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Magic Mirror

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Magic Mirror - magic
Magic Mirror Magic Mirror Magic Mirror Magic Mirror Magic Mirror Magic Mirror


The magician shows the audience a small drawing board and asks an audience member to draw a magic hat on the small drawing board. The audience member then chooses a card. The spectator uses his mobile phone to take a picture of the small drawing board. When the spectator views the photo, they are astonished to discover that a card now appears above the magic hat in the photo - it's their selected card! You can let the audience draw any pattern on the art board, and you can set whatever you want to predict.

Magic Mirror's secrets and processing methods are very innovative, and its application range is too wide to imagine. You can set any graphics, not just playing cards, such as ESP patterns, various numbers, text... no unpredictable patterns, only patterns you can draw. The effect happens on the spectator's mobile phone. You don't need to install any apps or any remote control device on the spectator's phone. All you need is Magic Mirror!


  1. Any pattern, any text. As long as you can draw (write), you can display.
  2. Super multi-process application.
  3. All items can be examined.
  4. Can be used as a real mirror.
  5. Unlimited use.
  6. No need for any APP.
  7. You can borrow a mobile phone from the audience.
  8. Any mobile phone with a flash can work for this effect.

This is... Magic Mirror by Ziv & Himitsu Magic


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  • Ye Gaung asks: Is there any alternative version of this? I want a default gimmick mirror for cards like Rainbow Silver card.

    • 1. Dottore answers: Not that I know of.
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  • Bud asks: Does it come with the Magic Mirror?

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