CubeBuster’ takes your cube magic to the next level, actually it jumps 4 levels. Like the Cmbitious Card and many other effects that get repeated, the mix and magically solve loop for cube magic needs an ending. ‘CubeBuster’ gives you more space to create images and write messages and bring an act to a close, or even have an opportunity to tie a whole show together." Garrett Thomas

“Henry has done it again! ‘CubeBuster’ is one of the most hard-hitting and commercial cube routines I have ever seen. It looks impossible, it’s easy to do (you don’t even need to be able to solve a cube) and it will play to the biggest audience. The fact that it is totally customizable is the icing on the cake. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended!” Craig Petty

“Where is the end of creativity? Henry is showing us all the creativity that can be done with cubes. With no doubt, he will be recorded as the most creative creator in magic history!” Charming Choi

Please note that broadcast rights are not included with your purchase. If you’d like to perform ‘CubeBuster” on TV or any other live and/or recorded video broadcast, please contact


Customer reviews for CubeBuster



I was very excited to receive my Cube Buster! What a fabulous prop. Beautifully made and I can’t wait to use it in my family/ adult performances.
Time is needed to customise the gimmick but it’s well worth the effort. I would have liked a couple of bags included for completeness but everything else is included as well as pdf’s etc.
I give Henry Harrius 100% for Cube Buster! Thanks Henry!



It is amazing to reassume a normal cube, but to do it with a 7x7 is like a little shock for "normal" audience!


Community questions about CubeBuster

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  • Jonathan asks: So I have the 360 and love it….. what worries me is if they’re mixing this cube up? Does it ever need to be solved? Or do you leave it permanently mixed?? I doubt many people can even solve a 7x7 cube

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not need to know how to solve a 7x7 cube to complete this effect. You don't even need to know how to complete a 3x3 cube.
  • Gary asks: New to magic, mostly do the real easy tricks for my Grandkids. How hard is this one to learn??

    • 1. Koen answers: Just got this the other day and I can say that it is extremely easy to learn. If you are just performing for grandkids, I may suggest that the RD 360 by Henry Harrius is a better bet. But ya, extremely easy and a super good trick!
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  • Gary asks: Can the 7x7 be handed out at the end

    • 1. Jim answers: It depends on the routine.
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