Trick by Himitsu Magic
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Trick by Himitsu Magic (25.00)

In stock - very few available.

A delightfully visual card disappearance.

Brought to you by Himitsu Magic, "Vanishing" is a remarkably fast and visual disappearance of a card. With 180 degree angles it's perfect for stage magic and parlor magic, as well as virtual magic shows.

"Vanishing" comes with all the special props you need to perform.


Customer reviews for Vanishing



'Vanishing' by HimitsuMagic is definitely not for close-up magic. Even parlor and stage magic seems impractical unless you're creative to end clean. The number of limitations of this effect make it appropriate for what I call "social media magic," effects best suited for social media. However, the impracticality of this effect even limits you to certain conditions for social media such as lighting, clothing, how close you are to the camera, and even sound (think of background music being a necessity). The gimmicked card has to be prepared before performance and, as mentioned before, ending clean isn't possible unless you're creative enough to DIY a Raven-like gimmick that'll help you end clean, but doing something like that makes the effect even more impractical than it already is.

You're provided a QR code to online video instructions which are just two unlisted YouTube videos. The first video is divided into two parts - first part explains in English how to perform the basic effect and the second part shows how to reconstruct the gimmick but it's explained in foreign language. The second video shows much greater detail how to use the gimmicked card in performance and how to perform it onstage. Their version of onstage performance is so absurd mainly of the way they show how to end clean. They also provide a supply of what you need to reconstruct your gimmicked card. I practiced this effect four times until my gimmicked card broke. Since it was that easy to break, reconstructing it wasn't even worth it.

I would've still been mad if I had purchased this for $5 because that's not worth practicing an effect four times until your gimmick breaks, so you can imagine how livid I am knowing I spent $25. If I could get a refund I'd actually give that $25 to the homeless because that would be more worth it. It's been years since I wrote an online review of an effect. YEARS. I was so upset at how infuriatingly infeasible and physically weak this gimmick is that it prompted me to write a review immediately after it broke. This should have been named 'Suckered' by HimitsuMagic because that's exactly what happened to me. It seems I'm the only sucker so far because there are no other reviews of this effect, unless Vanishing, Inc. had to disapprove all previously submitted reviews due to the unGodly amount of swearing or ALL CAPS reviews. Regardless, learn from my review and my mistake, do not buy 'Vanishing' by HimitsuMagic. I'm surprised Vanishing, Inc. even sells it considering the effect has the same name as their business. I'd be disgusted knowing my business has the same name as this effect. Despite all this, I'm not throwing mine away because maybe someday when I'm absolutely bored, I'll take the time to watch the video to reconstruct the gimmick just to see how much I can practice it until it breaks again. Or I can show a fellow magician an example of an effect that's absolute rubbish.

EDIT: I just realized that Vanishing, Inc. has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed return/refund policy. Even though I mentioned that I'd give the money I used to purchase this effect to the homeless if I could get a refund, I requested store credit. Vanishing, Inc. is having their yearly flash sale as of the writing of this review, and I definitely want to take advantage of that.


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  • Richie asks: Seems like the sky vanish with BA ? Is that the case or is it a different gimmicks entirely?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While they do look very similar, the gimmicks are slightly different.
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