The Final Answer Reloaded

Trick by Scott Alexander
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The Final Answer Reloaded

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Trick by Scott Alexander (395.00)

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The Final Answer Reloaded - magic
The Final Answer Reloaded The Final Answer Reloaded

Widely considered to be the best signed Bill In Lemon ever, this diabolically clever gimmick is finally in production again and better than ever. Load the lemon right in front of the audience without any worries.

In 2004, Scott Alexander and Bob Kohler released "The Final Answer." This amazing device received acclaim from some of the top pros in the world. Since going out of production, magicians have clamored for its return and it's finally back with a brand-new "reloaded" addition that is a must for any stage and parlor magic performer.

According to most professional magicians, there are 5 non-negotiable features of a perfect bill in lemon routine, and "The Final Answer Reloaded" has them all:

  1. The bill is signed
  2. The magician's hands never fully leave the audience's sight
  3. The audience must be able to tell the story of the routine in one sentence
  4. The method must stand up to intense scrutiny
  5. Most importantly, the routine must be highly magical and entertaining for everyone involved

This newly-designed gimmick allows you to perform the load right in front of the audience. You'll get new training videos, as well as all the original training videos that are filled with gems of wisdom. This includes three different live performances that show you exactly how impactful "The Final Answer" can be when performed correctly.

If you missed out on the original "The Final Answer", don't make the same mistake twice. Grab "The Final Answer Reloaded". This is the last Bill In Lemon routine you'll ever need.


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  • Adam asks: Will there be any video of a performance of this so we can have an idea of what it actually looks like?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No video trailer is available for this release.
  • Glen asks: Does it have to be signed bill, can it be a signed card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's better with a signed bill but it can be a card. It might be more difficult to load.
  • Mark asks: Not a question, but a response to Adam's about a video of the performance. It's available on YouTube (all sixteen minutes of it):

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Thank you!
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