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Feel Better Trick
Feel Better
Trick by Chris Philpott - 45.00

A magical act of kindness for a stressed out world. "Beautiful! What a transformation, literally and figuratively!" Banachek "OK,...

Butterfly Blizzard V5 Refill
Butterfly Blizzard V5
Refill by Alan Wong - 25.00

Perform Jeff McBride's "Butterfly Blizzard" better than ever with these "Butterfly Blizzard V5", fifth generation realistic paper...

Morgan & West Masterclass Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Morgan & West Masterclass
Magic download (video) by Morgan & West - 75.00

Morgan & West are bonafide professionals with impressive magic and theater knowledge that know how to create a truly entertaining magic show....

Transform8 Trick
Trick by John Morton - 59.95

A silk-to-8-ball effect that offers an exciting new take on the classic silk-to-egg. John Morton's "Transform8" is a super entertaining...

Las Vegas Gambling Guide Trick
Las Vegas Gambling Guide
Trick by Matthew Pomeroy - 120.00

15 effects packed into two beautiful, specially-made books that can fit in your pocket. The "Las Vegas Gambling Guide" books look like...

Dirty Drop Cloth (magnetic, bloody version) Trick
Dirty Drop Cloth (magnetic, bloody version)
Trick by David Alan - 39.95

Effect: A crisp, clean towel that has been casually used throughout your performance suddenly becomes covered with handprints at your command. David...

Wordless Cords Trick
Wordless Cords
Trick by Alan Wong - 29.95

The story of our eternity is told using five different colored cords and a small bag. As each cord is shown, and its color explained, a knot is...

Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards Trick
Alexander: The Man Who Knows Rising Cards
Trick by Martin Schwartz - 150.00

Dr. Martin Schwartz returns with another masterful mechanical marvel that is quite possibly his best creation yet. "Dr. Schwartz's Alexander...

Multiple Gag Revelation Trick
Multiple Gag Revelation
Trick by Magic & Trick - $94.95 $47.50 (SAVE $47.45)

A hilarious way to take boring standard stock lines and turn them into a powerful prediction. "Multiple Gag Revelation" allows you to...

Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic) Trick
Premium Egg Bag (Bacon Magic)
Trick by Bacon Magic - 19.95

A pro "Egg Bag" designed by workers, for workers. This premium "Egg Bag" by Bacon Magic is the perfect magic accessory for any...

Quirky Forces Book
Quirky Forces
Book by Chris Wardle - 50.00

50 different sneaky, ingenious and offbeat forcing methods from award-winning magician Chris Wardle. Quirky Forces is a 200+ page hardcover book...

Portrait WOW Trick
Portrait WOW
Trick by Katsuya Masuda, Roman Garcia Pastur and Tejinaya - 200.00

The super-popular "WOW" gets a stage-sized upgrade with "Portrait WOW" by Katsuya Masuda and Roman Garcia. "Portrait...

The Bat System Trick
The Bat System
Trick by Wings Magic - 750.00

Once believed to be impossible, a true miracle-level effect is now possible thanks to “The Bat System” by Wings Magic. “The Bat System” introduces...

Choco Choco Trick
Choco Choco
Trick by Tora Magic - 59.95

"Choco Choco" by Tora Magic Company is a delightfully sweet effect in which you make chocolates magically appear and vanish. If you have...

Multiplying Eggs Trick
Multiplying Eggs
Trick by Uday's Magic World - 14.95

An egg multiplies in the magician's hand. A funny item for a comedy magician. Good for parlor or stage shows.

Tommy Wonder Classic Collection: Flying Birdcage Trick
Tommy Wonder Classic Collection: Flying Birdcage
Trick by Wings Magic - 1250.00

To honor the legacy of Tommy Wonder, one of the most influential magicians to ever live, Wings Magic is re-releasing some of his most legendary...

Stainless Steel Cups and Balls (Essel Magic) Trick
Stainless Steel Cups and Balls (Essel Magic)
Trick by The Essel Magic - 29.95

The Cups and Balls is probably the oldest magic effect that we have come to know. A drawing of conjurers performing this classic is found inside the...

Pete McCabe Masterclass Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Pete McCabe Masterclass
Magic download (video) by Pete McCabe - 75.00

The indisputable skills you need to become a better magician. Every magician eventually has to face the tough-to-swallow reality that learning more...

Devil's Bandana V2 Trick
Devil's Bandana V2
Trick by Lee Alex - From $33.95

New design. New look. New colors. Implementing feedback from magicians around the world, Lee Alex is excited to bring you the wickedly clever...

Nostalgia Trick
Trick by Michel Huot - 199.95

Give your audience a trip down memory lane with this delightfully fun and powerful routine from the same creative mind behind Vanishing Inc.'s...

Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box) Trick
Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls (w/ Display Box)
Trick by TCC Presents - 349.00

"Artisan Engraved Cups and Balls" by TCC are the pinnacle of the talents of countless magicians. They are a truly gorgeous cups and balls...

Megabucks Trick
Trick by Magic Apple and Jeff McBride - 35.00

A super visual and fun opener. Jeff McBride's "Megabucks" presented by the Magic Apple allows you to show a bill and nothing else in your...

Jumbo Sized Emojination Trick
Jumbo Sized Emojination
Trick by Ronjo Magic Inc. - 29.95

This is new an improved versions has thicker card stock and is printed with darker and richer inks. No more transparent cards due to light source...

Premium Silk to Egg  Trick
Premium Silk to Egg
Trick by TCC Presents and Cai Xiangyu - 39.95

A premium version of a classic of magic designed for the most serious performers. Classics of magic are classic for a reason. These time-tested...

Sealed Trick
Trick by TCC Presents and Treey Chou - 79.95

One of the finest Object to Impossible Location gimmicks you'll ever find. While so many different versions of this plot have surfaced over the...

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