Magic by Himitsu Magic

Impossible Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Hank Wu - From $14.95

New jumbo version for larger audiences now available! Since the first prototype was released in 2018, "Impossible" has fooled countless...

Clear Mystery Trick
Clear Mystery
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 39.95

The classic block puzzle has been taken to amazing new heights with Clear Mystery. Most magicians are probably familiar with the iconic building...

Real Wood Accessory
Real Wood
Accessory by Himitsu Magic - 40.00

This is a great foam production item from Himitsu Magic. Perfect for all kinds of magic acts! The Real Wood prop is very realistic...

Ultimate Tossed Out Deck Trick
Ultimate Tossed Out Deck
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 25.00

The effect of the Ultimate Tossed Out Deck is to throw the cards out into the audience and ask people to peek at a card and remember it. The deck is...

Dyeing Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 49.95

What an unfortunate title for a nice effect! It's a classic prop but manufactured in good quality and will serve you well if you do stage...

As We CAAN Book
Book by Himitsu Magic - 39.95

The ULTIMATE ACAAN book! Get ready to learn amazing card tricks like: 2-Deck Transportation ACAANA member of the audience signs a card and states a...

CanPossible Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Boo Mizi - 75.00

A classic Think-A-Drink style effect streamlined for the modern close up magic performer. "CanPossible" by Boo Mizi and Himitsu Magic is a...

Jumping Bow Tie Trick
Jumping Bow Tie
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 90.00

The tie can be pierced through your neck and be crossed as a black bow. Then, you can make this black bow attach to the white tie. The black bow will...

Transition Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Way - 29.95

Audiences love seeing one object magically transform into another. And turning Coke into water? WOW! Transition is a very visual...

Readily Available Trick
Readily Available
Trick by Himitsu Magic and ZF - 39.95

The magician first shows a bottle filled with a beverage, along with a "transparent straw." Then, when the audience expects the magician to place...

Vanishing Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 25.00

A delightfully visual card disappearance. Brought to you by Himitsu Magic, "Vanishing" is a remarkably fast and visual disappearance of a...

Free Arrow Trick
Free Arrow
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 39.95

Here's an effect that excites audiences! Your spectator first selects an item on the table, or selects a card. Then, the spectator can transmit...

Trick by Himitsu Magic and Wenzi Magic - 79.95

A ball changes to four (Multiplying Billiard Balls), Hopping Half, Cold Case, Cup and Bottle, Rubik's Dream... When I lay down the...

Max (Parasol / Umbrella Manipulation) DVD
Max (Parasol / Umbrella Manipulation)
DVD by Himitsu Magic - 30.00

In this DVD, Max gives it all, By standing on the shoulders of giants , he shares his original unique techniques on Parasols manipulation / Umbrella...

Magic Mirror Trick
Magic Mirror
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 29.95

Effect: The magician shows the audience a small drawing board and asks an audience member to draw a magic hat on the small drawing board. The...

Pen Fairy Trick
Pen Fairy
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 24.95

The mind is the most important part of human beings. The prosperity of all beings originates from the mind. People rely on it for...

Wish Printer Trick
Wish Printer
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 150.00

Magically transform a piece of blank paper into anything you want such as a $100 bill, poems, prophecies, secret messages and so much more. Wish...

PPPrediction Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 29.95

You surely have seen forced selections, but have you ever seen three things that you can force? Such an item would really take forcing to another...

Lockey Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 150.00

Lockey breaks all the traditional rules! It is an incredibly versatile prop that allows you to perform mind-blowing, lock and key mentalism routines...

Reset Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 59.95

With a toss to the table, a Rubik's Cube is magically transformed into a crystal clear cube. Comes with crystal cube, small card pad and all the...

Hearting Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic and Way - 39.95

A collaboration of Way & Himitsu Magic, brings this amazing and beautiful effect... A packet of cards wrapped in red cloth &...

Know-Book Book
Book by Himitsu Magic - 99.95

Know-Book is the latest ingenious creation from Himitsu Magic. A sure-fire, solid mentalism effect that is sure to leave your spectators in...

Rainbow Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 75.00

Seven Colors of Lights from Nowhere + Seven Colors of Roses = Splendid Rainbow Flowers Imagine plucking different colored lights from...

Power Coin (Magnetic Coin - Replica Brass Walking Liberty Half Dollar) Gimmicked coin
Power Coin (Magnetic Coin - Replica Brass Walking Liberty Half Dollar)
Gimmicked coin by Himitsu Magic - 25.00

Magnetic Walking Liberty Half Dollar (super strong, 3.05cm, brass) A magnetic coin made from an absolutely beautiful replica of a Walking Liberty...

Perfect Power Reel Trick
Perfect Power Reel
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 95.00

Let your magic take on a life of its own with the Perfect Power Reel! Animate silks like never before with this reel. Captivate your audience...

Liftoff Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 10.00

The magician presents a toy rocket and displays both sides of the rocket. There are two slots in the rocket, one on top of the other. The magician...

Knock Knock Trick
Knock Knock
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 59.95

The performer takes out 5 boxes that cannot be seen through from a bag. And a thumbtack is displayed and placed in any chosen box while performer has...

Infection Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 110.00

Infection is another silk change in great quality, that will serve you well onstage. is more than just another Silk Change. With this...

Trick by Himitsu Magic - 199.95

HEKATE allows you to read someone's mind under the fairest conditions. Professionals need a device that looks innocent and is guaranteed to work....

Invisible Man Trick
Invisible Man
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 199.00

Invisible Man is a gimmick which will allow you to perform impossible mind reading feats and more! First thing is first - why is it...

Time Camera Trick
Time Camera
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 85.00

Not your conventional camera trick, this one's on steroids and is SUPER HOT! EFFECT: The magician takes out a deck of cards and the spectator freely...

Wood Wand Trick
Wood Wand
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 14.95

If you need a magic wand for performances, ditch that Sharpie and get yourself a beautiful wooden wand! These wands are polished to a warm shine and...

Monster Pad Trick
Monster Pad
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 120.00

A spectator shuffles the deck then freely chooses a card yet you are seemingly able to prove that you knew how they would choose in advance. This...

H.M.C. Hopping Half Chinese Palace Coin Set (4 Coins | 1 Shell) Gimmicked coin
H.M.C. Hopping Half Chinese Palace Coin Set (4 Coins | 1 Shell)
Gimmicked coin by Himitsu Magic - 39.95

Super high quality Hopping Half set with beautiful Morgan Dollar and Chinese Palace Coins that allow for amazing visuals. Effect: Two coins are...

Ghost Frame Trick
Ghost Frame
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 150.00

A framed photo of the magician holding a card fan is introduced. The audience is then instructed to select a card from another deck. After failing...

Colorful Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 34.95

A single card changes its color for four times. Sounds amazing, right? What if I told you a single card could change its color SIX times in a row?...

Silk to Egg - Slow Trick
Silk to Egg - Slow
Trick by Himitsu Magic - 110.00

Don't ask us why, but turning silks into eggs is a classic stage magic effect, and a beautiful one at that. When you crack the egg open, audiences...