Trick by Himitsu Magic and Boo Mizi
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Trick by Himitsu Magic and Boo Mizi (75.00)

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CanPossible - magic
CanPossible CanPossible CanPossible

A classic Think-A-Drink style effect streamlined for the modern close up magic performer.

"CanPossible" by Boo Mizi and Himitsu Magic is a super-versatile tool that allows you to pour up to three different drinks from one innocent-looking Coke can. The fact this doesn't look anything like a magic prop is what makes it so powerful.

The basic idea goes like this. You have up to three people choose a drink from a selection of drinks. They think that your prediction will impossibly match their choices.

But, when you pull out a Coke can, it doesn't match their choices. In fact, they not only didn't pick Coke, but they each chose different drinks. Impossibly, you're able to pour out all three distinctly different drinks they chose and hand them out to be tasted.

"CanPossible" is super easy to set up and perform. You can perform it pretty much anywhere. While it is designed for street magic and close up magic, it can also work well for stage and parlor magic.

You don't just have to perform it as a mentalism effect either. It can be used for a variety of other applications like color changes and even transforming other objects like silks, banknotes and more.

  • Perform anytime, anywhere
  • Can be totally surrounded
  • Super easy to use
  • Poured drink is drinkable
  • Many different possibilities

You get everything you need to perform "CanPossible", including the main props and some extra accessories that help make it so easy to use.

The can is sized like a standard short 12oz (355ml) Coke can. Approximately 12.5cm in height and 5.3cm in diameter.


Customer reviews for CanPossible



Its a good bit of work to put together , notchy during use and for me neither stage nor close up friendly



this trick does NOT come with everything needed to perform this trick you still have to buy other things (e.g. sandpaper etc.) which is simply an inconvenience as it states that it is ready to go in the description and it does not work as as smooth as you see in the trailer


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